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Wishing You a Happy Independence Day!

No matter where in the world you live, I sincerely wish you happy independence. And independents.

Arctic Cat Z-bar independent front suspension


1979 prototype Arctic Cat with independent front suspension owned by Tom Rowland


1980 Trail Cat with independent front suspension


1985 Arctic Cat el Tigre 6000 owned by Tom Rowland, photo by


Arctic Cat AWS II front suspension


Arctic Cat AWS III front suspension


Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb chassis with independent front suspension



  1. I see your favorite independent front suspension in fifth picture. The suspension that cost Team Arctic many DNF’s and required MacGyver type engineering to get a hard charging trail rider home or back to the trailer. Oh the memories.
    Happy Independence Day!!

  2. PIC 7 >>>>need to know more about the design changes on the front end suspension of this 2014 model . What are the benefits and can it be retrofitted to the 2013RR ?


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