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TGIF: The Sept. 26, 2014 Edition

TGIF and the used snowmobile sales are heating up. Vintage!

I’m thankful autumn breezes are blowing in would-be snowmobile buyers to look at my fleet of used sleds.

I’m thankful the tight weave on my leisure suit blocks the chill from such breezes.

I’m thankful I know what it will take to get you into this excellent used snowmobile, for just $50 down and $35 a month for two years.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, Sept. 26, 2014.



  1. Hey John, In my Senior picture in “High” school I was decked out in the finest Leisure suit you could buy ! The gals were all over me !
    Don’t go dissen’ the leisure suit man..

  2. When I tease the leisure suit wearing man, I am also teasing myself. Guaranteed that I’m a bigger dork than 95% of all people. Maybe even 98%.

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