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Tucker Hibbert to Race a 4-Stroke!

Monster Energy-Arctic Cat racer Tucker Hibbert.

Today’s racing news is as much a shock as it is compelling: In a recent conversation I had with Team Arctic’s Tucker Hibbert, the snocross racing legend confirmed to me that he will race a 4-stroke machine this coming season!

Could this be a watershed moment in the history of big bump racing?

Here’s what Hibbert had to say (and please be sure to read the WHOLE story):


AI: First of all, congrats on another amazing season in snocross, winning 13 of 17 finals as well as the X Games! Somehow, you just keep getting better.

Hibbert: Thanks, we’re really proud of the whole season. Other than a few off-nights, the season was as good as it could get.


AI: Which is one reason why your decision to race a 4-stroke surprised the heck out of me!

Hibbert: Yeah? I figured it would catch a few people by surprise, but I didn’t expect it to be quite as big of a deal as you’re making it to be.


AI: What led to the decision?

Hibbert: The goal for my team and me is always the same: to win races and championships. To achieve those goals, we need the best equipment possible. I feel pretty strongly that a 4-stroke engine is the best for our program.


AI: Why? What is it about a 4-stroke that’s better than a 2-stroke?

Hibbert: As you know, we race on tracks with short straights and big jumps. The three most critical elements for success are getting a good holeshot, getting a strong drive out of the corners, and being able to put the power to the ground. We believe that 4-strokes do this better than 2-strokes. There’s a bit of a gamble to what we’re doing, but I think the proof will be in our results.


AI: What about the weight penalty of a 4-stroke?

Hibbert: Obviously that’s the one significant downside. We think that the positives of a 4-stroke will overcome the weight penalty. We’ve been testing with really exotic materials to offset the weight of the engine.


AI: Are your sponsors like Monster Energy and Arctic Cat in agreement with this?

Hibbert: We have the best sponsors that we could ever hope for. They believe in our team, our program and the equipment decisions we make.


AI: If racing a 4-stroke proves to be too difficult, will you consider going back to a 2-stroke engine?

Hibbert: Our plan is to race 4-stroke the whole season, but if it becomes clear that we need to run a 2-stroke in order to win, it’s possible we’d switch. I really don’t see that happening though.


AI: Well this is really exciting news Tucker, and something that could really shake up the results this season. When and where will be your first race on a 4-stroke?

Hibbert: The plan now is to race the Budd’s Creek AMA Motocross National, as well as RudBud, Millville and Washougal.


AI: Well best of luck this motocross season, where we’ll see you race this 4-stroke machine that we’ve been talking about throughout this interview. I’m sure it will keep you in great shape for the 2015-16 snocross season.

Hibbert: Thanks. 

Tucker Hibbert to race a 4-stroke just like he has previously.

Tucker Hibbert is a Pro Motocrosser on a 4-stroke

Tucker Hibbert is a Pro Motocrosser on a 4-stroke

Tucker Hibbert is a Pro Motocrosser on a 4-stroke



  1. I would pay to see him race a 4 stroke but in the end it wont happen leaving Robby Malinowski as the only person to win on a 4 stroke

  2. Racing snowmobiles, Tucker on a 4-stroke would still win nearly half the races during the season. Think of some of the leads he has had, how much further back would he have been if he was racing a 4-stroke sled?

  3. This story is 100% factual! Despite Bob’s plea, there is nothing to fess up!

    Now, if you somehow thought it meant that Tucker was racing a 4-stroke SNOWMOBILE, then I’m sorry, but you didn’t read the whole story.

  4. With any sled racing there’s a lack a choices to get the power to the ground. But a 4-stroke is still going to struggle doing that. Unless the team makes a switch to better studs..


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