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The Future of Oval Racing (or Just Another Sideshow)?

Thanks to the slednecks over at, my eyes were opened to this concept “sit in” oval race sled conceived and built by oval guru John Hooper.

I can’t help but think of Gilles Villeneueve, Alouette, Manta, Ski-Doo twin-trackers and other interesting sleds that have have carved a unique niche (while slicing away the very elements that we think of as “normal”).

The future of oval racing…or just the latest in a long line of sideshows?

Personally, I believe that when you remove the “active” rider element of what constitutes a snowmobile, it’s no longer a snowmobile as most of us see it. And it will thus become a sideshow.

Call me a crackhead, but if the goal is less expensive oval racing that will attract more racers, more spectators and perhaps more factory involvement, then I say the future of oval racing is snow ovals, rather than ice.

But clearly there are people far more involved with oval racing than I (and who are dang smart) who believe this new Hooper Outlaw 600 is something BIG.

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  1. Crazy looking machine, and Sweet sound on that video!! I know little about oval racing, but it’s cool to see new ideas actually being put to test!

  2. Oval racing started to die when people got bored with twin trackers. Its resurgence came when the people could relate to a single track that slightly reminded them of their own ride. Sorry, this will never make it.

  3. if it stays affordable it will attract a tremendous amount of locals who want nothing more than to race at local tracks that doesn,t kill them to take the whole family to a weekend event we look forward to watching the growth and who knows we might see you on the track.


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