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2019 ATV Models from TOR Wave 1

2019 ATVs from Textron Off Road

Today Textron Off Road (TOR) released information on several ATVs and UTVs for the 2019 model year. In its information sent to media, TOR called it a “First Wave Launch” which suggests additional wave(s).

For ATVs, thebig news for wave one is a new Alterra™ 570 ATV; a very-updated 700 engine/transmission in many of the Alterra 700 models; and a reprisal of several models that saw limited visibility over the past year.

Here’s what’s new on the ATVs:


2019 Alterra 570 from Textron Off Road

Alterra 570

New for 2019, the new Textron Off Road Alterra 570 ATV lineup introduces three new machines — Alterra 570, 570 EPS and 570 XT — into the 500 class that is the heart of the ATV sector.

They’re powered by a 545cc, single-cylinder, closed-loop EFI engine that offers plenty of power to cruise down the trails and get tough jobs done. The Alterra 570’s class-leading 10 inches of front and rear suspension travel, 11 inches of ground clearance, and five-position adjustable front and rear springs provide exceptional ride quality, comfort and ergonomics.

Two different 2/4WD activation systems highlight the new line: Rapid Traction System (RTS) on the 570 Base and EPS models, and the Electronic Locking 4WD (EL4) on the 570 XT model. Located on the right handlebar for easy use, the RTS and EL4 technologies enable the rider to activate 4WD while the vehicle is in motion. The EL4 system is electronically controlled, giving the operator the ability to switch on-the-fly between 2WD,4WD and 4WD lock, for ultimate versatility in all different types of driving conditions.

The Alterra 570 is available in Dynamic Gray, and the electronic power steering (EPS) version is available in Dynamic Charcoal and TrueTimber® Kanati Camo. The Alterra 570 XT is available in Fire Red and features EL4 and aluminum wheels.



2019 Alterra 700 models from Textron Off Road

Alterra 700

 The 2019 Alterra 700 vehicle lineup now boasts an updated Textron Motors 700 engine and transmission that add serious performance.

The engine gets 15 new components and 40 new subcomponents, including a new camshaft, cylinder, crankshaft, balancer shafts as well as new CVT and magneto covers. The result: an engine that’s 1.7 inches narrower 12.4 pounds lighter, and with a 30 percent reduction in rotating mass. It delivers improved throttle response, quicker acceleration and an overall improvement in vehicle handling.

It’s matched by a new direct drive primary clutch that’s attached directly to the engine crankshaft and spins at engine RPM, and engages the belt at the desired RPM. The system is 30 percent lighter than the previous centripetal clutch design, with more immediate and complete transfer of power from the engine to the drivetrain. The new direct drive primary is matched by a torque-sensing driven clutch and durable drive belt for an automatic CVT transmission that delivers efficient, consistent performance at all speeds and loads and (best of all) quicker back shifting and acceleration. A new, patented clutch cover improves drive belt cooling.

The new engine and CVT system is available in the Alterra 700, 700 XT and new Alterra 700 EPS. For 2019, the Alterra 700 is offered in Dynamic Gray; the Alterra 700 XT in Fire Red, and the new 700 EPS in Earth Blue and TrueTimber Kanati Camo.


2019 Alterra TRV 700 from Textron Off Road

TRV Returns, and More

The Alterra TRV returns for 2019, offering its widely praised extended frame, longer wheel base and heavy-duty sway bar for comfortable accommodation of two people.


Additional ATV models for 2019 include:


2019 Alterra 300 from Textron Off Road

Alterra 300


2019 Alterra MudPro 700 LTD from Textron Off Road

Alterra MudPro 700 LTD



2019 Alterra TBX 700 from Textron Off Road

Alterra TBX 700




2019 Alterra 150 from Textron Off Road

Alterra 150



2019 Alterra DVX 90 from Textron Off Road

Alterra DVX 90


2019 Alterra 90 from Textron Off Road

Alterra 90



  1. YAWN! The new 700 motor / clutch sounds nice, but other than that. Same good stuff arctic cat made years ago. If they want to gain market share, they are going to have to come up with new looks / designs and a twin cylinder motor. I wish them well with these though.

  2. finally got rid of the wet clutch! But still why waist your time on a 570 when its so close to a 700? unless its priced rite! but i doubt it will be much less than the 700. 700 should be as fast if not faster in its class but that class has dried up. IMO they should have invested in a new 800 twin. Its the perfect size. and YES a TWIN!!! Its about the riding experience! Like street bikes the twin is allot more fun with all that torque and they sound mean!
    Anyone else think the Textron SxS looks exactly like a Polaris?! Not the classic “cat eye” look.
    Its not a bad line up for the new owner but i will keep my Brute Force until I see a new V-Twin power plant.

  3. not sure how they are calling the “570” a 570, or new.. Its the same 545 that has been around since 2009. Its been a good reliable engine, but to call it a 570, and bring it out when all the competition makes so much more hp is crazy…
    EPA numbers are 29 KW (39 hp)
    Can Am 570 makes 36 KW (48 hp)
    Poo 570 makes 32.5 KW (43 hp)

    Hopefully the new cam in the 700 helps with peak power, but the marketing material only mention low and mid range power…
    Peak power on the 700 is between 30.9 and 36.7 kw (40-49 hp)vlx being the lowest, mud pro the highest.
    Can Am 650 makes 46 KW (62 hp)
    Can Am 850 makes 58.2 KW (78 hp)
    Even CF moto has an 800 that makes over 60 hp

  4. I’ve had three of the cat 700 atv ( one with Suzuki motor) and very happy with the H1 and my wife drives that. I have 1000i gt and Textron has been left in the dust with big bore 1000 class twin atv and really needs to step up the game to keep my interest

  5. …hmm thought the old 700 h1 was bulletproof good motor- hope the new one is really better!? whatever that means…. the old clutch was reliable hope he new one is also….still love the look of the alterras!


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