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Thomas Sno Sports Demo Ride Jan. 12

2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro edition

Tom Rowland from Thomas Sno Sports is hosting his 2nd Annual Arctic Cat Snowmobile Demo Ride at his dealership in Ogilvie, Minn., on Wed. Jan. 12.

Participants can ride many of the new 2011 Arctic Cat sleds during the 110-mile ride. Representatives from Arctic Cat will be there, along with a few dignitaries and Team Arctic legends.

Click HERE for a PDF (270 kb) invitation flyer shown below.

It’s free, but limited to the first 40 who sign up. Call 320-556-3467 or email to get your name on the list.

I know last year’s event was a huge success, so don’t miss this year’s.

Demo Invite



  1. Thanks for posting our event John. We starting getting contacts and signing people up as soon as this went up yesterday!

  2. Sign-ups are coming in nicely. Brian Nelson has just confirmed that barring any unforeseen circumstances he will be joining us for this event. He intends to ride his 1979 Cross Country El Tigre I-500 sled alongside the rest of us on modern-day sleds! Brian says this will be a great opportunity for him to get some more ride time on his sled before the big race that is now just a few weeks away.

  3. As of this morning (Saturday Jan 8th), we are now at 20 confirmed people signed up…we have room for 20 more. There have been some inquiries as to which 2011s we will actually be riding on our demo ride, the list looks something like this…
    F5 LXR
    Sno Pro 500
    F6 Sno Pro
    Z1 1100
    F8 Sno Pro
    F8 LXR
    F8 EXT
    Crossfire 800
    Crossfire 800 Sno Pro
    CFR 800
    CFR 1000
    Z1 1100 Turbo
    Bearcat 570 XT
    Bearcat 1100 XT
    T 570 Touring
    TZ1 LXR Touring
    TZ1 LXR Turbo Touring

  4. Tom, this sounds like a great event. Can you fly me up from Texas? I really need some seat time before the I-500. And remember not to loan out #28 by accident, but Brian might get a kick out seeing it…


  5. Glad your joining us Roger, your daughter-in-law stopped in and signed your son up too. Rainville…we’ll pick you up at the airport if you can join us, it would be a great chance for you to ride peacefully with Brian Nelson, prior to the two of you both trying to finish the I-500 ahead of the other.

  6. Team Arctics Cody Thomsen has confirmed that he will be joining us on our ride. Cody (and some other members of Team Arctic) just had a great weekend at the ISOC National event in Utah. Join Cody on our ride and wish him well on the remainder of his season, and, his upcoming appearence at the Winter X Games in Colorado. Spaces on our ride continue to fill nicely, but we still have space…contact us to join.

  7. As of this evening (Monday Jan 10th) we have reached 39 confirmed riders…Thanks to all whom have signed up! After some further consideration and some slight reorganization this afternoon, we are going to add a 5th and final group of riders…we can now take up to 50 participants. If you would care to help fill these final 11 available positions, please contact us.

  8. sure would of been nice to of heard of this before 1/04/11
    I am a disabled rider and it would of been nice to test some of the new iron.Oh well maybe next year.

  9. Sorry we missed you RL. Our store is located on a major trail. With some advance planning, I invite you to stop by and we’ll go for a ride on some of the demos that we have here most times of the winter.

  10. Thanks Tom that was very nice and proffesional,I live in Wi. but have ridden in Mn.before.Any how If I can figure out some kind of trip this year I will never forget the invite.

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