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2012 Arctic Cat HCR ProClimb Races at Jackson Hole

Last weekend at the Hillclimb World Hillclimb in Jackson Hole, Team Tapio raced a pre-production 2012 M800 HCR with a Boondocker Turbo in the Open Mod class.



  1. John that was a great video. Hope you can get inside Rex and Pauls heads to give us a good idea what the cans quest was like this year. That race has a lot of Internet followers. Thanks for all you do for us bench racers

  2. I love this video. I preordered my 2012HCR 800 on Feb 12. I can’t wait to just site on the thing. I was the first one at my dealer to order a 2012. I have always been a cat man. But was very disapointed with the last few years of the F series sled. But this year they realy nocked one out of the park. Thanks Arctic Cat.

  3. Hey guys, i love this video too! I recently found out that it was deleted form youtube… Is there anyone who has a copy of this or knows a link that will bring me to the video?


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