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2012 Arctic Cat Snowmobile MSRP for U.S. and Canada

This is the U.S. MSRP for the 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobile line.

2012 Arctic Cat MSRP U.S.


Below is the Canadian MSRP for the 2012 Arctic Cat sleds.

2012 Arctic Cat MSRP Canada



  1. what gives? our dollar is over 2 cents higher than US, yet MSRP is still way more? why are we always getting ______ north of the border?

  2. Jeff it’s called buying power. It has nothing to do with the value of the dollar. the united states has 330million people Canada as 30 million. there are more buyers in the states therefore the price is lower.

  3. Jason , its called taking advantage of canadians, we have more snow and a better economy with global warming they soon will be seeing reduced sales in southern states.

  4. Actually its called “hedging” and its more complicated then I can describe but basically they guess the value of the Canadian dollar early in the year and set the prices accordingly, problem is if the Canadian dollar is stronger they give it some margin in case it goes sour during the year and if it is weak they give it more margin, otherwise known as a lose-lose for our friends to the north. While you may be upset with AC for doing this I gotta ask why doesn’t Doo take advantage of this in thier homeland?

  5. Agreed… Why do we pay more for Doos here than the states.. THAT sucks. And to be honest, I LOVE my SP5, but cost was a major factor in my purchase. Otherwise a 600 xprs may have been what I bought. It came down to $8000 or $13,000. No Contest there.

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