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What Sled Will Arctic Cat Unveil at Hay Days?

Yet-unnamed new-for-2012 Arctic Cat

I just received an invitation to a new-for-2012 Arctic Cat snowmobile unveiling at Hay Days this coming weekend.

The unveiling will take place in the Arctic Cat booth on Saturday at 1pm, followed by a Team Arctic autograph signing that starts at 1:30.

Here is the actual language from the Editor Invite:

“After the Editor BBQ feed, stick around the product display as one of Arctic Cat’s leading fashion icons unveils one more all-new 2012 snowmobile at 1pm, followed by the Team Arctic Racer Autograph signing at 1:30pm.”

I’m nearly as intrigued by the “leading fashion icon” as I am about what the new snowmobile might be.

Any guesses as to what either might be?



  1. better be a kitty cat, but chances are it will be a new race sled, last year when ebert sold his I 500 sled he gave the person a bunch of extra parts saying we wont need these next year so you can have them, plus I heard more talk throughout the USCC last year that there might be a new racer, I guess ill just have to show up at 1 and see what happens

  2. I too think it will be a race sled instead of a 600 consumer model.
    There were a few folks that were upset about having the 4-stroke their “replacement option” for the missing 600cc 2-stroke. If 4-stroke orders were placed under those circumstances, there will be a lot of mad people out there if what they “truly” wanted comes out 1/2 year later.
    Of course, you could look at it like Cat is responding to consumer demand too – but I’m not too convinced. They’ve been trying too hard to get us interested in the hot rod 4-stroke to throw a 600 at us now.
    But hey – I’ve been wrong before!! Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll want one!!

  3. A throttle body 600 wknock sensor and lighter crank similar to the 800. you know, just to tide people over till they start building their own motors……………….or a new race sled.

  4. Here are a few guesses…
    1. An 800 LXR with electric start
    2. A special edition LGS model — lime green staples
    3. Of course it will be the new race sled

  5. agreed, 600 2-stroke race sled based off ProCross chassis. Beefed up to be sure and maybe different bodywork?

    John- we look forward to those development storys on the new chassis and race sled too!

  6. It will be the new race sled for sure. Letters from the race department to racers just went out. That is way later than normal, most of the time the letters went out in July. The new sled will be based on the consumer sled yet will have alot of changes.

  7. Hey John, Please keep us up to speed with any pics and the person they choose to unveil the sled…that would be sweet! Some of us are stuck working and won’t be able to make it.

  8. the new race sled with a new DI 600 motor. you know, run it for the season and see how it holds up. then maybe stick it in a production sled next year. cant wait to find out either way. good stuff.

  9. More importantly, with regards to the “leading fashion icon,” I’m hopeful for either Cat Girl, Inspector Henderson or the big guy wearing the buffalo hat who announced Snow Blast back in 2005.

  10. I’m thinking new race chassis based off the ProCross. Same screaming Suzuki (for now). Or maybe not. My wife and kids say I’m always wrong anyway! The “leading fashion icon” may well be you, John. People were impressed with the snappy 71 dealer vest with the AI accessories you were sporting at the 50th shindig! Fun to find out, whatever the sled is it is!

  11. They would never let Sandberg do it. They Know when the tarp would be pulled off he’d have that thing covered with AI stickers!

  12. Since the 1100 is a 4 stroke version of the 600 I would say race or consumer 600 twin in the procross chassis so us blue colar folk can afford.

  13. I bet it will be a new race chassis. But I hope it’s NOT based off the Procross. I love the Procross, but that chassis is already a mix between the old F-series and the current Sno Pro. I think race sled design and technology should blaze new trails and trickle down to consumers when it has been proven, not the other way around. In other words, I’m hoping for something mostly all-new that will influence Cat’s next consumer chassis….

  14. I disagree with you Premium. Id much rather know/see AC racing a snowmobile based off their consumer ProCross chassis than a company like Polaris who brags about “Terrain Domination” but doesnt race the RUSH. WTF? AC will always learn from racing and move it to the next sled. Its in their blood.

  15. Dulpher: That’s exactly my point. The Rush is a consumer model that isn’t raced, and isn’t based off of Polaris’ race sled. It has never been proven in a race environment. The Procross in Cat’s own words is a blend of everything great about the F-series and PROVEN race technology from the Sno Pro 600. Our consumer model is based off of a proven race design.

    As you said, AC needs to learn from racing, and what works should be offered to consumers. Which is why I want to see an all new race sled that will test new ideas for the next consumer sled.

    If the new race sled is based off the procross, which is already based on the old race sled, aren’t we going backwards?

  16. Cat Girl unveils the new race sled based on the Pro Cross chassis with a dirty, strung out, carbed 600cc engine 🙂

    Prediction: Cat dominates all disciplines of racing for the 2012 season.

  17. About the new racesled….intresting idea about maybe use efi….because the regular type of carburator…dont seem to work propertly in swedish tracks there the tracks ar very intense and bumby…so he gets too much fuel in the end and goes very rich sometimes…..
    Ive order one so i cant wait to see the new masterpiece 😀
    ive also heard that the front suspension will be the fine fox evol x…? Is it true?

  18. It will be the new Pro-Cross based race sled equipped with Fox Evols. Just like what my race letter says. I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures!


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