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What Cat Will Be Let Out of the Bag at Hay Days?

Original Arctic Cat ZR440 introduction at Hay Days. Photo by ArcticInsider.

If the past is the best predictor of the future, then Arctic Cat will use this weekend’s SnoBaron’s Hay Days to unveil something.

Beginning with the original 1993 ZR (photo above) and continuing with many, many snowmobiles, Arctic Cat has chosen this massive gathering of sledders to be the first to see, sit and salivate over a just-in-time-for-winter new model.

Blair Morgan Edition ZR 600 unveil at Hay Days. Photo by

In addition to the ’93 ZRs, I distinctly remember the Blair Morgan Edition ZR 600 (above), the original Tucker Hibbert Edition F800 and last year’s M6000 Sno Pro.

And of course multiple race sleds over the years.

Arctic Cat Waiting For Winter guy marries Mother Nature. Photo

Usually it’s a new snowmobile, however, they’ve also unveiled events (Hometown Tour as well as the Snow Blast in West Yellowstone) and a sacred wedding (between Waiting for Winter guy and Mother Nature, above).

So my question to all of you is, what do expect Arctic Cat will unveil this Saturday at Hay Days?

What's in the Top Secret box from Arctic Cat? Photo by

What do you want Arctic Cat to unveil?

Like many of you, I’ll be at their booth at 1pm on Saturday to see what Cat is let out of the bag.

Team Arctic Cat autograph session at Hay Days. Photo by

And I’ll stay for the poster giveaway/Team Arctic autograph session afterwards.

I hope to see you there!


(More pix below for your viewing pleasure.)

Arctic Cat unveils the 2004 Sno Pro race sled at Hay Days. Photo by

Several Team Arctic racers joined Jerry Bernardo to announce to the 2004 Sno Pro 600 racer at Hay Days in 2003.


Arctic Cat announces Snow Blast (via a buffalo) at Hay Days in 2004. Photo by

Easily the weirdest unveil occurred in 2004, when then Arctic Cat’s marketing VP (at the time) had a live buffalo in the booth to announce the 2005 Snow Blast event in West Yellowstone.


Arctic Cat unveils World's Fastest Snowmobile concept at Hay Days in 2008. Photo by

One-time CatGirl Meisha Johnson (right) joined Arctic Cat’s Joey Hallstrom onstage in 2008 to talk about the Sno Pro 600 racer, HCR mountain sled and the World’s Fastest Snowmobile (F1100 Turbo).


2012 Arctic Cat Race Sled unveil at Hay Days. Photo by

Arctic Cat unveiled the 2012 ProCross 600 racer at Hay Days in 2011. Sweet pre-drone-skycam shot, huh!?


Arctic Cat unveils Tucker Hibbert (Edition F800 snowmobile) at the 2012 Hay Days. Photo by

Arctic Cat unveiled Tucker Hibbert (and the Tucker Hibbert Edition F800 snowmobile) at Hay Days in 2012.


Arctic Cat unveils the 2015 M6000 Sno Pro at Hay Days. Photo by

Last year Arctic Cat unveiled the M6000 Sno Pro at Hay Days.

What will happen this year is anybody’s guess.



  1. I am almost positive you will see the Snox and CC race sleds, which I believe the CC version will basically be the 600RR. I would like to see them unveil at least 1 new ATV, but that is probably wishful thinking……

  2. 2015 Purpose Built Cross Country Racer 600 C-Tec Engine, judging off the new rules of everyone racing a factory 600 EFI oil injected. My guess is no more carbed 600 for the cc racers unless they want to swap out parts on a sno cross racer. I think its interesting that manufactures, Arctic Cat included, and race circuts are saying they are making snowmobiling and racing more affordable by offering sleds that anyone can run all they have to do is put oil and gas in it and it is virtually “race ready.” This sled to the average consumer will be over $10,000 easy, and I know what it is on the race program and it wasnt what I was thinking of making racing more affordable. Its too bad that the people who have the money to throw down unreal amounts of money are the ones that get the breaks and the people that race because they love it and love the industry are the ones that struggle. I know this is how it works but it still sucks. I was pretty excited to run the I500 this year being its as close to the original as its going to get but with the price of everything its just not going to happen.

    Thats my rant for the week, sorry to throw the negativity on everyone ha.

  3. It’s anybody’s guess, but I would like to see a 800 c-tec motor in a sno-pro and RR chassis. Also a side note, I really get tired of hearing about people “whine” about the cost of EVERYONE’S new sleds, until you have been to these factories, (and yes, I have), and see what it really costs to produce them, with utilities, employees, R&D, customer support staff,sales people,building maint.,legal departments and the list goes on and on, you will walk out of these buildings with a different opinion. Just my .02 cents worth. You want to talk expensive, now let’s all talk about how much a Quebec season trail pass is and how MUCH it WILL BE this year!!! Michigan, here I come!!!

  4. Being that they are releasing 14 brand new ATV Models the following week, I have to believe they will show an ATV here of either a remodeled Prowler or a smaller engine version of the Wildcat Traill (I would be all over a 550 version as top speed means nothing to me) and hopefully for those that need to compensate for certain things, a brand new Ctec 800 powered sled. Something to shut the Polaris crowd up about that butt ugly Rusy Axys thing a ma bob.

  5. From the teaser on the Cat site, it will be a new sxs. Better not be a new 800 after snochecking almost 14k for the “new” 600 this year.

  6. Be nice to see a factory turbo on the Yamaha 4-stroke engine in a M series with a little extra boost to let’s say…. 200hp on pump premium gas.

  7. Another great story with photo’s John! Anxious to see what Arctic has up it’s sleeve this year for the big surprise. From what I saw in the tease in yesterday’s email, could be a new atv, but since it is Haydays I am going to assume a new sled of some sort to get everyone all ramped up for the upcoming season. I agree with Steveo, a 250 Alley Cat would be something to get excited about!
    To all my Arctic Insider friends, would some one be nice and grab me a couple of those Arctic Posters and mail them to me. I will gladly pay costs involved. None of this stuff every seems to make it my way here in northern Maine. I would appreciate it if you would autograph the poster yourself so that I can brag about the Arctic Cat folks being the best.

    Everyone have a safe and fun weekend at Haydays! John, can’t wait to read your story and see the amazing photo’s you take.


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