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2015 USXC-Briggs & Stratton Triple Crown Finale

USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown race

USXC – Seven Clans 300 Mini Cross-Country Race Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 in Thief River Falls

Next weekend marks the third and final round of the 2015 USXC-Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown series.

Held in conjunction with the USXC Thief River Falls 300 cross-country, the Briggs Triple Crown is aimed at youth who compete in XC with 120-class snowmobiles equipped with the Briggs 206 engine. Great racing and great prizes await the participating 206-class racers.


Classes: 5 total

Improved stock 120

6-8 year olds

9-12 year olds


Pro 206 (Briggs-sponsored class)

6-8 year olds

9-12 year olds


Champ 206 (Briggs-sponsored class)

6-12 year olds combined


Schedule: Saturday Feb 28

-Mandatory Pre-tech 8:30 – 9:00am

-Hot laps 9:30am – 10:30am

-Drivers meeting & staging 10:30am

-Qualifying races (1 lap – 2.5 miles for position in finals)

Approx 11:00am

1st race: Improved Stock 9 -12 year olds

2nd race: Pro 206 6-8 year olds

3rd race: Pro 206 9 -12 year olds

4th race: Improved Stock 6-8 year olds

5th race: Champ 206 6-12 year olds


Finals will be set in flights as per your qualifying race finish

Start time approx 1:30pm

Improved stock – 2 laps 5 miles

Pro 206 – 3 laps 7.5 miles

Champ 206 – 4 laps 10 miles     

Race course is approx. 18-24’ wide, 4”to 14” packed snow, field running conditions.

Racers can enter multiple classes. Register on USXC racing website. $30 per class. ($10 late fee per driver added if registered the day of the race at the DMC Motorsports trailer)

ISR rules apply. Rev limiters mandatory in Imp Stock.

Maximum two trail studs per bar allowed, inside section of track only (no ice picks)

No orange on sleds, Orange on helmets mandatory.

Sleds will be held after the finals for tech inspection in impound area. (Pro 206 sleds used in Champ 206 must come to impound after Champ 206 final.)

Race day awards, year end points awards and drawing for (3) Briggs and Stratton generators will be held in the 7 Clans Casino Hotel lobby main concourse area at approximately 5:00pm.

The race is managed by DMC Motorsports.

USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown race

USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown race




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