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Wildcat XX vs. RZR 1000 vs. Stage II Wildcat XX

When Speedwerx took delivery of their new 2018 Wildcat XX for the purpose of uncovering extra horsepower, they wanted to first do a little baseline test with the stock machine against a stock 2017 RZR 1000. So they lined ’em up and dropped the hammers. 


Now with a month or so of development time on their Stage 2 Exterminator Kit, the crew wanted to see what 12 additional horsepower (at the peak, with even bigger power and torque gains down low according to them) is like compared to a stock Wildcat XX.

So again they lined ’em up and ran. Watch the video below to see the difference 12 hp makes! 

What’s in a Stage 2 Exterminator Kit? Speedwerx L2 Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust; Stainless Steel Exhaust Header; Hypershift Clutch Kit; High Flow Air Intake;  and a Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel Controller.

According to Speedwerx: “RZR owners will be shaking their heads and left wondering where you hid the turbo!”

Click HERE to jump to Speedwerx site for more info on extra hp for the new Wildcat XX.




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