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The Wicked Wildcat Weekend rally was held in Lead, South Dakota recently and one of Arctic Cat’s dealers shared photos of what is said to be a 2023 Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition that was shown there. The only info ArcticInsider knows is what the dealer, Dvorak Motorsports from Bismark, ND shared. (I like what Im seeing!) Word on the street, the 2023 Arctic Cat Offroad launch will happen some time towards the end of August. -Kale

Here’s what Dvorak wrote in their social media post:

“32 inch tires, lower low gear in transaxle, all new transaxle, all new front DIF, factory install Garmin, long range antenna for the Garmin, aluminum roof, winch front bumper with 3500 pound winch, rear bumper, rock sliders! Also all new clutch cover with better sealing and better airflow for lower belt temp! Get ready wildcat enthusiasts! More information coming soon!!!!”

Dvorak Motorsports attended the Wicked Wildcat Weekend and along with these photos, shared a walk around video on their Facebook page.
Note the Manufacturers license plate. Looks legit from the factory.
32-inch tires are some huge rolling stock


  1. Hopefully it’s only 62” wide since a lot of the trails in the Black Hills are only 62” or less. Also would be nice if it comes with blinkers since South Dakota allows Sxs to be street legal.

  2. Is that baby carriage turbo or super charged? If not, it’ll get left in the dust by the ones who are. As usual for Textron these days. They have the runt of the sport utility litter with that small 600. Honda has a 680, Kawi has a 750 twin, Suzuki has a 750, Yami has a 700, and both Can Am and Polaris have the DEADLIEST 1000s ever shoehorned in a quad. I’d compare baby carriages, but I don’t like them or care about them.

    • If it were in a quad, I’d say it would! Renegade and Scrambler 1000s would COWER in FEAR!
      But compared to the turbo Maverick and whatever turbo 1000 Polaris has, it’s just not a threat.

  3. Now a Black Hills edition XX does not need a turbo. But Arctic Cat needs a turbo model. Maybe call it the Glamis or Baja edition.

  4. Best friend has a 22 and that thing is a beast! I see no reason for a Turbo but I live in the real world. My 600 Alterra has been perfect as well. Go cat Go!

  5. Let’s line up this brand new 2023 Wildcat XX against my buddies old 2017 YXZ1000R, with Carrillo Rods, CP forged turbo pistons, ALBA cams, Kibblewhite valvetrain, Yamaha turbo kit, ALBA 1000cc injectors, and ALBA programming. The winner will soon be clear.


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