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I recently visited Thomas Sno Sports, and was pleasantly surprised to see this 2012 F1100 50th Anniversary Edition sitting in the middle of their new service building.

Photo by John Sandberg taken at the 50th Anniversary celebration in Thief River Falls, MN. This was the last time I had seen this snowmobile.

I hadn’t seen this sled since the 50th Anniversary celebration where it was signed by any/all Team Arctic racers, then donated to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain, WI. – The 2012 F1100 50th Anniversary Edition as seen on the floor of the new Thomas Sno Sports service building.

When I pointed, and asked the story of why it was there, Tom Rowland told me the owner (unnamed) had purchased it from the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, and brought it in to be prepped for longterm “storage” in the new owner’s man cave.

This snowmobile draws you in like a moth to a flame…If it were in my man cave, I know I could spend hours looking at it, taking in the signatures and envisioning the Team Arctic race history that goes with them. Which signatures jump out at you? Are you one of them? Enjoy. – KALE – Eye Spy John Sandberg



  1. It’s so cool to see John Sandberg’s name on there! Kale, is there any chance we could see an interview and/or ride recap with John this season? I know biking occupies much of his work and recreational life these days (I ride mountain bike too and see his name listed in the race results. BTW, he’s damn fast…..for an old guy). It would be neat to catch up with him to see how he’s doing and what snowmobile adventures he’s been on.

    • I think you nailed most of the Sandberg story Dan…John spends most of his work/rec life talking, marketing, racing and riding bikes no matter what the season. And you are also correct that he’s damn fast. Few know, he still beats Tucker.

  2. And I was joking about the “for an old guy” part. He’s just damn fast! He’s competing at the highest level and beating far younger racers, including Tucker….and Logan Christian! Ha Ha!

  3. OMG! How cool would it be to own this sled? Maybe I can’t see or find it but I don’t see Roger’s signature on there. Is it on there somewhere?

  4. I was at the 50th Anniversary and damn near walked up and signed this sled. I told my wife I’m no professional racer but I race for Cat every time I hit the trail / lake with my buddies. Some of the Hibbert’s were sitting at a picnic table close by and I remember one of them overheard me and said, damn right… you should go sign it. Wish I would have.

  5. I didnt think the SHOF could sell any of that stuff donated? I could guess at the buyers name and ill bet ill be right. Been many shady deals at the SHOF, Especially property!!

    • When I was at AC, this snowmobile was donated, and the cost came from my marketing budget. It’s my fuzzy recollection that the SHOF had to keep it for a period of time and it could be sold with profits intended to help fund the SHOF. The details surrounding the sale of this unit are unknown, as-is the owner, and quite honestly, I don’t care. Im happy AC supported the SHOF and its events, and the doors remain open for many to enjoy snowmobiling.

  6. I understand this was intended to be a fundraiser sled but it’s unfortunate that this and other historically significant sleds are still only held by private collectors and that AC’s version of an Experience Center or Museum doesn’t exist with the manufacturer.

  7. WOW. So cool to see that sled again. Yes, I Found my name (Shawn Hopkins #598) and my Daughter, Megan Campbell #563, on the sled. Proud to be a part of Team Arctic Racing History.

    563 Motorsports


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