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32-Win Weekend for Team Arctic

Tucker Hibbert won the Open class, photo by Gary Walton



On Top in Eastern/Canadian Snocross and Western Hillclimbs

It’s the middle of the race season, and Team Arctic snocross and hillclimb racers delivered a 32-win weekend that makes the competition wish winter was over.  Leading the victory lap parade in snocross were Tucker Hibbert and Cody Thomsen, each winning a class at the ISOC Eastern National in Farmington, NY.

Garth Kaufman took second in Stock, photo by Wayne Davis

Hibbert’s win in Pro Open marked his 62nd career Pro class win, and overshadowed the troubles that derailed his efforts in Pro Stock, in which he finished fifth. Pro teammates Garth Kaufman, Logan Christian and Dan Ebert found additional speed in Farmington, with Kaufman taking a second in Pro Stock, while Christian and Ebert each notched a fourth place.

Cody Thomsen, Arctic Cat Factory, won again. Photo by Wayne Davis

Factory Team Arctic standout Cody Thomsen continued his season-long onslaught of the Semi Pro class, winning one final, taking a second in the other and leaving New York with a commanding points lead.

While Team Arctic snocrossers were winning in Farmington, the hillclimb team set the high mark with 13 wins at the RMSHA season-opener in Bear Lake, Idaho.

It was a familiar family of names who once again proved the superiority of the M Series, as Chance Buckallew, Amy Zollinger, Kyle Tapio and Bryant Ropelato each won multiple events, including Kyle and Bryant’s King titles. They were joined in the winner’s circle by Nels Tapio, Todd Tupper, Taylor Siemers and Casey Morley, giving Arctic Cat the top spot in more than half of the class finals.

At the Soo International 500 enduro in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Team Arctic’s Isaac Wolfgang was oh-so-close to notching his first victory, finishing in the runner-up position just five seconds out of first.

“This was one of those weekends where Team Arctic racers won all-over the North American map in all forms of competition,” said Mike Kloety, Race Manager. “While we didn’t win every time we hit the track, notching 32 wins tells the story of our racers, crews and snowmobiles, while highlighting the strength of our program.”

Team Arctic Race Results from ISOC National Farmington, NY

Pro Open

1. Tucker Hibbert

4. Logan Christian

Pro Stock

2. Garth Kaufman

4. Dan Ebert

Semi Pro Stock #1

2. Cody Thomsen

Semi Pro Stock #2

1. Cody Thomsen

Sport Stock #1

3. Hunter Nelson


Team Arctic Race Results from RMSHA Hillclimb in Bear Lake, ID


600 Stock

2. Tony Zollinger

600 Imp.

1. Chance Buckallew

2. Rob Kincaid

3. Ben Adams

600 Mod

1. Nels Tapio

2. Sid Archibald

700 Imp.

1. Chance Buckallew

700 Mod.

2. Russ Tapio

3. Nels Tapio

800 Stock

3. David McClure

800 Imp.

2. David McClure

800 Mod

3. Kyle Tapio

1000 Stock

1. Kyle Tapio

Open Mod

1. Kyle Tapio

2. Russ Tapio

3. Nels Tapio

Pro Masters Stock

1. Todd Tupper

Pro Masters Imp.

2. Todd Tupper

Women Stock

1. Amy Zollinger

2. Rachel Humphrey

3. Charise Cook

Women Imp.

2. Amy Zollinger

3. Rachel Humphrey

Women Mod

1. Amy Zollinger

2. Rachel Humphrey

Semi Pro Stock

3. Bryant Ropelato

Semi Pro Imp.

3. Bo Morss

Semi Pro Mod

1. Bryant Ropelato


1. Taylor Siemers

2. Greg Lindbloom

New Member Stock

2. Trace Tupper

New Member Improved

1. Casey Morley

2. CJ Gorringe

Stock King – Kyle Tapio

Semi Pro King – Bryant Ropelato


Team Arctic Race Results from ECS Regional Farmington, NY

Pro Plus-30

1. Jason Boron

Semi Pro Stock #1

3. Chris Ackerman

Plus 25/35

2. Josh Gessinger

Jr. 16-17

1. Jayme Lynch

Jr. 14-15

3. Jayme Lynch

Transition 8-12

3. Brandon O’Neil



  1. Undoubtedly impressive indeed, but the only race that mattered last weekend in the annals of snowmobile racing history was the Soo I-500. And that race was perhaps appropriately won by USCC elder statesman Corey Davidson, who in his post-race interview with Soo Radio nearly choked up when musing on Pat Mach’s untimely departure.

    Beyond that, however, I must concede that Chad Colby’s spine-tingling call of the Soo’s frantic final few laps between Davidson and Arctic Cat’s Isaac Wolfgang was the perfect antidote to a heavy weekend of emotional malady. Great race, but a better call. Thanks, Chad.


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