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What OSM Magazine Has to Say About Arctic Cat’s 2017 Sleds

OSM Magazine on the 2017 Arctic Cat Thundercat

What can sometimes get lost in our insatiable desire for all-new stuff, is the top-level performance and calibration that occurs on machines that have been around the block once or twice.

To wit, from the editors at OSM Magazine:

“In fact, after our second go around with the sleds during the annual spring Snow Shoot evaluations and photography session in West Yellowstone, Montana, it was Arctic Cat who delivered the most consistent ride quality and handling characteristics over any other brand when viewed from top to bottom. No matter the sled grouping or category, our riders pointed to Arctic Cat as the one sled to consistently perform with predictability and comfort…a bold statement and no small feat given today’s broad swath of models.”

CLICK HERE for their full story about the 2017 Arctic Cat snowmobiles.



  1. so sweet to read after all the bashing in previous post’s only wish I could afford to trade this year! One other note, sled head 24/7 voted the new 2017 RR rough trail sled of the year! That’s right even over the new poo xcr! Awesome!!! bleed green and proud of it!

  2. The “new” Poo xcr is essentially the same sled that was destroyed in the USXC for the last 2 years…terrain dominator I guess. Glad that the RR did well. Time will tell what the R-XC, and the special folks that pilot, and maintain them will bring to the party next year. Over a decade is a long time for Polaris to suck at XC racing.

  3. Brad Darling was announced as the new president of ARGO this morning. This has obviously been something in the works for a while.

  4. I still think a lot of issues with sleds are timeless issues. Dealer set up ability being a big one. Not every dealer is amazing with a tool set. Most are good, some are interesting. Back in the old days we would see the results of wrong set up on the old Panthers and Pumas. Sometimes it caused people to dump the sled and run to another brand. As simple as the old sleds were, there has to be more areas to go wrong on the new stuff if the shop is not up to snuff. Congrats on the great review to Cat.

  5. Nice review Pat Bourgeois ! Guys like you and John have an incredible ability to expound on your thoughts. Sure enjoyed the ride along with…

  6. If you watch the video, already at the 9 second mark and throughout the movie, the new improved 2017 headlight assy 0609-967 (different reflectors/bulbs) for the 6-800’s already has a burnt out headlight on the 2017 ZR model. This has been a teething issue for the procross/proclimb, especially on the 800 class chassis.
    I found the only fix is to buy PIAA anti vibration bulbs which are $50+ for a pair.


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