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1972 Arctic Cat “Yukon Count on the Cat” Snowmobile Commercial

Perhaps wishing it had been involved with a high-profile polar adventure like the Ralph Plaisted Expedition or Wild Bill Cooper’s whopper, Arctic Cat produced a similar-themed TV spot for the 1972 season titled “Yukon Count on the Cat.”



  1. I made this tonight for the first cool fall eveinng of the year and it was delicious! I did make just a couple of changes for our family’s needs. First, I halved all of the ingredients to make only 3-4 servings.I also substituted 1 cup of half and half for 1 cup of milk because I needed to use it up. One note about my experience with this soup was that I usually never add salt to any recipe, but after reading the reviews did add it to this and I was glad I did. It added good flavor to the potatoes. This soup definitely rivals any potato soup I’ve had in a restaurant and I’ll be making it again soon! Thanks for another great recipe!


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