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2x Teammates: P.J. Wanderscheid & Gary Moyle

Remember the stunning battle between Team Arctic’s P.J. Wanderscheid and Ski-Doo’s Gary Moyle at the 2011 Eagle River World’s Championship?

If it’s repeated at the upcoming World’s Championship, it will be two Arctic Cat racers battling for the win.


Gary Moyle winning Eagle River in 2007 on Arctic Cat

Yep, Moyle’s back on Team Arctic for this coming season! The Houghton, Mich. racer is a two-time Eagle River World’s Champion, having won in 2005 and 2007. Once again, he’ll partner with John Hooper for engine and chassis development.


P.J. Wanderscheid: 4-time World Champ Arctic Cat racer

Wanderscheid (of Sauk Centre, Minn.) is the only four-time World Champion, having won the historic fourth title at the 2011 event after a race-long battle with Moyle that many longtime fans say was one of the most dramatic finals in Eagle River history.

After the hoped-for at Eagle this coming season, these two oval legends will team up with Cadarette Racing to tackle the Soo International 500 enduro.

Cadarette Racing made history as the first Arctic Cat team to win the Soo 500, a feat they accomplished in 2010 with Troy DeWald and Jeff Leuenberger.

Together, this three-way powerhouse will make for a very interesting Soo 500 this coming season. While it’s too early to make any predictions (particularly for a race that’s proven time and again to be an elusive juggernaut), the combo of Cadarette/P.J./Moyle certainly suggest strong potential.

No matter the outcome, it’s great to have Moyle back on Cat. I’m looking forward to the battles with and against P.J. Wanderscheid. Gonna be a fun season of racing.



  1. correct me if i’m wrong but Moyle was running a Hooper engine this past season anyways. Also towards the end of season he didn’t even have any Ski-doo decals on his sled. either way this is great news.

  2. As a fellow YOOPER too, I agree with ya Kevin. Good news after hearing that the Sportech Team is switching from Cat to Polaris in snocross.

  3. Gary did run Ski-Doo decals all year, but they were on the flatter area of the hood so not really visible from some angles. And he was running a Hooper Ski-Doo engine all season. Its going to be a fun season for sure!

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  5. why p.j doesn t come in valcourt québec? we are lucky we have a new racer in east of north america for artcic cat; COLT DELLANDREA!


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