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The current sales/manufacturing state of the snowmobile industry is one of the rarest in the sport’s history. Demand is at an all-time high, inventory is lacking, and ALL OEMs are confronting the on-going supply chain problems making it extremely difficult to complete the 2022 builds for delivery.

I know many of you are frustrated with the delays for varying reasons, and for that, you have my complete empathy. I’m hoping you can set aside the fact of being mad for a moment, step back, and take a look at the situation, and weigh your options if you truly want to own ANY new snowmobile.

Below are my views and opinions which may help you. I encourage comments, but ask you put some intelligent thought behind the topics below before acting a keyboard warrior. Thank you – Kale


For those of you waiting to take delivery of your 2022, I see two options:

1. You have the option to cancel your 2022 Spring Order and get your money back today, and walk away. Arctic Cat has made this option clear to dealers for you. (If you wanted, you could wait to put your money down on a 2023)

2. Stay the course, take delivery of your 2022 model whenever it comes in, and enjoy what’s left of the season. You can polish it all summer and be happy knowing its ready to go when the trails open next season. 


1. There isn’t a 100% guarantee the current supply chain issues will be fixed for next year’s 2023 models. ALL Snowmobile OEMs hold hope that build schedules and deliveries will return to “normal”, but there is no clear guarantee at this point.

2. If you choose to cancel your 2022 to order a 2023, I can absolutely 100% guarantee MSRP prices will be increasing on 2023 models. (Rising MSRPs are a combo reflection of increased material costs, lack of inventory and high demand)

3. I refer to the well-known proverb and direct it towards 2022 orders – A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Meaning, the things (snowmobile) you already have are more valuable than things you might get.

Sometimes I get caught up thinking the world is ending and the grass is greener on the other side(s)…then I see these comments.
Same goes for the grass on this side…


  1. I think there is more to the story than is being said. Demand at an all time high?? Nope. Just a story to cover the underlying problems currently going on. Seeing lots of used sleds around so the market has product for those wishing to ride. We will see as the season moves forward.

    • You don’t think the demand for new snowmobiles is at an all-time high? I highly doubt all the OEMs are banding together on a cover-up story. The same problems exist in other industries too…you looked at a new truck/car lately?

      • Industry wide demand is up, but actual production numbers and orders aren’t even close to a high. I’d guess AC built more than twice as many sleds in 2012, than they will build this year, and there where far more built in 03, than 12.
        My guess is that this is the most sleds textron has had to build, but AC was building more every year before that.

    • TP, ask ANY Cat or Yamaha dealer how may calls they have fielded in the last 6 months on just ZR200’s and Snoscoots and tell me the demand isn’t at an all time high. I’ve worked at 4 different dealers (3 in MN and 1 in CO) over last 30 years of my life and have NEVER seen the demand like it has been this year.

      • IMHO demand seems higher than normal, because you have to tell them you don’t have any sleds. Look at the number of units the dealership sold, and compare that to prior good years.

      • I have. Certain models are in demand. Not every dealer is screaming for product. Many want to clear old inventory of both new and used. Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe the new chassis you have been waiting for is going to show up in 2023.

        • Come to Minnesota. Largest cat dealer in the Country has one sled for sale. My dealer has nothing, new or used. No sleds available around here from any brand. If they do, they give for above retail. But you did the math. Good thing we have you to keep the lies from compounding.

          • Might be in your area. Here in the east, sleds are around. We went thru this in the 90’s where dealers were shipping sleds to other parts of the country to meet demand. Nothing new, just a different time and other obstacles in the way.

  2. I know my sled is built, but no gauges so it is stuck at the factory. My dealer has two new gauges on the shelf. He is working on it with cat. Only 60 miles from the factory. I would drive if they give the ok.

      • I’m taking mine, but if it is not delivered by mid February, I will buy it but the dealer can hold it till it can start the license for the following year. Not wasting $40.00 on something that never touched a trail. Also warranty.

        • Could be worse JimR myself and 4 buddies bought 4 Tcats and one ZR 6000, none of us has received our sleds yet but we all bought the preseason pass from the Quebec snowmobile federation at $375, one of my buddies contacted them to see if we could get a credit for next season as it’s not looking good any of us will see our sleds before the snow melts, their answer was our trails are made and it’s not our problem you didn’t receive your sleds, btw we’re all taking our 22 when they come

  3. I agree, it’s probably better to take delivery of the 22’s when they are done, unless there is a substantial Change in the 23’s that make it worth the upgrade. I hope we see the 23’s so we can make that decision.

    What would be helpful is to know by model what it is they are waiting for, i.e. shocks, gauges, skis, etc.
    I would also hope that if we take the 22’s, we get an extra year or two of warranty.

  4. I saw a Semi parked at the same location as last year at Togatwee lodge Where Cat does their video shoot any thoughts ???? 2023’s

  5. I’m happy to say i don’t see this as a problem. i understand supply and demand economics. Nothing is going to change in the next year minimum, so again i’ll use common sense and maintain and use the current snowmobile i have. Problem solved. Plenty of expensive used snowmobiles out there for the folks that have a hole burning in their pocket.

    • Very wise. Just like you, holding on until this mess clears. Then we should see both new stuff and a great used market. Not the overpriced insanity currently.

  6. I agree with TP and Krom. I don’t think there is high demand. It only appears that way because manufacturers of, snowmobiles, cars, trucks, ATVs, boats and etc., cannot finish building their products because they cannot get all the parts needed to finish them. That’s not because of a high demand issue, that’s because of what’s going on in this world right now. This falls into the economics of the supply issue. I won’t get into it now but why is there a problem with the supply issue of getting parts? Some of us know why while others don’t pay attention or are just too oblivious to it all.

    Since Arctic Cat went the route of order only, this can create somewhat of a demand issue because if you did not order one, you will not get one. In Minnesota we are having a good winter so people that may be looking for a new sled can’t get one. That’s the demand issue if they did not order one. They have to buy used which in turn raises the prices on the used market.

    For those waiting for their new sled, I would also say and agree to take it when it’s complete. If something new and exciting comes out in 2023 or later, you can always upgrade.

    • Ill (mostly) agree with your views on demand, but I absolutely believe demand has increased. New consumers have entered outdoor markets, and those who got out for varying reasons in the past are now returning…this influx started as a result of the “pandemic”. The common theme of people wanting to get outside and enjoy the outdoors has drove up demand for camping (RVs), boats, dirt bikes, ATVs, bicycles or snowmobiles.

      • I do agree with you that some demand is up because of the reasons you stated, but I believe the manufactures could meet these demands if they had the parts to make them. Meaning I don’t believe that the “Demand is at an all-time high” as you state, is causing any or part of the problems. If manufactures could get parts and employees, they could meet this increased demand.

        I know we are not fixing anything with our comments here. It’s just sad that people cannot get their sleds because of many things happening. We all know winter is a short season, if we even have one, so it makes it tougher for us die hard snowmobilers if we can’t get one.

      • To a degree. People that have the financial resources and the time, yes to re-entry. Many looking at used are balking due to the current market pricing. Several dealers are carrying 50+ used sleds and the customers aren’t there. Those that have a sled a simply holding on to them and others simply are not going to take on debt during these turbulent times. Once ordered sleds are received, then the picture to true demand will be clearer. For now, we hope those get what they ordered. For others, decisions on the future a new sled will have to be made. If the supply chain problems continue, sales may fall. People aren’t going to throw good money towards more waiting.

        • Please show me a picture (current) of a dealer with 50 plus used sleds. Send them all to Minnesota and they would be sold last month.

          • Try one dealer in Big Bend Wisconsin. They are up on Ebay and have their own website. You may also look for one in Maine. Snowmobile Trader has their listings.

        • Inventory for used sleds varies by region, but in Mn, I agree with JimR. A used snowmobile has been selling as quick as it hits the dealer, given its in decent shape and asking price. That said, historically, the majority of snowmobile sales end January 1, which may be a factor adding to any inventories you see now.

          • Dealer in WestBend. Well, Iv got fiends that got bent over on there hidden fees ! And will never go back. Others, drove a few hours home .With nothing . After telling them to stick it . So that mite be why they have so many sleds !

    • Cat had planned to have in season sleds for sale for dealers but demand took care of that. My dealer lost I think he said 6 sleds that he would have had all sold if he had them on hand, at retail mind you. I know of 20 year old sleds that have doubled in what they should be selling for. It is a crazy market right now. Glad I do have a sled coming but not happy that it is taking so long to get it. Lucky I had my 2018 to ride while I wait.

  7. Arctic Cat has done a terrible job communicating with us. Aren’t we supposed to be team A/C? they should be telling us the good and the bad.

    • Communication at any company can ALWAYS be better. Im interested to hear how you would prefer communication was better from AC. Right, Wrong or Indifferent, AC shared best known production dates with dealers via Cat Tracker. At the beginning of production, I too felt AC should be communicating better, until I dug into it and learned dates were changing daily based on information vendors were giving Arctic Cat. Knowing that, would it make you or anyone else happier to receive a daily email or letter with a date change and a general “we don’t know” message? Personally, that would make me more mad. I thought Polaris did an excellent job a month or so ago with a message from their CEO addressing the supply chain issue to their customers. As a Polaris customer, that would have made me feel good, and at the time I had wished Arctic Cat followed in their footsteps with a similar video. I felt that way until I saw the backlash from Polaris customers.(That video didn’t make them happy) So, back to my original question, I continue to wonder what continual communication would make customers happy beyond, “Your snowmobile has been shipped”?

  8. How this is plays out will be interesting. Necessary price increases or gouging buyers because you can? AC already had big price increases on the spring orders last year – and still only 1 yr warranty. No price point full size sled in Thief River either. How much will consumers be willing to spend knowing that even if they get their sled on time there probably won’t be parts available if something goes wrong? Priority sleds – higher profit first or first order first serve? You can’t count on snow anymore in most areas. Gotta wonder what that tipping point is when consumers just say no thanks.

  9. The Best Warranty.
    The Snowmageddon program offers a 2-year factory warranty on all full sized snowmobiles (compared to last year’s 1-year warranty). 2022 Snownagedon

  10. I don’t believe there is record demand for $15k sleds. Actually, I know no one that is waiting for a sled and no one is talking about ever ordering a new 15k sled in our group. Looks like I’ll be joining the vintage group with the old snopro 500

  11. Will we see anything new for 2023 Kale or just BNG again? This site is called Arctic Insider but you never really give us any significant inside information. How about tossing this a group a nice juicy bone… will we see anything exciting out of Cat this year or just more of the same stuff we cant get in 22? Just a yes or no would suffice as I know you cant let too much of the Cat out of the bag.

    • Whether you realize it or not, I do give everyone a fair amount of insight…like this post. But if you don’t care to read between the lines, Ill share this straight-forward nugget: Ive seen the 2023 line-up and can tell everyone I didn’t see any Gray. Launch dates haven’t been shared, but Id suspect they would be first half of March. 🙂

      • I wonder if I could sign a nondisclosure agreement and see what the new sleds look like before I decide to keep mine (whenever it gets here) or order a ’23 LOLOL. Keep up the great work buddy – Look at the views some of your posts get…the majority of people understand the situation…the complainers never will. BTW you gotta figure out how to ship to canada soon so I can wrap my ZR 6000 when it shows up in June

  12. I dont know what ski doo and polaris are doing at this moment or how they are communicating with customers. I actually dont care. I am still through some though years a cat faithful. I drove over 20 hours just to tour the factory in 2009. The last communication I saw from arctic cat was actually public. When the newly appointed ceo of cat said that all 22 spring ordered sleds would be built and delivered before 2021 was over. Never once was I told that wasnt gonna happen. My dealer actually forwarded me his emails to arctic cat and there responses. And cat said all we can tell you is a date and that date is our best guess. Arctic cat could contact me or my dealer and “say hey your sled is built and waiting on an eps control module”. And id respect and appreciate that. Instead nothing. I ordered a 22 cat just because that’s what I do. cat did nothing for 22,there 60th anniversary to make someone want to buy there machine. Anyone I know that rode a cat has long switched to Polaris or skidoo with no regrets other than they didnt do it sooner. For those of us who just keep waiting for cat to reward us with a new reason to be cat faithful, even under new ownership we just continue to get boned. I wish cat would recognize that at this moment all they have in the snowmobiz is faithful. They are not attracting buyers from other brands. And they should care enough about there few customers to reach out and at least give some idea of what’s going on. Waiting on my tcat isnt the problem, the problem is that I traded in my sled not expecting to not have one, and my dealer sold it real quick not expecting that they would have at this point in the season 20 ordered sleds still not built. So I was forced to over pay for a used sled that I didnt want just so I could ride. And the price I’m paying for my tcat is the same as someone else paid who got theirs dec 1st. And maybe I get mine in time to store it for the summer. I’m not mad about supply issues I’m mad about cats communication so far. I still today have 0 idea the status of my 22 tcat. Is it built, or not? What are the hold up parts? Will it see the trails this year or not? This info will help the customer decide what they should do going forward. I missed two weeks of riding because I was told jan 1st, and then on the first was told the 12th then it was 26th, now its feb 24th.

    • I agree with this Jason. Everyone I know who rode Cat has switched to Doo and Cat does nothing to bring them back. Been pretty sad in the green camp for a while now. Not giving you guys that spring checked a sled a call or tossing you some kind of bone in terms of Cat Cash or an extended warranty is cowardly and shameful. Should have somebody up at the factory that can at least pick up a phone and call the folks whos sleds are delayed. I hope you get a chance to ride your new sled before winter ends. My 2020 needs a new set of Reeds already and dealer said they’re back ordered until April. Thank god I found them at another dealer and he is shipping them down to us so we can get my sled back up and running.

  13. Man, this world has turned to only giving a crap about #1, and making it well known that they’ll be complaining about everything along the way.
    If someone shot your wife in the head, would you get mad at her for dying?!
    Give Cat a break. Like every single other company out there, they are in the business of making money. If they could build the sleds, they would. They give you fair options, so make a decision and back off them already.

  14. Does anyone have access to Arctic Cat’s total build numbers from the last 15 years of production? It would be interesting to graph-out the numbers.

  15. option 1 is the correct choice.

    option 2 leaves you with a 1 year old sled. Please pick 1 while everyone picks 2. by default, less spring orders will come in, and you will receive a 23, while they have a 22.

    there is not a shortage of inventory. the cycle is stuck by not having any new inventory. stunts the movement. demand didn’t go up enough in two years to make a supply issue.

    I hear about prices. Well lets look at other sectors. jet skis, atvs, sxs. they are selling at list price. no mark up, just list price. MSRP goes up 250 bucks. mark my word KALE. it will be right here and i’ll email you it!

    • They are talking a 15-20% increase due to increased costs of materials Mike. That is a fact for all manufacturers. Go ahead and take a chance on number 2. You might be waiting for a year old sled again next spring. No sign this is going to end any time soon. Personally I could care less if it is a year old. Still brand new with full two year warranty and the sled I wanted to begin with.

  16. Yeah I wouldn’t be mad about waiting for my sled if I was the Polaris and ski-doo guys. At least they get stock turbo sleds with 4 years warranty. If Cat had changed ANYTHING maybe they could justify being late on deliveries but they’ve been making the exact same sled for over a decade. Nothing new, cool, or innovative, the appeal should have been that they were getting delivered on time because there was nothing new for them to have to implement. So much for that.

    • Dug, Ill call you out…in my experience, anyone who says AC has been building the EXACT SAME sled for over a decade hasn’t compared a 2012 to a 2022. They are night/day different. (Im amazed how many people don’t realize AC even changed bodywork designs in that timeframe.)

      Nothing cool or innovative? ALPHA single beam rear skid seems pretty damn innovative to me. Cool? I like pressing a handlebar mounted button to adjust my suspension settings (ATAC)…Power Steering? Yamaha may have introduced it first, but adding it to the Thundercat is pretty cool once you use it. I wish it were on all ZRs.

      Adding to your last part…even if AC was making the exact same snowmobile for over a decade, parts are parts and they are made from materials. Materials that vendors are waiting on to produce the remaining components AC needs to finish the 2022 build.

      • I’ll add to it. Besides what Kale already stated about the ALPHA, ATAC/iAct, Power Steering and new hood and side panels. How about the handlebar controls? I love the new push button start, the new hand and thumb warmer controls. The newer display that gives you everything you need to know about the machine with a push of a button. How about the new spindles and updated clutches? The upgrades to the drive train? I’m sure I’m missing a few new things, but Cat has been updating, changing and adding new things every year. About the only thing they have not changed is the chassis. I for one love the procross chassis and see no reason to change it other than it being something new just because. Not to mention that Cats are the best-looking sleds out there. I think these things are pretty cool and innovative. And let’s not forget about the BLAST! I don’t have one but drove a few at Country Cat. It truly is a BLAST!

  17. Last Friday I got my 22 800 RR, wait, not the one I ordered but one that was built in September. It has been at the dealer waiting on the man to get over an illness. So he decided that he would let it go and I purchased it brand new 0 miles. Went to put it on the trailer after a few laps and a po122 code pops up ,TPS sensor. Dealer plugs it in and confirms issue. Orders whole throttle body from cat that day. It’s now Thursday and still no part. First they had in Ohio, then couldn’t find it ,now it’s on backorder. So dealer today requested a new sled down order. We’re getting the blizzard today and I’m going another weekend without a sled. I sold my 16 turbo 3 weeks ago because my RR was on the way. These are a couple examples where Cat can improve communication. 30 years on Cats, I don’t want to jump ship but for the first time it’s an option.

    • Check out poo’s year. Stop sale, drive clutches falling off. TPS issues as well. Not always greener on the other side, but to each there own.

    • This number I told you will kick in next year. Just wait and see. No nothing about jet ski’s, but ice castles are up close to 20% this year. Reason? Material costs! It’s coming.

      • they make vehicles year round. hasn’t happened. i sell docks. yes aluminum went up the most. There is more aluminum in a 4k setup than a snowmobile, and only went from 3500 to 4k. snowmobiles are the LAST one to be produced. Other products made have NOT gone up MSRP. yes discount/rebates went away, but they are still making them today in the current environment. Will my new sled cost 1500 more this year? probably, cuz lost discount. Its not coming, its here, and your forecast is off.

        • Well I was told by a friend who works for Polaris. He stated 20%. All materials have gone up considerably. It’s happening. Surcharges have already been added to the yet to be delivered 22’s. $195.00 increase!

  18. Total Snowmobile Production Numbers:
    2008: 163,753
    2012: 129,087
    2015: 150,713
    2020: 123,862
    2021: 133,444

    This is for all brands. Sourced from Google, using mostly SnowGoer and articles.

  19. For comparison a $4000 trailer is now $7000. Or about 70% increase- why would anyone think snowmobiles won’t be at least a 15-20% increase? I’m waiting on 2 sleds-for my wife and I- 30plus years on AC- over 20 new purchases along with several slightly used ones, not giving up on hope for this season but agree with the communication. An email stating what components are missing might ease the tension some.

    • I agree, Pat. In construction, we are seeing aluminum follow the same path that steel did last year (price increase/scarcity, allocation, etc.) I would think the sled Mfg.’s are keeping a close eye on this. Engines, heat ex-changers, tunnels, risers, cross bracing, skid rails, heat shields. Man, imagine trying to play that pricing game :/

  20. So, based on comments posted here . . .

    Many (most?) 22s are built and waiting on parts.

    22s can’t be re-badged and sold as 23s

    So . . . safe to assume that most (all?) 22 orders will be built and delivered eventually?

    My dealer warned me that Textron may start pulling the plug on ordered sleds & returning deposits. But, if the sleds are built . . . ? Just trying to gauge where we’re at with all of this.

    Thanks to everyone who posts here – This is a great site.

    • Cat has stated that you can cancel and get your deposit back if you want, but all Snowmageddon sleds will be built. Think 2023 is going to be better? I’m not chancing it. When it shows up, I will buy, but may hold off on taking it home for warranty and licensing reasons

  21. All factories who make ANYTHING right here in the USA are dealing with supply chain issues that would blow any consumers mind. I can vouch for that. Step away from the sled market and just open your eyes folks. I’ll pick something neutral. The local Nissan mega dealer usually has a lot FULL of pickups all year long. Last month the wife and I decided to snoop for a truck. We drove out to the big city dealer. I found one. Yep, one on this huge sparsely populated lot. Just one of the model that I was interested in. It was already sold…….I will wait for another year. Y’all got my sympathy.

  22. Have the new throttle body in after 15 days and still have po122 code and not running well. Dealer checked wiring harness and ECU many times, hours of work. Anybody have any ideas what’s going on, is there someone with similar issues. A side note, just saw 120/200 Cats being sold at Lynx/Doo ’23.Strange!

  23. Looks like Polaris has something new coming out again even after last years homerun and Doo already released there 2023’s. Here’s hoping Cat isn’t last and does the least again like last year.

  24. Also if they are really struggling so bad with the supply chain wouldn’t it make more sense to open spring orders early so that they can get parts ordered for all the spring builds? Instead of waiting for the entire rest of the market to have there orders finalized and parts ordered before cat even releases there date.

  25. I’m guessing no 2023 reveal until most / all 2022 orders have been fulfilled to avoid cannibalizing 2023 sales.
    Ski Doo played its hand first, and at least for now, has captured all of the media and social media buzz.

  26. As I am reading all the comments written above would be nice for Arctic Cat to send a memo to dealers. Or put a newsletter on their website saying WTH is going on?? No, let’s keep our customers in a mystery.

    I have spent thousands of dollars on Arctic Cat from the 80’s until now. I will absolutely guarantee this will be my last Arctic Cat own product.

  27. Ski doo just hit it out of the ball park with its new Neo sleds.Priced well below the Blast, Evo and Venom SX. This will bring some interest to the lower end segment. Hopefull others will follow Ski doo’s lead.

  28. Hey Kale, Any 6000RRs on the way this week or factory Friday coming up? Thanks Kale, Your doing a great job with limited info from the factory.

  29. New sled can wait while I continue go enjoy my 2012. My big challenge is getting parts. I don’t know how to use these modern phone systems. I need to actually talk to somebody that’s willing to answer there phone at there business. Here in mn I actually found an arctic cat dealer that answers there phone. Heinen motor sports and they ship fast!

    Somebody at textron should randomly call dealers and figure out who has customer service and who does NOT and do it from a my “ sleds broke and need help” perspective.

    I have an open check book for parts. It’s not a want, it is a NEED.

    End of rant

  30. Arcticinsider, to answer your question on parts and supplier orders changing daily and notify consumers. Maybe they can get some marketing help from our big 3. At least GM puts info out saying vehicles are sitting because of……

    Arctic Cat don’t even contact the dealers. Dude listen not here to argue. I am here to express frustration. Arctic Cat had no problem taking my money. What is Cat going to do for warranties, once I take delivery in May??

  31. Still waiting… looks like end of April MAYBE.

    The question is NOT what should we do… the question is WHAT SHOULD CAT DO???
    For those that they failed to deliver (in over a year), we should get the 2023 model at the agreed upon price of the 2022, PERIOD.
    To guarantee our sleds, we should get the FIRST DELIVERIES. Our 2022 should be held until the 2023 is delivered to ENSURE we get a new sled.

    IMHO that is the VERY LEAST Cat should do for loyal customers.

  32. A lot of good info.
    Here is where you can get industry news. this is the site for ISMA ( international snowmobile manufactures association)
    They list manufactured numbers
    Also my take on part shortages no matter the industry stems from years ago when the USA went to just in time part supply, that’s how Japan was building cars and trucks and US auto makers followed suit along with all other manufactures of many industries.
    So when you get a hiccup in the supply chain you see what happens as we are living it now.
    I know this doesn’t help anyone waiting and yes I agree every manufacture can do a far better means of communicating
    Let’s all hope for better times ahead


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