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Every fall, this question comes up more times than, “What oil should I run?” as sellers prepare to make room for their new snowmobile arrival or simply clearing the garage for more space. Typically, I wince after reading the question and the smart-ass in me replies, “Whatever someone will pay for it.”

There is truth to the answer – I see sellers get ridiculed for their higher than normal asking prices, but in fairness, some of that ridicule stems from trying to sell thrashed junk. But some of the asking prices make sense.

From my vantage point, I think selling prices on QUALITY, EXCELLENT CONDITION used snowmobiles is going to take a big jump up this season, and not one of us should be shocked when it happens. Hear me out… 

Current Market

I’ve stopped laughing at the person who says, “I’m not buying until the rebates are out.” Let me tell ya fella, those days are over, and have been for a couple years. I’ve learned anyone making that comment has been out of the sport for quite some time, but it makes me happy knowing they are looking to get back in.

With the on-going supply chain drama, the majority of us who Spring-ordered are going to get our snowmobiles. (This goes for any brand). What will be in question (also for every brand) is the ability to buy, and availability, for the person who wants to purchase an in-season unit. I’m going to go out on a limb and say all OEMs won’t have in-season units this year. 

“Snowmobilers are stupid…I is one!”

The Perfect Storm

Here’s where things get interesting. Speaking for most of us in the Midwest, we’ve faced a drought this summer. (It’s been drier than a popcorn fart) Let’s assume we get hammered by snow this winter and the above lack of in-season units plays out. What happens? Demand for snowmobiles shoots straight up. I’ve always joked when saying, “Snowmobilers are stupid.” It’s the truth, and you should know, I is one! Point being, when it snows, and there’s great riding to be had, money seems to be no object when we want to purchase a snowmobile…right now!

Currently, dealer inventories for new and used snowmobiles are at all-time lows. When we can’t buy a snowmobile through a dealer quick enough, this my friends, is where the used market will sky rocket.

What Models Will Demand Value?

This site draws readers from all over the globe, so you’ll have to evaluate your market accordingly. Speaking for the Midwest, here are a few used models/categories I see, and have seen, jump up in price.

ZR200s are hotter than Jennifer Aniston right now.

Youth and Entry Level – Snowmobiles like the ZR120 or ZR200 are hotter than Jennifer Aniston right now. Don’t be surprised to see nice shape ZR200 asking prices breach their original MSRPs ($4500+). I saw it several times last season, and am starting to see it now.

If you have a clean entry level snowmobile like this Jag, expect to see higher than normal prices.

Because a ZR200 will be hard to obtain, I see clean, well-maintained entry level snowmobiles shooting up in price. Anyone with smaller fan-cooled sleds like a Jag 340/440, Z370/570 can expect to sell for a little more. Those are typically $1500, 20yr old snowmobiles, but when you factor in “justification”, purchasing those types of units for $2500+ starts to make sense if you can’t get a used ZR200 for under $4500.

Clean, well taken care of models like this (now 7yr old) 2015 ZR6000RR Tucker Hibbert edition could see increased used asking prices.

Performance Trail (ProCross Chassis) – For all of you with clean, well-maintained 5yr+ old snowmobiles in the 600 and 800cc categories, prices have generally hovered around $4500-$5000+. Add in demand factor during winters peak, and it won’t be out of the question to see those prices jump towards the $8000 mark. Especially, if it’s an RR or XC model.

Condition is Key – Like anything, just because a market turns hot, doesn’t mean every snowmobile is more valuable. Let’s face it – Junk is Junk, and should be valued accordingly.   



  1. After reading that I’m left wondering…what’s my snowmobile worth? 2014 xf8000 with 4400kms – lol its not for sale!
    Isn’t the answer to this question basically playing out in online used marketplaces?
    BTW Kale did you get to see what was on the line in the factory this week? I have a zr6000 on order and haven’t heard anything yet! Cheers buddy! New website is great

  2. Drier than a popcorn fart ? You need to drive a few hours East ! I’m so sick of cutting Grass ! And it’s still raining here ! Its nice that’s it’s finally cooler out ! I’m only cutting once a week ! Errr !!!! Was Princeton MN , race . The only week you got rain ?

  3. What’s my snowmobile worth? It’s a very simple answer. What someone will pay. It’s very simple economics. Supply and demand. Demand is the main variance. If it snows then the demand is there and the die hard snowmobiler like me will pay the higher prices for a sled if needed and wanted. If it doesn’t snow then the demand is not there and supply takes over. If supply is there and no demand then prices drop. That’s why they call it a snowmobile. It all depends on snow. Unlike other machines like boats, jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles and etc. These are not dependent on the weather. You know you will be able to use these and supply is now the main variance. Then the question is more relevant. What are these worth? No matter how you look at it or analyze it. It all comes down to what someone will pay.

  4. In Ontario, Canada, most 600 class sleds, New are going for MSRP for the MXZX, RXC, RR, Maytrix sleds, which is at the 16000 plus tax range. Most used sleds in those categories with high miles are listed at 12,000-14000 CDN. Its crazy right now what people want for a 2017+ model year sled.

  5. I was going to bag on the lack of riser on this zr… then I saw the sweet oakley sticker and custom ratchet strap hood latch and now I am conflicted.

  6. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If it is a dog, then you will take a beating. Based on the current used market, most dogs come with flea’s!

    Choose wisely!

  7. Good article. Matches what I’m seeing in the want adds and the trend carries on into the vintage and antique markets as well. GRC beats rusty basket case every time.


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