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Twas the Night Before (Hammer and LumberHead’s) Christmas

Hammer and LumberHead's world

Twas the Night Before (Hammer and LumberHead’s) Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the shop,
two creatures were stirring
while drinking wobbly Pop.

With their hockey equipment all hung Outside with great care
In the hopes that it would benefit
from some good clean fresh air

With Hammer and LumberHead
Sitting up on their Sleds
While thoughts of El Tigres
danced through their heads

In all black and green
On their touques and their gloves
These Cat riding Hosers
With beer in their mugs

They hooked up some Naptha
And turned on the knob
To fire up the Coleman
And put back some nog

With the pan all but smoking
You know they’ll be makin’
Maple syrup and beans
And what else, Back Bacon!

While working on sleds
Some done, some need parts
We ate way too much
Now we both have the farts

The Cats were all purring
Who cares ’bout the rest
We keep telling everyone
Arctic Cats are the best

With a bump in the night
and all dressed in Red
I thought I saw Santa
But it was LumberHead instead

He rolled up the door
And fired up his Sled
Spun the track and then vanished
Without even locking the shed

But I heard him exclaim
as he peeled out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night!!!”

Merry Christmas everybody, from Hammer and LumberHead




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