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Unleashed: 2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600

2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 Race Sled

Press Release:

2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 – The World’s Best Race Snowmobile

Thief River Falls, Minn. – If there was any doubt about which racing snowmobile was the world’s best, Team Arctic racers piloting the 600 Sno Pro answered by winning the major snocross and cross country events and championships in 2010.

The Sno Pro 600 dominated Snocross as evidenced by Tucker Hibbert’s fourth-straight Gold Medal at Winter X games.

Wanna talk World Domination? How about a clean Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 sweep at the FIM Snocross World Championship in Sweden led by Hibbert, Johan Lidman and Cory Davis? And what about the Soo I-500? Cadarette Racing piloted their Sno Pro 600 to the checkered flag winning the most prestigious snowmobile enduro in the world – Arctic Cat’s first-ever win in 42 years!

The Sno Pro 600 XC (cross-country version) did plenty of house cleaning in the Cross Country arena as well. Dan Ebert’s overall victory capped an emotional and wildly successful USCC I-500 for Team Arctic that included 11 of 13 class wins. Brian Dick’s remarkable success in USCC highlighted a season in which Team Arctic racers won 14 of 18 class championships and numerous race victories. In addition to his Pro Championship title, Dick was named USCC Racer of the Year.

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety states, “Our wide spread success with the Sno Pro has been phenomenal based on our Team Arctic race results.  But for 2011, that’s not good enough for Team Arctic Race engineers who work day and night to develop these high-performance race sleds. They’ve painstakingly improved performance throughout the entire snowmobile by increasing durability, on-track performance and ride calibration; key factors that allow Team Arctic racers to further dominate the race track.”

For 2011 Team Arctic racers are poised to extend the winning supremacy aboard Arctic Cats latest race tuned Sno Pro 600s with the following improvements:


-Black painted aluminum tunnel with new tunnel support braces as well as upper spar assembly gussets improve durability. 5052-H32 aluminum braces increases thickness from .080” thickness to .100”.

-Both Snocross and Cross-Country fuel tanks will be clear material with black vinyl cover – Previously black on 2010 models.

-Bodywork side panels receive textured surface and slightly relocated hood pins to improve scratch-resistance and easier attach/detach. 

2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 Race Sled 


-SnoCross CDI has a new program for improved holeshots based on ignition timing and exhaust valve opening per exhaust pipe temperature

-The VIP system allows fine tuning of race set-ups from day-to-day and race-to-race via more accurate data retrieval including the new for 2011 water temperature and throttle position sensor – additionally exhaust pipe temperature, track speed, driven shaft speed and tachometer are measured. (VIP system sold separately PART # 0620-371)

-Exhaust Manifold has a new inlet tube and the exhaust pipe temperature probe fitting is revised for increased performance and durability.

-Engine mount material improved to provide more resistance to degradation from gas and oil.

2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 Race Sled


-Brand new Snocross track accommodates a new drive sprocket change to for the 2.86” pitch Camoplast which is 2-lbs. lighter than the 2010 track. The new lug pattern was developed for improved holeshots and is based off past Attack 20 race tracks.

-Cross-Country track will use the 1.25” 2-ply Ripsaw with 2.52” pitch.


-Rear suspension rails have been revised. The transfer control assembly (coupling blocks) has been moved forward in the rails for aggressive transfer adjustments. Racer will feel a noticeable difference in transfer control throughout the settings.

-Larger diameter rear idler arm wheels coincide with the coupling block relocation in order to maintain proper track tension on the higher settings to ensure quicker coupling.

-Rear arm Fox shock compression valving was improved to provide more control in slower g-out bumps (big whoops) or long duration bumps.  The rebound valving change was improved overall, but specifically shines in high speed chatter.

-Cross-Country front arm Fox shock has been recalibrated for improved ride control through high-speed sharp bumps.


ENGINE TYPE, DISPLACEMENT (cc): 2-stroke, 599


BORE X STROKE (mm): 73.8 x 70 mm (2.906 x 2.755 in.)


GASOLINE: (Recommended 92 Octane (minimum) Non-Oxygenated

LUBRICATION: Premix (32:1 Ratio) Arctic Cat Synthetic APV 2-Cycle Oil



CARBURETION: Mikuni TM40 mm rack

EXHAUST: APV with tuned ceramic – coated pipe, pipe sensor and canister

DRIVE: Arctic (rpm sensing)

DRIVEN CLUTCH: Team driven

SKI STANCE (in.): 42.5


FRONT SUSPENSION: AWS VIII A-arms with FOX Zero Pro IFP shocks and sway bar

FRONT TRAVEL (in.): 10

REAR SUSPENSION: Slide-action frame with 7-position coupling, FOX ZERO X Piggyback front and rear shocks with adjustable dampening

REAR TRAVEL (in.): 13.5

TRACK WIDTH X LENGTH X LUG (in.): 15 x 128 x 1.7 Camoplast

BRAKES: Hydraulic disc

GAS TANK CAPACITY (Actual):  27.41 l (7.23 U.S. gal.)

GAS TANK CAPACITY (Rated): 24.61 l (6.5 U.S. gal.)

LENGTH x WIDTH (in.): 120 x 49.5

HEADLIGHT: Dual halogen (4-bulb)

DRY WEIGHT (approx): 206 kg (455 lb.)

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Handwarmer, thumbwarmer, low-height windshield, check engine temp light, tether swtich, V_Force reeds, adjustable timing-select module, sway bar, ACT Hot start system

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: VIP Data Acquisition System, digital/analog tachometer, digital/analog speedometer, dual stage trip odometer, mid-height windshield, 11 gallon gas tank




  1. Why update the plastic finish and location of the slots for the hood after numerous race seasons? You’d figure this chassis / body work is getting close (in 2-3 years) for a replacement. Is this a sign that we will see this bodywork / chassis in the consumer production lineup in the near future? Even from the pictures the plastic looks as if it is higher quality (maybe just the texture). Will the plastic fit together better too? Maybe less like it was all cut with a band saw and more like its hard tooled, like the rest of Cat’s lineup? I can’t wait.

    PS this was not a dig towards the past years sno pros, more of a comparison between the limited race intended sleds and full production units.

  2. Note: By me asking if we will see it in the regular production lineup, I mean other than the current 500SP offering (i.e. 600? 650? 700? 800? etc)

  3. My original letter from the race department did say unpainted tunnels, but I’m guessing they have the right to change it based on the statement at the bottom of the specs:


  4. The textured plastic doesn’t translate in a photograph, but in-person looks WAY better. Looks like you’d expect on a full-production machine.

  5. Hugh (and Dave) The team is commonly referred to as a “top end robber”,, however with the correct findings in a slightly longer/wider belt, coupled with clutch testing time to verify 100% where the actual “real world” peak in torques and HP are actually located (and not just where someone says they are),, the potential is there for more topend as well as better lowend and midrange too

    The teams inner diameter at full shift is slightly larger than cats past secondary’s, so the belt needs slightly more upwards primary sheave travel along with the addt’l width to avoid having to cut lower “flats” on primary to achieve better “top speed shift out ratios”, and I think all 3 of us could agree on one thing,, just be thankful it’s not a DD POS with their tendency to wear out so quickly and having to buy way more than is really necessary vs other makers secondary’s if just a minimum of parts need replacement,, I’m so glad Cat’s dropping that design :wall: :wall:

  6. And that longer/wider belt at full backshift also adds to the lowend torque numbers, complementing acceleration (all similar to the Bear cat primary/secondary trickery)

    Again, real world numbers play huge in this, not some dyno report

  7. We have a XC one coming to the dealership very soon, the owners nephew is going to enjoy this winters riding time for sure šŸ™‚

    And I agree with what John E. posted above, I’d rather have the Team secondary than that POS DD setup

  8. Hey guys just to let you know Arctic Cat sucks balls haha. Anyone who wants to know what a real sled feels like try a Polaris. Haha, kid’s and thier Arctic CRAP.

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