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Top-10 Things to Know About the 2019 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

2019 Arctic Cat snowmobiles: The Top-10 Things to Know.

Lots of new stuff for Arctic Cat in 2019.

Here’s the abridged version of the 10 most significant technologies on tap for next year.


ONE: ALPHA ONE Rear Suspension System

2019 Arctic Cat ALPHA ONE System will change the mountain game.

For sure the biggest news from Arctic Cat for 2019 is its innovative ALPHA ONE rear suspension and track system for the mountain segment.

It uses a single beam (with a pair of hyfax) positioned in the middle of a specially designed Power Claw track featuring a single row of windows running down the middle.

Unlike traditional two-rail systems that we’re all used to, ALPHA ONE’s single beam allows the track to flex and conform to the snow.

There were three goals for Arctic Cat when developing ALPHA ONE:

* Improved maneuverability of the sled

* Improved traction

* Reduced sled weight

2019 Arctic Cat ALPHA ONE System will change the mountain game.

I’m pumped to report that ALPHA ONE delivers on all three. The improved maneuverability is astounding. Leaning the ALPHA ONE-equipped Mountain Cat on its side is significantly easier for novice and expert riders alike. Same for holding a line on a sidehill.

Traction is significantly better, whether it’s creeping through the trees or blasting wide-open up a mountain, all because the track conforms to the snow far greater than traditional systems.

As for weight, the ALPHA ONE skidframe is 4.5 pounds lighter than an equivalent length traditional suspension, while the track is 6.5 pounds lighter. Better still, without two rails to trap snow like traditional skidframes, ALPHA ONE sheds snow while riding, which means it rides lighter in real-world conditions.

ALPHA ONE is the real deal, and it comes as the M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE in 154 and 165-in. variants.

Game. Changer.


TWO: iACT Suspension System for ZRs

Arctic Cat 2019 iACT with FOX QSI shocks

Arctic Cat and FOX redefined what “quick and easy” meant for snowmobile suspension adjustment when they partnered to deliver QS3 shocks a few years ago. Gone were the days of counting clicks and dealing with small dials (or even flat-bladed screws) for adjusting shock performance, replaced by the quick and simple 3-position QS3 system.

Of course, being human beings, that still wasn’t good enough. We wanted adjusting shock control even easier.

Welcome to iACT, an interactive and instant shock adjusting system. Using a thumb-operated button on the (new) left-hand controls of the handlebar that controls the ski and rear track shocks via a wiring system, riders have on-the-fly adjustability to instantly switch between three compression settings corresponding to Soft, Medium and Firm.

CLICK: Instantly optimized suspension performance for varying conditions and riding styles!

This is what the ultimate in quick and simple suspension adjustability looks like, and it comes on ZR 6, 7, 8 and 9000 models for 2019.


THREE: Norseman X Models

2019 Arctic Cat Norseman X

The quest to build a do-everything snowmobile grows more intense with each passing year. For 2019, Arctic Cat adds the X designation to two Norseman models, the 6000 and 8000. They take the mountain handlebars, articulating rear suspension, rear pivot hitch, ProUte tapered skis and adjustable 35.5-41.5-inch ski stance of the regular Norseman models, then add a MEATY 153 x 2.25-inch Power Claw track, a reinforced rear rack, Deluxe Digital gauge and Arctic Cat IFP shocks. Think of them as Norsemen on steriods.

This is a sled that blurs the lines between mountain, utility and even trail. Not going to be a huge seller, but it’s going to make those who do buy one very satisfied.


FOUR: New Handlebar Controls

2019 Arctic Cat new handlebar controls

The wait is over…Most 2019 Arctic Cat snowmobiles feature new handlebar-mounted controls that are easier to use while riding, with much improved ergo’s, and that transmit visible information on the digital instrument gauge. A button on the handlebar controls now toggles the display screen on the gauge (press the handwarmer button, and the gauge shows which of the five levels it’s set to).

A new push-to-start button (that doubles as the Reverse button) on 6000 and 8000 Series models allows the rider to keep both hands on the handlebars while starting models equipped with electric start. Momentary-style hand and thumb-warmer switches provide more heat level settings and also prevent unintended setting changes.

The throttle lever is also new and nicely improved, with a smaller and easier to use shape. All this PLUS the controls and housing are smaller and more integrated, with a kill switch that’s separate from the throttle block so it can be easily rotated forward and out of the way.

Oh, and most models now come with fancy new magnetic tether switch that’s light years more user-friendly (when plugging in) than the old tether.


FIVE: Hardcore for Mountain

2019 Arctic Cat M 8000 Hardcore.

2019 marks the first time that the M 8000 Hardcore model will be available in North America (it was previously a Scandinavia-only model). It’s aimed squarely at big air hucking and mountain racing, er, the “hardcores,” offering FOX ZERO QS3 and QSL shocks that provide maximum adjustability; suspension rail braces; and the option of 153- or 162-in. track lengths.


SIX: Stealth Lightweight Master Cylinder Brake System

2019 Arctic Cat Stealth Lightweight Master Cylinder Brake

Arctic Cat is calling it the Stealth lightweight master cylinder brake system. It starts with a new shorter lever design for increased braking power with less required force compared to the previous design. The new master cylinder is more protected and robust than the previous design, and is less likely to be damaged in extreme situations. The new lever shape is more ergonomically comfortable, and its composite construction feels warmer compared to aluminum levers. It’s still not as powerful as driveshaft-mounted Wilwood unit of yesteryear, but it’s an improvement that’s noticeable and “getting there.”



2019 Arctic Cat ZR 200 ES with Electric Start

The absolute hit snowmobile of 2018 (and that sold out pretty much pronto) is back for 2019 with the addition of Electric Start, which is a no-brainer and something that families will appreciate to no end.

I named the ZR “Sled of the Year”, as did a few other magazines. Even without the E-start, I would have put it on this year’s list of 10 Things to Know About Arctic Cat for 2019. It’s simply that good and fun and awesome and everything you want in a sled for young riders. Oh, one more thing: it’s available in (proper) green for 2019, as well as purple.


EIGHT: Next Gen Bodywork (almost) Everywhere

2019 Arctic Cat Next Gen bodywork on 3000 and 7000 series

With its inclusion on the 7000 and 3000 series models for 2019, Next Gen bodywork is on practically every model now. Easy on/off side panels and hood, improved airflow to the powertrain and a comfortable interface with your knees. All good.


NINE: G2 ProClimb-7 Skis with Foot Traction

2019 Arctic Cat G2 ProClimb-7 skis for mountain

The mountain men reengineered the skis for improved balance in deep snow, improved flotation, and easier steering and overall more consistent performance. Then they added molded-in traction bumps on the top the skis for sure-footed control for the hardcore set.



TEN: Details, Details

2019 Arctic Cat snowmobiles: The Top-10 Things to Know.

Arctic Cat added a whole bunch of little improvements that won’t garner headlines, but that will make better snowmobiles in 2019. The rear Tri-Hub wheel system has been replaced with a 3-wheel rear axle system and are matched by new side idler wheels on most models. ZR and Cross Country models get 9-tooth drivers for more consistent, smoother performance. New ECM calibration on 6, 7 and 8000 Series engines delivers what Cat is calling “enhanced performance” (and what I’ll call “cleaner feeling”). New handlebar pads and nicer handlebar wiring cleans things up aesthetically on many models. The mighty Thundercat gets a 1-in. lug Ripsaw track and single ski runners to eek out another 2-3 MPH on top end.

I’ll have lots more to say about the 2019 sleds and technology in future posts.

If there’s something YOU want Arctic Cat to change on its future sleds, please jump TO THIS POST from a couple days ago and tell us your wishes.

Thanks for reading.



  1. That 10pm unveiling is what we waited for? So some plastic, new stickers, an electronic suspension system that will fail prematurely and be so expensive to fix that it will make the sled worthless. Oh, and all this hype with an 8 year old chassis that had defects from the start. Then the snake oil salesman says what a great year it was, you poor dealers that are hung with 2015 and 2016’s but you got full retail for a 9hp 200cc model. Thanks but this company is going to fall apart.

  2. I agree with mike, huge cat fan and couldnt wait for that unvieling, what a waste of time. I saw the 8000 high output on the new hoods and got excited, but john says just a cleaner feeling. What a joke. As ski doo just walks away with the market. With cat and yamaha working together and now textrons huge financial backing the best they can come up with is iact. Where is the new chassis

  3. Ah I don’t know if you are aware the new cat 800 has been wasting doo’s 850 all year on the mountain, nothing to worry about here. Way to go Cat!

  4. Where is a new rear suspension, where is an actual 6 and 8 high output motor to compete with ski doo. If the 200 was a hit where is a 340 to fill the next gap. Why not turbo the 3000. Why is the gauge now easier to read, instead of being replaced by something a little more with the time like polaris gauge. The cat gauge would have been cool in 2012 maybe but not in 2019.

  5. Im so glad i waited till 8:00 PM mountain time to see that ( BARF ) , made my decision ! Going from a multiple unit/year CAT owner to POLARIS . Also good luck with that CAT CEO , Might as well have used a robot for the unveiling , I swear he was the only one clapping ! LOL GOOD nite from CANADA

  6. Like the new colors,the reinvented skid,is awesome, lot of negative feed back on electric supension,that was then this is know,I think it will be great,I think cat is headed in great direction,most awesome snocross and cross country sled period.

  7. Well
    I believe good things are coming for the new company and consumers.
    I own every brand and late models. I am VERY thankful for that opportunity to enjoy that this year. They all have there pro’s and cons but I have put almost 3000 miles on this season and both my Yamaha sidewinder and 8000 cat continue to impress me. LOVE THE HANDLING! The chassis has great feel and it handles better than my Polaris XCR 800. 1350 miles and still working on the corning confidence. Lots of tuning for different conditions.
    I smile every time I ride the kitty.
    My buddy’s 850 is nice (great rear skid) but he got tired of replacing belts.
    I was tired of waiting for him to change another one.
    The reveal from JOHN Sandborn about the 10 new 2019 cat innovations was a good read. Most of us in the Midwest are glad to have such a great snow year here in Wisconsin.
    Thanks Artic Cat for an exciting reveal and ENTHUSIANM from the presenters.
    Great job guys!
    I am excited to see the new sleds and try one of the new I-Acts out!
    I am a fan and thanks for having the live reveal.
    Pretty cool.
    Eau Claire,Wi
    Mr. Sled-n-it!
    2855 current miles

  8. The landfills will be glad the tri hub is gone, we have been pulling them out and throwing them away for 7 years now!!!what a trip ruiner those were/are

    So is the new suspension a lxr/sno pro/rr all in one with a push button? I thought he said you could be on smooth trail and then push button for rough trail and it will be a rr?

  9. New electronic susp? Anyone recall Cat’s ZL SS susp from the early 2000’s? Sounds like the same thing. When it worked, it was great. Problem was moisture would get into things at shock level or ice would rip wires off and now a computer controlled shock/skid is worthless to the tune of several hundred dollars to fix. Many just tossed the SS shock and replaced w/a Sabercat shock.

  10. The time of new chassis popping up left and right are over. I expect the current rig to run a long time yet. No reason to change it. Triangle bottom front frame, industry best front suspension design, and best shock packages. these sleds are built solid, and perform great. While they may not be the best in every single category, the overall package is tough to beat.

    Right now there is only so may ways to design the tunnel from the front cooler back. Great job in extending the life of the sled with updates. Look forward to see what Textron has in store for the future.

  11. Looked atCats site afterI 1st posted. Saw they are not offering aGroomer Special anymore and the Bearcat has the TSS front susp from the Yami Viking sled. WTH is up w/that??

  12. No El Tigre…? Someone at Text Ron clearly likes purple. That’s OK, but do they also not like green?
    Some cool new stuff here, but I don’t think we’ll ever catch the Canadians now 🙁

  13. I for one am impressed. The new mountain suspension looks great. And the iact is a long time coming. Sick of watching skidoo buddies be able to change their suspensions in just a few seconds. Now you won’t even have to stop. I like the gauges already and glad they updated the handle bars. Looks like the kill switch will be easier to understand and use now. Also,having more settings on the hand warmers will be great. I’m not a huge fan of the purple but looks like on the cat website they have some other great options as well. The only other thing I was hoping for in the reveal would have been bigger engines for the wildcat trail/sports. Keep up the great work Textron/Cat.

  14. Very impressed. More than I was expecting with more to come. Great Job! My 18 6000 with 1,100 miles on it has been perfect. Have yet to even have to adjust the track yet. My 15 was great as well but no match for what my 18 is.

  15. Man, what a bunch of whiny piss ants! Then go to Poo and Doo- BYE! Now that the room is clear of the stink, maybe we can have reasonable responses. The active suspension is the next step, and the concerns of the old ’02 SS is valid, but the technology has evolved greatly from then. The new control blocks are gonna be a nice improvement with the inclusion of gauge information. The Alpha1 System may be THE game changer, but I am not a Mt rider, so that’s a call the Mt guys gotta make. Really don’t think a re-done Procross chassis is needed yet,as it’s strong and handles well. TriHub- Bye! 1″ Rip on the TCat, nice. Running issues/fine tuning ECM parameters- should’a been right the 1st time, but should be correct now. Still would like to see a 150 Hp 4 stroke,as in a ZR7000 HO. The Yellow guys filled that hole in the market for ’19, so maybe for ’20 then ?

  16. I always get a kick out of the internet trolls at this time of year. The said trolls evidently are expecting the snowmobile to be reinvented every model year. I think the new line up is great. If you you feel like there should be more change, perhaps you should spend your time earning an engineering degree and get on board at TRF.

  17. Just like Dave says, that suspension is going to be sick. Can’t wait to see how it handles in the powder! Overall the Proclimb chassis is pretty good from my 4 years on it, effortless tipping. Combined with that new track side hilling and cornering during a climb is going to be a cake walk. I can see some problems coming with the handlebar setup, but I think that can be worked around with the kill switch location.

  18. The mtn segment is stacked with great machines now. The adjustable shock thing, while cool, isn’t really all that great to me personally. A cool idea though. Looks like i will be riding my snopro a few more years. They need a Ctec 600 base model to compete with poo and doo as far as price. A 600 ctec without valves, 100-105 hp, gets 20 mpg and is made for trail riding, with a price under 8k. There is too large of a gap between the 65hp 3000 and the 125 hp 6000. The procross is a good machine, just not as good as the snopro chassis, to me anyway.

  19. I think they did a great job on the mountain segment, unfortunately I don’t ride mountains. There just wasn’t anything offered for the trail rider that makes me run to my dealer and order one. Maybe next year

  20. I have seen that same models are still in the old and outdated F Series chassis yet? I thought Cat would have stream lined the chassis line up in order to save on tooling costs, etc. I for one like the new 2019 line up. The purple colour is the wrong shade from the original purple of Cat’s gone by.

  21. Personally I think Cat is going to take over the mountain segment. I was told by a die hard Polaris RMK guy that a lot of guys out west are already switching to the 18′ Mountain Cat because they are much more durable than the Poo’s. You can’t change chassis every other year just for the sake of changing. If it ain’t broke why fix it.
    I love the purple , just not sure it looks good with a lot of green with it. Alpha is sweet, the ZR not so much. Purple and black is cool !!

  22. Geez some of you guys are tough. You get a completely new mountain skid that may or may not change snowmobiles and your mad it’s not a 900 or all new. You want the biggest 2stoke but there’s a 4 stroke absolutely blowing the doors of anything on the snow capable of 160 mph in 1320’ with no engine mods just some fancy computer stuff. I’ve had 4 600 ZR’s in a row this one is the best, my complaints are handlebar controls and if I got really picky weight. I don’t complain about weight because I can’t break anything, I’d rather be riding then replacing modules or talking to my insurance agent. If you have a 16 and ride and 18 they will feel like a different machine, the crispness of the response is so much better. Better yet textron is moving forward with sleds and bringing a much better business plan, not over building, or cross marketing the same sleds in different countries.

  23. Thanks Arctic Cat! Now I have to really think about spending money on a new Cat. (Sarcasm). I am really pumped about the new cats. I really like the new details like push button start and the new controls. My newest sled is a 2014 XF8000 LXR with a little over 5100 miles. Still loving this cat and smile every ride. I was thinking about getting a 2018 because of the new lights, next gen body work, new Cat 800 and QS3 shocks. Glad I did not because Cat now adds all this and more. I am really wanting the 2019 ZR 8000 137 Limited in black. Just wished it had the BNG of the Alpha. Really liking the purple on that one and too much green with purple on the ZR Limited. Agree with Paul Hein. Purple and black. Not a game changer though. I know I will be having a hard time sleeping for quite a few days wondering if I should buy the 2019 now or wait for the 2020 to see what Textron does. I have a feeling more good things are coming. Congrats Arctic Cat!

  24. Haters are gonna hate. I was hoping for a little bit more from the trail sleds, but the improvements are welcome none the less. Some of the improvements are exactly what bothered me on my T-Cat, and I really like them, However, not enough of them to trade my 2017 in for. I’m hoping for a lighter turbo sled someday, and the odds are a new chassis is coming soon, but I will wait and see. The Ski-Doo guys are Pissed at the offerings this year and are laughing at their turbo. Nobody is ever satisfied…

  25. While a really appreciate all the new technical advances, once again the graphics department has lost their mind. I’ve been on Cat all my life… I remember my 1974 Kitty Cat with purple trim. But there is NO WAY I would buy a sled in 2019… I want the ZR Limited with QS3 (of which I currently own 2 2017’s) but given the color options of Black and White or Easter Egg (Barney Purple and Green) I would sooner ride another brand.
    I could see offering black w/purple accents and black with green accents, but mixing black and green like that is hideous.

    You would think they (Cat) would have learned from the white/orange camo fiasco in 2017.

    It might seem petty… but I wouldn’t buy a school bus yellow truck either.

  26. I agree Greg. Would love to see an all black sled with just some purple accents. That would look pretty sweet. I don’t really care for the Purple and Green mixed together on the ZR 8000 limited. I want the iACT sled and don’t care for the generic looking black and white version either. Doesn’t AC know that older guys (I’m 48) like us have money to spend on new sleds but don’t want a teenagers gaudy looking graphics package? Give us some graphics that show class! All black with green accents or all black with purple accents would be perfect. The Thundercat in Black in Green is by far the best looking sled. Can Somebody Photo Shop a all black ZR 8000 with a purple ski tips, front bumper, ZR on the side panel in purple, purple rails and rear bumper? That would sell like hot cakes on a Sunday morning!

  27. I miss the outlaw days when the firecats and crossfires ruled the limited editions with fighter pilot, black widow, joker, etc.. those were cool and still are even to this day!!

    With that said I’m glad cat came back with the thunder cat and eltigre name. Not especially wild about zr.

    I think the 9000 should really stand out against the rest of the line. I was actually quite disappointed when I spring checked my turbo retro and then cat let the 800’s get it too at the last minute.

    You guys aren’t digging the purple? It must look ok in person? I’m probably the only person that liked the 90’s graphics huh? Lol

  28. I agree 100% with Greg, Bulldog and Flintstone. I am probably getting to old but I would like to buy a new sled. Not digging the ZR LTD in purple …… just to gaudy! The black seems like it needs some green or purple accents as stated above. Maybe they all look better in person?

  29. Great sleds but we lost some good uncoupled sleds. Maybe this saves tooling but I miss the Cross Country in a 141-1.6” cobra track. The mountain terrain gets attention this year. Maybe the Midwest will be more excited next year. 900 CTEC 3?

  30. doesn’t cat offer snow check sleds anymore?
    if they do, they should offer way more sled options…
    such as build your own sled with different tracks ,colors , windshields etc.
    they should be able to do this with textron supporting them
    i’m sure they would sell a ton of pre orders!
    and bring back the ltd. theme sleds also, like they did with the firecats,
    that was previously mentioned…
    i still have my joker and fighter that i enjoy so much

  31. I miss the days of actually seeing/touching the new sleds as they were reveled in the spring. Who else remembers visiting the Northland Inn on 694 to see the new units!? That was always such an exciting event! Our local dealer, John’s Cat House, would set up a charter bus just to go down to “The Cities” to check them out.

  32. Oh yes Brandon, those were the days. I remember going to all of those in the early to mid 90s. It was a big deal to say the least. Snowmobileing was alive and well. Good times.

  33. I dont like the lights on my 2015 eltigre they are not good like the lights on my 2010 crossfire . the lights on that thing were great want to put LED on the 2015 and told there are no direct replacements I want to see the Trail light up not the side of trail or the trees above me HELP ME ARCTIC CAT !!!!!!!

  34. I think that with the way the industry is going with questionable in some areas over several years, the lineup is great.
    Sure I would like to see new models every year but thats just not being realistic. Having said that, I’d still be in for a 1000 c-tec!!

  35. Aouette called there single runner skid the trail rider way back in the early 70’s ! Guess if you leave an idea long enough it becomes new again Lol

  36. Rob, you are right. There are servos that change the shocks instead of knobs. Same shocks. Just like turning all 3 adjustment knobs at the same time. Only takes a split second to do it.

  37. Like the adjustable suspension and all the updates to the controls. The one inch track on the tcat make sense. Hope its not a “quiet track”. The rubber pads are a pain when studding. I assume the one inch track was introduced since everyone with a tcat will stud it. Just make it a fully clipped non quiet track. That will get the job done.

  38. I think Cat did a great job on all the changes except the graphics. The graphics suck… The purple is so early 90’s… Not great!!!

  39. Progress was made from an engineering standpoint, the new Mountain chassis, the iACT suspension option, the controls, etc.

    All improvements and time will tell how they work out. Positive steps.

    But cosmetically I’m just wondering who’s calling these shots? WTH?

    Purple and green do NOT go together, they clash.

    The primer grey from the other year, (2017 I think) nope.

    Ski-Doo had that Ronald McDonald color scheme on some sleds a couple years ago. Chuckle…

    I know we are just talking colors but you’re trying to get Joe consumer to commit to @ 10K plus purchase for a recreational vehicle that’s used 3 months out of the year

    A whole color makeover is not needed every year.

    Stick to GREEN, Orange and Black and some color accents that actually go together.

  40. Actually Greg R:

    Purple and Green are true Arctic Cat colors. Seeing them in pictures compared to real world might change your opinion, plus if you dont like, buy a wrap and make your own custom. I would go with the green or black but only to match my current jacket color. Once I am in need of another jacket, all bets are off. I love the new purple!

  41. I think CAT really needs to look at the websites of #1 and #2. They are way ahead.

    I agree with Greg R and Darin, if you are going to put $$ down to order a sled, you should at least have a few color choices. Polaris is by far the best.

    Same goes for tracks. Does everyone want a 1.25″ ripsaw??? I don’t.

    I know it sounds like a lot of complaining on here, but we all have a deep passion for CAT and it’s not easy to see #1 and #2 pull further ahead every year. And now they both have 850’s! Oh no!

  42. They really need to change their gauge cluster. Look at the Polaris one, it looks so much more clear and everything is on one screen, easy to read. Cat should go with a 4.5″ screen that shows everything you need on it. That alone can attract more people to Cat’s.

  43. Polaris is not a better gauge. There standard gauge is just barely bigger than one side of the Cats gauge. I have no had any issue with the gauges on my 15 and 18 6000’s. I mounted a Garmin on the top of the handle bars for trails. I was looking at a buddies 2017 Pro X gauge and that thing is junk.

  44. Sorry for the really late replies to some of the questions here, I’ve been a traveling man.

    ECM Recalibration: I don’t know if it will be available on older engines, I’m digging into it. Generally speaking, Cat makes changes to ECM calibration on various engines fairly regularly. Part of continuous improvement.

    Rob (iACT Servo): There is a servo motor that controls an internal needle/valve. So no, it doesn’t spin the dial.

    Joel: Crosstrek and Crosstour are gone for 2019. Not enough sales to justify.

  45. To Nik R’s point, about AC falling further behind, it has gotta hurt being so late with the new 800 only to have both Doo and Poo now bring out the 850s. It makes the new 800 already ffeel obsolete. One thing that has been a strong point for AC has been engine durability – now if Poo’s new 850 proves to be as durable as they are claiming, one of AC’s few advantages will be gone. Polaris is so disrespectful toward AC they don’t even mention them in their sales ad comparison.

  46. @ kevin doo and poo are already 40 plus hp behind they have nothing in the really big hp class. Go to a grass drag or a real lake race sometime.

  47. I comment because I still like the Cats but hopefully we see more innovation soon or they will be in a very bad place. I own both a 2017 Cat and a 2017 Polaris and the Cat is going away for another Polaris. The PIDD is awesome and a huge feature. The rattle box Cat guage can hardly be read much of the time. And the quality, fit finish and color are all better on the Polaris, and my Cat is a 6000r xc so it is in the new bodywork. Cat needs both innovation and attention to detail, hopefully it comes soon.

  48. Hard to read? I have never had an issue reading my gauge on either of my 15 or 18 6000. I added a Garmin which works better than Polaris PIDD btw. Fit and Finish? Not a question, my 18 cat is better than the new Polaris and as far as colors goes, not a big issue.

  49. Gave up waiting for 141×1.6 cross country to come back. Traded in my ’14 xf8 cc on snow checked ’19 SBA 850 today. Instead of having to settle for “this is what you get”, I was able to order the color I wanted, track(1.6)I wanted, gauge I wanted, skid length I wanted and the windshield I wanted. Tough to walk away from Cat but when you can get what you want right out of the box and higher HP engine..nuff said

  50. Willing to take that chance on new 850 Patriot vice the 800, 151hp flame thrower coming outta St Cloud these days. Maybe Cats way of bringing muff pot back to sledding?

  51. ArvoS is a brave, brave man. Buying a new, unproven engine from poo, after their string of successes with big bore’s. liberty 800, 900 fusion, 755 fusion, 700 dragon, and the engine that keeps indydan, and at least 25 other companies in business building “fix kits” the cfi 800.

  52. Polaris 850 is a gamble no doubt but I commend them for pushing this sport forward for better or worse.

    Has cat Yamaha released the official weights of the 2019 models?

  53. Thought I would leave my two cents. Guys this is all about the rider. Came off a week long trip to Top of the World, Cooke City. We had Turbo Yamahas Turbo Polaris and Cats all natural aspirated. The one guy that could out climb all of us had a 2018 Mountain Cat. He had just a bigger pouch in his pants. Held the throttle a little longer than the rest of us. If someone went three feet from the rock he went up again and hit the rock. I have a 2018 Sno Pro M8000 and the thing either scares the dickens out of me or baffles me on how much it will climb and just go through. The inclines that it will climb and in powder conditions are out of this world. I am 62 and several times had young fellows try and follow me into the trees steep and deep, coming out after digging out there sleds saying”Dont follow Mark into the trees”.
    Guys its all about nerve, and throttle. here. All these sleds are great until they break. We started with 13 riders and 17 sleds. At the end the Yamahas were in the trailer. One had to be towed 40 miles the other only 5 or so. We also lost a Polaris, scored piston an old 1000 cat scored piston, a 2015 Cat broken crank. In the end we had a great ride just alot of repairs to be done.
    I dare anyone to take any sled up one of those shoots and hold the throttle and hold it and come down and tell me that anyone sled is better than the other and not be shaking in his boots…… Mark

  54. Last time I rode sled was a 1972 24 hp Nordic. In 2014 I purchased a new MXZ TNT 900 ace 129 in track. Rode great, quiet,engine was smooth but when there were continuous moguls on the trail it beat me up pretty bad. The following year I purchased a new 2012 Cat 1100 non turbo LXR 50th anniversary 2 year left over. I had a friend of mine that has been riding since the 80s set both sleds up for me and made them a lot more fun to ride. This year I gave my youngest son the Doo and kept the Cat. Reason: the Cat is a animal. It growls when I ride it, handles real well, has more than enough zip for me and when Iam on it with a smile on my face I keep thinking Cats don’t like water.

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    this web site before but after looking at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled upon it and
    I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  56. I have just switched teams from skidoo to a non current 2017 ZR9000 LXR, I just picked it up and it has 0 miles on it! I am so excited to get on that arm ripping 4 stroke!! That being said , I was wondering if the new iact suspension can be retrofitted to that 2017? I don’t know if it needs it but it seems very cool. I do believe that is the only thing lacking in that snowmobile. One last thing I am not trying to piss anyone off and I am new to this form and arctic cat so basically it’s only a thought and a question. Thanks to anyone who responds .

  57. How come the 2018 and 2019 m8000 are so hard to pull start?? I’ve got a 2019 m8000 alpha one and a 2018 Polaris 800 axys. I can start the axys back handed and the m8000 almost always takes 2 pulls to star even when warm, unless you really buckle down and give it a hard pull…. I love the sled other then the pull start!

  58. i,m confused i was a cat guy back when 1998 zl 500s were the sleeper but rode like crap on rough trails after that i got a 2002 zl-500 (powervalved model) went up to maine lined up with a mxz 500 driven by a friends friend who grass drags in improved stock class skidoo mach z 1000 the mxz 500 was his uncles he never had respect for cats untill i beat him all stock he jumped on my sledd soo fast his head spun i couldnot get it away from him, he gained respect for their clutching and motor wondering why the skidoo 500 was a slug now that is what missing the shock that arcticat had back then hey it made skidoo change their 600 to a 500 ? and polaris put the fuji 500 aside and change there 440 race to a 500 to keep up so whats happened to arctic cat im ready to pull the trigger on a 2019 zr 600 limited 129 and all im hearing is crap my other choices are skidoo 600 blizzard or polaris 800 switchback or indy been out of snowmobiling for going on 9 years

  59. purchased a new 2019 ZR 8000. am wondering about or if anyone has had issues with how these all plastic rear idlers are going to hold up. going to run studs down the center.

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