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Welcome to Polaris Insider (dot com): Taking the Internet by Storm

Welcome to the evolved site! The previous owner let the domain name lapse, allowing a new group of like-minded Polaris riders to swoop in and dominate the internet terrain like never before.

Stay tuned in the coming days for great stories that highlight everything and everyone involved with the star of the north. 

We hope you enjoy all the new content. We hope you continue to ride the most dominant snowmobiles, ATVs and side-by-sides ever created.

UPDATED: Whew, I worked out a deal with Danica Patrick, got my domain back from GoDaddy and, when the clock strikes Midnight, will be back in business!

Thanks for not abandoning me everyone, I know I can count on (most of) you when things get tough and the AXYS of Evil is bearing down on me. 

Look for more great ARCTIC stuff soon (I’m in TRF for the next couple of days so it will be quiet here until I’m back).




  1. You just have too much free time on your hands ! LOL ! Happy April fools day to you John !!! Now I suppose you are going to tell us about the Blizzard that followed the storm!!

  2. Had a friend that bought a ’94 Storm back in the day. In honor of it weighing 787lbs and getting thrashed by every ZRT 800 he ever raced he nicknamed it the Stone.

  3. I heard that Tucker and Kirk are following John over to the red side, and Christian Brothers are going to race John Deeres……

  4. With this changing of the guard I guess I’ll be ceremoniously burning all of my favorite black/green T-shirts in the front yard while I make room in my closet for the new red/white/blue garments that are shipping here as we speak. Go number 53!

  5. Ahhh… Polaris… home of the Fusion – the ugliest sled ever made. Congrats… even as an April fool joke it’s a painful thought.

  6. Oh april fools day! was really scared for a minute there! Seriously I know a guy he’s been along time member of our local club. Once a diehard Polaris rider, bought a new storm….hated it switched to Cat still rides Cat’s and that is no april fools!!

  7. Right on. Will you, like, put up my GoPro Footage, of me like, hitting Tucker Hibbert? I mean, ahhhh, finding sweet lines and ummm, just racing hard? I’d like to thank Monster and ummmm, all the rest of the sponsors I forgot to thank. They know who they are. #53

  8. DingleFritz:

    Pull Off Lake And Repair In Summer…blah ah ha ha

    Nice April Fools joke Jon, almost as good as the 800 race sled a few years back….

  9. I am so freakin’ pissed about this! Arctic Insider WAS my favorite Web site. WAS!!!11! How could they do this? Does anyone know if a new site will be started? No way I’ll come back to this one!

  10. Heads up ! If Polaris AXYS 800 delivers a reliable product in 2015 , they will create some serious separation from the yellow and green guys .fyi .. And I am hardcore green ,,

  11. AllenO, you don’t have to come by and visit this site. If you really have given up on Cat, why come spread your filth here? Don’t hold on to your anger, Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go. Turn away and slam the door. I don’t care what you have to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway. It’s funny how some distance. Makes everything seem small. And the fears that once controlled you.Can’t get to you at all….. My kids have been watching Frozen a bit too much. You should watch it. Might thaw your heart.

  12. Whew, I worked out a deal with Danica Patrick, got my domain back from GoDaddy, and am back in business!

    Thanks for not abandoning me everyone, I know I can count on (most of) you when things get tough and the AXYS of Evil is bearing down on me.

    Look for more great ARCTIC stuff soon (I’m in TRF for the next couple of days so it will be quiet here until I’m back).

  13. Hi John, have a great couple of days in TRF, your mission should you choose to accept: we need another Roger Skime story!!
    Does Mrs. Sanberg know about your deal with Danica? LOL !
    Keep up the great work, you count on us when things get a bit tough!!
    Great spring riding here in Northern Maine, 140 inches of snow still !

  14. Checked out the new AXYS last night at the sneak peak in Milwaukee. Looks pretty darn nice and makes the Procross look like a dinosaur. I hope AC has something cool coming very soon or I may be jumping ship… and that’s tough for me to even say as I bleed green!

  15. “like-minded Polaris riders to swoop in and dominate the internet terrain like never before.”

    As the past president of the Polaris (Web) Nation, I resemble that remark and hardly approve, appreciate and love the return of the Insider.

  16. To all those threatening to jump ship whenever something new comes in red or yellow, go already. We’re all getting tired of it.
    Procross looks like a dinosaur? Whatever!

  17. Sorry but the Rush or Axys or what ever they change it to in 2016 is still the ugliest thing on snow. Even Skidoo was smart enough to ditch the beaver tail after one season. Did Polaris even sell more than 5 Rush sleds last year? I never see any on the trails. Probably getting new pistons installed on that gem of an 800 that they have. Wonder if the new one will last 1000 miles before it needs new jugs?

  18. I’m just saying it looked pretty cool. That new gauge with GPS and led headlights were sweet. The seat was nicely done and the machine felt small and nimble. Fit and finish was excellent and Polaris clutching is always spot on. I don’t know about the new motor but I do know the old one was a ticking time bomb. I also agree the back end is ugly but if it rides nice you could get over that. I just hope AC is paying attention and comes out with something better then the Procross mess they released in 2012 with un-useable hi-beams, poor clutching, poor fit and finish, uncomfortable seat, gas gauge that doesn’t work and so on. I own one and I have to say it was poorly put together with cheap parts.

  19. The procross is the best sled on snow if you quit following the 7 retards that probably make up the bad sleds out there. Ride is second to none and looks 100% best on snow. Headlight high beam unuseable? Adjust to the high beam is where you want it and then the low will be just fine for meeting on coming traffic and daytime riding. Seat has been taken care of and fit and finish is just fine. Gas gauge is just that, a gauge. 100 mile fillups is all that matters really and the cat gauge looks way nicer than Poo’s new gauge to me anyway. Learn to adjust things there Jamie. It is a sled and they are set up for the averige rider. You need to ADJUST!!! I will never own another polaris as the two I have had in my 42 years of riding were junk. Just like they are today. Your headlight comment to me is killer. Wow are you a genious.

  20. Yes I adjusted the headlight. It just amazes me that it would come from the factory that way it does. Who in their right mind would set them up that way? Same goes for the gas gauge. Why even put it on the sled if it is going to flash “fuel” at you when you still have 1/2 tank?? Just two of the many reasons why AC is last in the business when it comes to fit and finish. You don’t have to get mad at me Jim R… AC is the one that lets them leave the factory like this.

  21. All-

    I truly never meant any ill will towards Polaris people, or machines. I have HUGE respect for that company and the machines they’ve produced over the years. Seriously.

    I’m with Yamahabandit though, the “I’m jumping ship unless Arctic Cat comes out with something all-new” sentiment is getting old. ProCross and ProClimb are three years old. Three!

    And if you’ve already expressed your distaste for something you don’t like about Arctic Cat, then I and most others already listened to you. Once is enough. I sincerely appreciate anyone who reads this site and takes the time to express themselves, but constantly repeating your distaste turns the message into something that nobody hears: *****ing.

    One good thing that happened when this site was hacked the other day and briefly turned into PolarisInsider: a worm was inserted into the code such that whenever someone keeps *****ing in the comments, a virus will infect their computer AND turn their snowmobile into a Fusion 900.

    (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

    Anyway, it’s April. It was a kick ass winter, there’s still great rideable snow in many places (including Roseau for anyone who’s jumping ship), a TRF trip report will be posted in the next 24 hours and earth is still floating along pretty nicely in space.


  22. John, Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the TRF trip report, hopefully some exciting news will get spilled to keep the juices flowing through the spring and summer, Any Roger Skime stories? What about Kirk Hibberts mullet haircut? that had to have generated some comments along the way! Are you still on the good side with the Mrs. about your deal with Danica?
    Have a great day all you Arctic Insiders!!

  23. Point taken John. I was just hoping AC engineers read this site and wanted to give them some feedback from a lifelong customer. Looking forward to future expansion of the c-tech 2 motor and seeing where the relationship with Yamaha takes them.

  24. As an avid Polaris rider from 1978 to 1996 I still have great respect for its heritage. Back in the day I could call Burt Bassett in the race shop and even got to run with the guys a bit on the air strip in West Yellowstone when they were testing sleds out of a tough looking straight truck in the spring of 1980. However, in a less than stellar attempt at North Woods Challenge cross country lake racing, I switched to Cat in 1996 mostly for the Wilwood brake and have never looked back. This weekend I will be ordering a 2015 600 RR trading a 12 XF 800 on which I enjoyed well over 4000 miles without a single significant malfunction. Every Cat is not perfect but what is? The singular point what will always keep me on a Cat is the Passion I see,. We see it in everyone at the company John so aptly portrays to us. I detected a loss of this quality in Polaris shortly after the ZR’s came out — maybe I wrong but just the way it looked to me. As long as the people in Thief River keep this Passion to keep improving the product we are all in for many great rides to come. Just an old guy giving throwing in his two cents. Thanks.

  25. Thanks again John for the work you do on this site!! I still have my 06 cf700 and still love it! But gotta say my xf 800sp rocks!! super power! awesome ride and handling! Thanks AC!!! will bleed green forever!


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