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2010 Crossfire 800 Gearing Options

2010 Arctic Cat Crossfire 800 Sno Pro

Have a 2010 Crossfire 800 and want to optimize the gearing for either high-speed or mountain riding? Here are some gearing options that Arctic Cat suggests.

The 2010 Crossfire 800 comes stock with 60/60 gearing, which is an ideal compromise for both deep powder and high-speed running.

If you’re looking for optimum gearing for high-speed running, you should consider using taller gears such as 62/58 or 65/55. In fact, with the increased power of the new 800 H.O. engine, it’s possible to reach an over-rev situation on hardpack when running stock gearing, which can lead to premature belt failure.

If you’re primarily riding in deep-snow you should consider using lower gears, such as 57/63 or 55/65.

These gearing options are for each owner to decide, and are available through dealers.



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