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Things that Make You Say, “Hmmm…”

A three-plug head for the 1000?

If a two-plug head is good, is a three-plug head even better?

Do I hear four plugs? Anyone?

With the engineering attention given to the 800 H.O. for 2010, it makes you wonder if Cat has something cooking for the 1000 for 2011. Perhaps this head is aimed at reduced emissions?

Mum was the word on this eye-catcher, so it remains a source of questions rather than answers.



  1. With the new 800 H.O. essentially beating the 1000 in grass drags, and it “feeling” like a sweeter engine when you ride it, I wonder what the future holds for the 1000. If nothing else, a three-plug head means good things for NGK stock.


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