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2018 Arctic Cat ZR Line Tech Download

See what’s new and savory about the 2018 line of Arctic Cat ZR trail/ditch rippers.



  1. No doubt…all 18′ videos less the intro are all 17′ footage. Marketing budget must have run dry… Or into Metz’s pocket. Thief!

  2. What’s old is new again at Arctic Cat!

    Some of the corporate decisions are dumbfounding! ie no participation on the Sneak peek tour”again” and a blue 540 Viking as a Bearcat XT in the Cat brochure. Talk about going backwards!

  3. And releasing the long awaited C-TEC2 800 with no top end speed. Whoever is making the decisions is definitely taking the company the wrong way!

  4. Hey Bulldog: You rode the sled on ice with track spin and probably not broken in yet you are all knowing? The ones I have seen own the drags against the Poos and even the 850 Doo’s in the 1/4 mile. Pretty sure you would complain that your ice cream is to cold and your coffee is to hot. They are fast enough to keep up to or beat in there class. I don’t know anybody who runs wide open 100% of the time either. These are trail sleds set up for the AVERIGE RIDER! Probably better than you in other words. Having that particular sled in the fold Yamahabandit I am guessing does not even concern you. Just something to complain about. Will be a HUGE hit in Europe for them. Cat builds pretty much the rest of Yamahas sleds so might as well get into the sharing.

  5. JimR – I have been riding for 40 years and I am sick of people saying stupid stuff like you cant ride wide open 100% of the time. No ****! I ride fast and hard on the trails and can keep up to almost anyone in the tight twisties. (maybe not Zach Herfindal or Wes Selby) The problem is when you hit that long fire road, rail grade or lake the riders ability in neutralized and the sleds performance is what shines. (anybody can pin the throttle in a straight line) That is where AC sleds are lacking (unless you buy the turbo) based on my 2016 ZR 8000 and my 2016 ZR 6000. Those sleds are fine low end and mid range it’s the top end that needs an attitude adjustment. Based on every report and John Sandberg’s own admission on this site the new 800 is stronger low end and mid range but has the same top end as the 2016 and 2017’s. I didn’t have a problem with the low and mid range of the Suzuki it’s the top end that sucks. If they would have left the low and mid range the same and gave it some decent top end to run with the doo and poo on the lakes and roads I think most guys on this thread would be happier and I bet they would have sold a **** ton of them. As it is, I don’t see anybody getting too excited about the new 800 and I bet sales will show it. I bleed Green and currently have 5 AC Sleds sitting in my garage and an AC 4 wheeler. As a long time loyal customer I am just posting on here to let them know how I feel about the new 800 and why I will not be buying one next year. I would think AC and John would appreciate the feedback so don’t take constructive criticism the wrong way. AC guys like to go fast and that INCLUDES TOP END!

  6. I’ve used my ’14 ZR 8RR for open class cross country racing and it’s dam hard to hold it wide open for looong stretches especially if it’s rough conditions. To me I really don’t care about top end, it’s all about reliability and power band usage. If I wanna drag race, I’ll use my F1000 Sno Pro. Sure the Cat 800cc maybe lacking in top end compared to the Poo and Doo sleds, but a little tweek here and there will wake up the sled. But my 8RR can beat the Poo/Doo’s 800cc sleds, I’ve done it.

    Cat has awesome products and the future for AC sleds looks bright.

  7. Derek – I have been on the forums and nobody has a proven cure for the lack of top end for a 2016 with team clutches. If you know the secret please share. And I dont buy that you are beating them with your 8RR on a regular basis. Just look at the shoot out results. Cat comes in last every time. How do you explain that?

  8. JAMIE DAHLK: Maybe I got lucky with a miracle sled? Who knows, but I did beat the other 800 sleds. Not saying every time I beat them.

    And who really cares about top end anyways? Most of you guys down south trail (groomed) ride and only really need top end if you are constantly lake running and trying to prove a point?

    I just can’t believe that every time Cat releases new sleds, people ***** and complain. Just be happy that ALL snowmobiles are getting better and better each year? If you guys want the BEST, GREATEST & FASTEST, build one yourself.

  9. When a guy buys a sled he wants it to be faster than his buddies. Even more so when he buys the latest and greatest, its expected to be faster, and quicker than the previous model, and the competitors existing machines.

  10. A-men Krom! Seems like Cat just can’t catch up anymore. They release an 800 and the competition (850 doo) 1 upped it before it even came out. Not holding this motor back and releasing it as a true 2018 with an 860 is baffling to me.

  11. I had a 2016 xrs800 with 3700 miles traded for a 2017 zr 8000 limited other than the front suspension design the cat is behind in every way have 2600 miles on it ,I can’t see why anyone would order a 2018 cat ,already ordered a 2018 xrs 850.

  12. AC / Yamaha are offering a class leading 4 stroke with the Sidewinder and T-Cat. I will give them credit for that. Now it’s time for AC to focus on the stroke market and give us something class leading. While the new 800 sounds like a nice motor the overall package is far from class leading. I bet the 850 Doo sells 4 or 5 to 1 over the 800 Cat. That should tell them all they need to know.

  13. ERIC i hope you ordered 10 extra belts for it and get ready to buy twice the oil, heard here there will be a recall on the 17 for the cranks and dont give me any bs that there not having problems, friend here 7 belts in 7000 km not one warrantied by brp, and his buddy 4 belts ib 5000 km.

  14. Class leading, what does that mean?

    I know we are talking snowmobiles right now but I was to share this.
    My brother has a 2015 Can Am Outlander 800, I have a 2014 Arctic Cat 1000XT.
    Machines are used around a farm, riding gravel county and township roads, forest trails, we also have tracks for each during winter use.
    They are not raced to run to mud pits.
    So far BRP has replaced the front differential. My brother has had to replace the rear differential, the clutches and now the transmission.
    People say Can Am has such good fit and finish.
    I have never had to push my plastic back into place on any of my AC ATV’s yet I watch him always adjusting his plastic.
    I did have to take a dozen zip ties and secure my wiring better so it didn’t get tore off with brush.
    When people say BRP product are ahead I just don’t see it.
    I have little over 4000 miles on my 2014 ZR 6000 RR and the only problem I have had is a broken primary spring.
    I’ll sacrifice a little top end for a better built machine

  15. I have to give you that Oldcrow. I have been very happy with the build quality of my 2016 ZR’s. My 2012 not so much but that was a first year sled they rushed to market so I will cut them some slack on that one. I’m just frustrated with the top end performance. Every time me and my 2 buddies that also have Cats in the Procross Chassis get done with a ride we say the same thing to each other. That sled would be damn near perfect if it just had some top end to it. I don’t mean to sound negative about the entire sled. They are nice rides and very reliable. Just please AC… put some top end back in them!

  16. JimR. If you can honestly say that Cat not attending the shows and introducing a Bearcat XT that is half the sled from last year, is a step in the right direction, I bow to your infinite wisdom.

  17. Well they have not done shows since 2014 so get over it! the Bearcat XT is probably not a sled you would even look at so get over that as well. The sled will sell well in areas that need work sleds and it is priced nicely.


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