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Unveiled: 2018 ATV & Side-by-Sides from Textron Off Road

2018 Textron Off Road model line of ATVs and SxS


Today Textron Off Road took the wraps off its 2018 model line of ATVs and SxS machines. Here’s a brief snapshot of each.


2018 Wildcat X from Textron Off Road

The Wildcat X and X Limited (shown above) get a new ROPS cage, while retaining the 5-Link rear suspension and double-A-arm front suspension that make them some of the most capable big-hit off-road machines for truly gnarly conditions.


2018 Wildcat 4X Limited from Textron Off Road

Four-passenger capability for hardcore off-road riding will once again be handled by the Wildcat 4X Limited.


2018 Wildcat Sport from Textron Off Road

The 60-in. wide Wildcat Sport XT and Sport Limited (above) return for 2018, offering either JRi or Elka Stage 5 shock packages, as well as differences in wheels, tires, doors, roof and colors.



2018 Wildcat Trail, Trail XT & Trail Limited from Textron Off Road

Three variants of the 50-in. wide Wildcat Trail are available for 2018, including the standard Trail, Trail XT and Trail Limited. 700cc twin-cylinder engine, FOX shocks, TEAM clutches, 300-lb. capacity rear box…sweet stuff.

The base-level Wildcat Trail (left) comes with 12-in. steel wheels and half doors, and is available in  Lime Green.

The Wildcat Trail XT (middle) adds the steering ease of electronic power steering (EPS); machined cast-aluminum 12-in. wheels; standard half doors; and comes in Metallic White.

The Wildcat Trail Limited (right) includes the upgraded features found on XT EPS, plus it comes with full doors; under-hood storage; and color-matched aluminum wheels. It’s available in Charcoal Metallic.


2018 Stampede 4 from Textron Off Road

Four-passenger utility chores and fun are handled by the Stampede 4 and 4X for 2018. These spacious machines get the handy extended cab (in addition to the full-sized bed), big doors and an 80hp parallel twin engine that will soon be manufactured in St. Cloud, Minn..


2018 Stampede & Stampede X from Textron Off Road

The 80-hp Stampede and Stampede X hit season number two as premium utility side-by-sides featuring on-demand AWD, signature extended cab, full-sized doors and the confidence of front and rear swaybars. Four color options are available, depending upon model.


2018 Prowler 500 from Textron Off Road

The mid-sized option for utility side-by-side for 2018 is the Prowler 500.


2018 Alterra VLX 700 & VLX 700 EPS from Textron Off Road

The value-priced VLX 700 was a HUGE hit this year, combining the size, usability and capability at a price that made it VERY appealing to most users. It returns for 2018 with a couple color combos, includine Camo (left) as well as an EPS (Electronic Power Steering) option on the right.




2018 MudPro 700 from Textron Off Road

For those who want to go nose-deep into the muck, the 2018 Alterra MudPro 700 Limited returns wearing some eye-popping color.


2018 Alterra TBX 700 from Textron Off Road

The 2018 Alterra TBX 700 Limited rolls into the new season as the consumate worker/utility machine.


2018 Alterra 500 from Textron Off Road.

For a mid-sized option, there’s the well-received Alterra 500.


The Textron Off Road Model Year 2018 lineup consist of:


  • Mid-Size Utility     
    • Alterra 500
  • Full-Size Utility
    • Alterra VLX 700 (Alterra VLX 700 and Alterra VLX 700 EPS models)
    • Alterra TBX 700
  • Sport
    • Alterra MudPro 700 LTD



  • Electric
    • Recoil (Recoil and Recoil iS models)
  • Utility
    • Prowler 500
    • Stampede (Stampede, Stampede X, Stampede 4 and Stampede 4X models)
  • Sport
    • Wildcat Trail (Wildcat Trail, Wildcat Trail XT and Wildcat Trail LTD models)
    • Wildcat Sport (Wildcat Sport XT and Wildcat Sport LTD models)
  • Performance
    • Wildcat X (Wildcat X, Wildcat X LTD and Wildcat 4X LTD models)

Additional 2018 Changes

The Stampede is no longer available in a “base” non-EPS model. The remaining model names have changed as follows to align with the larger family lineup:

Stampede EPS is now Stampede

Stampede EPS+ is now Stampede X

Stampede XTR EPS is now Stampede 4

Stampede XTR EPS+ is now Stampede 4X


ATVs retaining the Arctic Cat brand while inventory lasts:

  • Alterra 90
  • Alterra DVX 90
  • Alterra 150
  • Alterra 300
  • Alterra TRV 500
  • Alterra TRV 700 XT EPS
  • Alterra 700
  • Alterra 700XT EPS
  • XC 450

Side-by-sides retaining the Arctic Cat brand while inventory lasts:

  • HDX 700
  • Prowler 700
  • HDX Crew

Thanks for reading, look for more in-depth info on select models in the coming days.



  1. Where are the Premium Alterra 4 wheelers? Did they quit making them and now all we get are the “value” VLX machines in the old chassis? If so, isn’t that taking a GIANT step backwards? The old chassis, REALLY? I completely understand the need for a value line of machines, but what about the customers like me that want and can afford a premium wheeler, what do we do now?

  2. I am betting they are re-working the machine and adding the 850 motor to it for next season or maybe as a late release yet this year. I think this is a good thing because they are streamlining the current line while they transition to the new product. The fact that they are not offering the 700 Alterra tells me that is one of the models they are focused on improving with major upgrades. By not offering the 700 Alterra this year they don’t risk pissing off the Premium buyers who would have choose a 700 Alterra only to be upset when it’s replacement come’s out and blows its doors off!

  3. I do believe there will be another round of unveiling coming up in November or something like that? Maybe John can chime in on that rumor?

    So far, they are playing it very safe, probably making machines they know they can keep at a low price point, with hopefully not too many negative issues.

  4. Like I stated on the Facebook edition…it looks like they are cleaning the slate and are harmonising the look with the Stampede models. They pretty much couldn’t look more different and I am guessing the new look will have a bit of both Arctic Cat and Textron.
    This bodes well for having a fresh new look for the next generation of ATV’s, as all they left were the “low cost” models. These are the ones that made the cut to stay as is.
    The new generation obviously will have different engines as well, as there is nothing left except for 700’s and Kymco engines.
    I am guessing early next year they will release the rest of the ATV’s and SxS’s. Textron is obviously putting some money into this investment as the old Arctic Cat wouldn’t be able to hold stuff back just to have a more spectacular intro with new ATV’s and the Wildcat XX.
    Should be some very good deals on Arctic Cat and Bad Boy models still on showroom floors.

  5. Sad to see the prowler XTX go. was a great seller where i worked but makes sense to use the stampede line as utility. Seem to have stuck with what sold which also makes sense and hope they are making way for a new and more exciting line up! 2 things my group and I would like to see for 2018
    1) a v-twin power plant! single is OK but cant beat the V-twin Power and sound! Also to most non-arctic/textron riders, this is the deciding factor in selecting another brand. including myself.
    2) H.O. LIMITED. by this I mean a non-wet clutch like the Wildcat and some good rebuild-able shocks also like the Wildcat. The drive system is great for longevity of the belt but lets face it. there is 2 different companies making wet clutch delete kits. You have a clutch on your snowmobile that would work perfect!

  6. A-Men Snow Pro. I haven’t bought a new AC ATV yet because I don’t want that single cylinder motor. Still running my 2005 650 because it has the Kawi 650 v-twin motor in it. If AC’s 700 was a V-Twin I would have upgraded when they came out with the XR body panels/chassis.

  7. …like the new wildcat design- they have a nice rollcage now and they improved many internals in the rear- hub, axles etc. !!

  8. GREAT 2 see the vlx700 camo. eps NOT ALL of us can dish out $10000. for a atv. we use them 4 work. NOT just PLAY. thanks 4 keeping the rest of in a new wheeler price range. THANK YOU


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