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2020 Blast ZR vs. 1978 ElTigre 6000 vs. 1993 Ovation Spec Battle

I keep getting the question, “How big is the Blast compared to a XXXXX?” Since I own a 78 Arctic Cat ElTigre 6000 and a 93 Yamaha Ovation, here’s how they compare in a spec battle

2021 ZR6000 Limited

2021 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 Limited

Engine: Arctic Cat 599cc CTEC2, twin-cylinder, EFI, Electric Start and Engine Reverse

Front Suspension: Dual A-arm with ARS II spindles, 9” Travel

Ski Stance: 42-43” Adjustable

Rear Suspension: SLIDE-ACTION with 3-wheel rear axle assembly, Coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link Rear Arm and Adjustable Torsion Springs, 13.5” Travel

Track: 15” wide x 137” length

Overall Chassis Length: 125”

Overall Chassis Width: 48”

Overall Chassis Height: 48”

Fuel Capacity: 11.7 gallons (US)

Dry Weight: 512lbs.


2021 Blast ZR 4000

2021 Arctic Cat Blast ZR 4000

Engine: Arctic Cat 397cc CTEC2, single-cylinder, EFI, Electric Start and Engine Reverse

Front Suspension: Dual A-arm with AMS spindles, 7.2” Travel

Ski Stance: 37-39” Adjustable

Rear Suspension: Slide-Rail, Dual Shock and Adjustable Torsion Springs, 10.7” Travel

Track: 14” wide x 121” length

Overall Chassis Length: 115”

Overall Chassis Width: 44”

Overall Chassis Height: 38”

Fuel Capacity: 11.7 gallons (US)

Dry Weight: 400lbs.

1978 Arctic Cat Eltigre 6000

1978 Arctic Cat El Tigré 6000

Engine: Suzuki Spirit 440cc, liquid-cooled twin

Front Suspension: Tapered mono-leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers

Ski Stance: 32”

Rear Suspension: Aluminum slide rails with four-position adjustable torsion springs and one hydraulic shock absorber on each suspension arm

Track: 15-inch wide x 116-inch length

Overall Chassis Length: 104”

Overall Chassis Width: 41”

Overall Chassis Height: 37”

Fuel Capacity: 7 gallons (US)

Dry Weight: 407lbs.


1993 Yamaha Ovation

1993 YAMAHA Ovation

Engine: Yamaha, 337cc, piston-ported, radial fan-cooled twin 

Front Suspension: Telescopic Strut Suspension front; 5.5 inches of travel

Ski Stance: 34.3”

Rear Suspension: Yamaha modified Pro-Action, trailing arm and link arm, two shocks; 5.5 in. travel

Track: 15” Wide x 98” Length

Overall Chassis Length: 100.4”

Overall Chassis Width: 40”

Overall Chassis Height: 43.8”

Fuel Capacity: 8.1 gallons (US)

Dry Weight: 368lbs.

The Right Sized Blast



  1. Interesting I would have thought that the Blast would have been a lot smaller than the Tiger…keep up the good work! Mark, Rochester, NY.

  2. They had Blast demos at the XC race in TRF last weekend. I was very impressed. This is not a kids/wife sled per se. It looks smaller in the pictures because Kale is one BIG dude!!!!The Motor was much more than I expected. A light, fun sled with a capable modern suspension. People seemed to really like it, and that is a very hard core snowmobiling bunch. If you get a chance go for a spin!

  3. This thing looks like allot of fun to ride. Ive been looking for something to play with along with my turbo this thing be a blast on the trails 400lbs interesting. Cant wait to see what comes out for these for performance upgrades.

  4. I see the Blast sled’s being a big success for the young and old alike. I think AC hit a grand slam with this sled. A friend of mine with be purchasing 2 Blast sleds (ZR and LT). This will hit the market niche right on the head.

    Not every wants a big bore twin (800 or bigger). But I’d like to see maybe a 650 or 700 back in the line up as a limited built?

  5. Cool but pricey from what I was told, I bought a 2005 z370 tops out at 50mph,fine for my kids.

    By the way thanks Arctic cat for discontinuing parts for the kitty cat. One of the longest produced sled made guess mine will be a wall ornament when my youngest kid is done with it.

  6. Josh maybe I can help. The Kitty Kat web is out there. Try advertising on in their free want adds section for what parts you need. Don’t give up, this sled is still popular with collectors! All versions from 1971 to the end of the line. If you need parts manuals these can be found for free at .


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