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Just settling back in to the office after Hay Days. I have to say this as my main take-away, It was a great weekend to be an Arctic Cat fan!”  I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who stopped by ArcticInsider to visit and say Hi, it was great to meet you and I truly appreciate the support you show this site!

It was fun to meet all of you who took a moment to enjoy the ArcticInsider #IfInternetCommentsWereSledDesigns Build. It attracted quite a few people and generated a lot of smiles as it should because snowmobiling is fun.


On Friday night, Arctic Cat invited myself and the rest of the snow media to a private event where we got to take a peek under the bodywork of the new CATALYST platform and get generally educated by the engineering staff on some of the many technology highlights. 

Friday night, members of the snow media were invited for a special download of the new CATALYST platform of snowmobiles which included ZR (Trail), RIOT (Crossover) and M (Mountain). Here, those media members listened to Troy Halvorson, Director of Product Strategy, Snow.

We were also introduced to some new and familiar faces within the marketing and engineering teams, and it makes me feel really good about the people placed in their respective roles. In general, the new faces have utilized their previous work experience and combined it with a better understanding of the powersports industry to start moving forward quickly with all things marketing. (Events, Demos, Social, Web, Videos, Ambassadors etc.) And despite popular belief, there are many legacy employees with 20yrs + experience who are still as passionate and engaged as ever who continue to push the boundaries further. Personally, I think that is a great mix, and all are committed to the brand. After spending time with all of them this weekend, Ill try to do a better job of introducing them to you via some interviews here.   

Over the next four months, Ill share details of the CATALYST platform. EVERY component on these snowmobiles has been touched from ski tip to snow flap and done for a reason.


This is no BS, but I was blown away with how many changes and further advancements were made to this platform since my time employed by Arctic Cat, while being part of the strategy and planning meetings. Literally, EVERY piece has been touched, and is new from ski tip to snow flap with a focused intent and purpose! The extent of R&D investment in this project proves to me, Arctic Cat isn’t going away any time soon.

We were told Pre-orders will happen in February, and over the course of the next four months, Arctic Cat will be releasing more detailed information, photos and videos to help educate us all on the new designs. Personally, I think that’s a smart plan, because there is a lot of tech changes to absorb versus the initial look at the exterior of the three pre-production units unveiled at Hay Days. So, here’s a look at the CATALYST platform and stay tuned for a volume more of information in the coming months. – Kale


Engineers focused on making the CATALYST platform a centralized design so the operator is the active force requiring less rider effort to corner and carve, adding more control than any platform before it. In the coming months, Ill share why Arctic Cat’s laydown engine design is one of the keys to the CATALYST’s mass centralization.

Lightweight without sacrificing strength was one of the key focuses of the new CATALYST platform. One example of weight savings comes from using composite materials in the running boards.


At this time, the media weren’t given actual model weights on the CATALYST platforms but I do know the target goals and know they will lead the industry without compromising strength. A focus on fewer parts and the utilization of different composite materials, providing a drastic weight reduction for Trail, Crossover, and Mountain, will make it one of the lightest platforms available.  

Ease of access for serviceability is always a welcome feature, and was at top of mind when designing the CATALYST platform. Bodywork will attach/detach easily with quick-turn fasteners.


The new drive system is belt-driven, unlike the current chain drive, resulting in fewer parts and allowing more power to the track with increased durability. The panels making up the bodywork are a toolless design allowing for easy removal and greater access to key components such as the belt, oil reservoir and coolant. The new seat is quickly removable with a quarter turn for easy battery access.

Since the introduction of the Twin Spar Chassis in 2007, Arctic Cat has focused on a Body-Saving Ride, and the new CATALYST platform continues that evolution with a focus on Rider Ergonomics to make the rider one with the snowmobile.


Rider ergonomics have been a key focus, as the first thing you’ll notice is how narrow the new CATALYST platform is. The narrower, centralized design, provides an agile, easily maneuverable sled that minimizes rider fatigue and makes the operator a more confident rider while becoming one with the sled. 

The styling of the new CATALYST platform is cutting-edge and modernized, as it should be, but also retains some legacy cues made popular by the Procross models it replaces. The bright LED light has a signature style setting itself apart from the other brands much like the automotive industry.


The CATALYST platform has an aggressive exterior design to lead what a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge snowmobile should look like. Its sleek, aerodynamic, and agile look, with a signature-look LED headlight, complements the innovation found inside. Sliding lap joints provide seamless transitions in the bodywork for some of Arctic Cat’s best fit and finish.

New front and rear suspension designs will be detailed further in the coming months. There’s quite a bit to talk about here.


Engineering kept commonality of parts for the front/rear suspensions and steering between Mountain, Trail and Crossover segments the same where it made sense, but also focused on providing use-specific systems based on those segments. The geometry changes made, paired with the new suspension, give the CATALYST platform rider a more position-reactive snowmobile which results in a more confidence-inspiring, agile ride experience. The snowmobiles work in tandem with the rider to have the ultimate in cornering on-trail, and carving off-trail.  

A look at new ATACH integrated/locking component system integrated in rear tunnel.


The concept is one we’ve all come to love and hope for, so it’s welcoming to see Arctic Cat has created ATACH for the CATALYST platform. This will be their first integrated accessory mounting system allowing for quick and easy lockdown. To prevent theft, the system comes with a set of keys allowing you to physically lock your accessories. As a marketing fan, I truly like the ATACH name, which plays off the current ATAC designation, but the pronunciation truly describes it as an Attach system. (Well done!)


Most reading here are aware that Arctic Cat ran a naming contest for the new platform in July. The general idea was to have consumers enter their best name ideas, and one would be chosen and unveiled at Hay Days. The name chosen, and unveiled, was CATALYST. In my opinion, it’s another great marketing name that pinpoints what this platform truly is. (An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

CATALYST Platform in Trail trim – ZR name remains.

So, what’s your point, Kale? I’ve seen a few internet comments on the ArcticInsider social pages since the unveil, “The contest was bogus.” Turns out a few people were incisive enough to find the CATALYST name had been entered for trademark approval by Arctic Cat back in April before the contest was even announced. (Nice sleuthing everyone, but there isn’t a conspiracy here)

Catalyst platform in Crossover trim – RIOT name remains

Naming a vehicle, or component, is one of the hardest things to do when launching something new. Here’s a high level look at how the CATALYST name came to be chosen.

CATALYST platform in Mountain Trim – the M-Series model name remains.
  • Internally, Arctic Cat and their Agency assembled a long list of potential platform names. Once they weeded out the garbage names, and ones already trademarked, CATALYST was one of their top five choices.  And at that point in April, Arctic Cat entered the CATALYST name for trademark to safeguard it.
  • Externally, the consumer naming contest was announced. There were over 5,000 names submitted and Arctic Cat went through the same process they did when selecting names internally. At the end, there were a handful of people who submitted CATALYST which matched initial internal marketing thoughts. BOOM – Now you know. 



  1. Nice write up kale. Looking forward to more released info in the coming months and the chance to ride it at some point this winter. May I suggest Pinehurst resort during Bonspiel weekend.

    • I was excited to hear the marketing team share the news there will be demo rides. I don’t know what that means in terms of timeframes and/or locations, but once I do, Ill be sure to share it.

  2. I don’t think there were any changes to the handlebar assembly. Looks to be the same grips, switch gear, and mtn grab bar?

    More importantly, can you carry a spare belt under the hood/side panels???

    • After attending the unveiling, It hit me how genuine and down to earth the Arctic Cat crew is, they are working so hard to save this brand and deliver a sled everyone wants all while trying to keep the Textron accountants happy. This platform looks to be the best out there. Great job Cat

      • You’re pretty spot-on with your observation. You could hear it in Troys voice at the unveil. I know its been hard for AC employees to hear all the criticism, but yet they knew they had something cool, but couldn’t say anything. Im genuinely happy for them!

      • I rode with factory guys once in the spring of 2019 and then again in 2020 and they were great – very humble and willing to share.

        I was in the crowd at Hay Days and thought they all did a great job with the presentation. It felt like there were 500,000 people trying to get a close up look at the sleds, but everyone was very polite to each other. Or, maybe it was just my bright disposition that made everyone polite…

  3. Great write up Kale! I can’t wait to learn more about this platform. I will be ordering one in year 2 when the new big bore powerplant is available.

  4. Looks like a great machine. Looking forward to riding one if possible this winter. What do you know about the gauges? I couldn’t find any info on that at all?

  5. Chassis was designed back in 2012 to be the Procross/Proclimb replacement, then put to bed during the bad management years. Upgrades were added during it’s resurrection.

  6. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more details and the final specs on this machine. Love the aggressive look and the ergonomic and weight reduction design targets.

  7. So this thing won’t be in production until end of 2023? What a massive fail. Doo and Pol could have new models out by then, yet again dwarfing any substance this thing has.

  8. Good stuff. CATalyst.
    Alot of excitement around this machine and it is going to continue to create hype. I was stoked at the crowd for the 2 pm unveiling, wow!

  9. First impression, this is an evolution not a revolution of the snowmobile. That said, I like it so far and I’m looking forward to seeing it in person at the Big East Show in a few weeks. I hope, with the reduced part count comes a reduced price point. Even though I got my 22 800RR at the end of the season and only put 500 miles on it , I would consider being and early adopter and settle for one year with a 600(uh)at $ 12,995. Otherwise I’ll wait a see what MY ’25 has to offer.

    • I agree with you. This is an evolution much like every other snowmobile that has been introduced in the past 20 years. In the 60yrs+ of snowmobiling history, I consider maybe three things revolutionary…1. Slide-Rail Suspension 2. IFS (front) suspension 3. Rider Forward Positioning

      Other than that, every snowmobile introduced has two skis, a track and an engine. Someday one of the OEMs will return the engine to the rear of the snowmobile and call it revolutionary. 🙂

  10. I bet you’ll see them as snocrossers this year. They let the cat out of the bag with Herfs new Mod being built a month or so back . There was one in the background being assembled.just the bulkhead front half of tunnel and handlebar supports. Definitely not Procross chassis.

    • Given ISR minimum build numbers, I don’t think you’ll see the CATALYST platform in snocross this season. If open class still existed, there might have been a good possibility. It wouldn’t shock me if you saw one ran in open class of cross country though, and Zach running it. (Fingers crossed)

  11. Another note…I gotta say, even as one who’s been critical of Cat lately, I really enjoyed the Haydays teasers that pointed out all the social media negativity. To me, it showed Cat is not only listening but still has attitude. The actual release itself shows Textron is willing to let them play ball, and I for one am hoping they’re in it to win it. The ARCTIC CAT on my truck back window suddenly looks that much more illustrious. Super stoked!

  12. I think the new sled looks great – sleek, aggressive and unmistakably Arctic Cat. Now the chassis needs a year of pounding in the hands of racers and test riders to find and eliminate the weak points. I like that Cat is taking their time – there should be reliability and durability when consumers finally get the new sled.

    For me the best part of the reveal was the teaser released late in the week with all the negative internet comments popping into view before the defiant young lady walked in and started up the sled. A well deserved middle finger salute to all those haters that have heaped abuse on Cat/Textron for the last few years. It has become beyond tiresome.

    Now to start saving.

  13. To me it looks like it has Ski-doo influences. However, I like the looks of the Catalyst better than Ski-doo’s TMNT sleds. Going back to reducing parts and eliminating parts reminds me of the FireCats. Yes, I think Cat is showing they are not out of it and I am enthused but cautious about the new platform. It will be interesting to see what Yamaha will do.

  14. Kale, what is cat saying about upcoming 4 stroke sleds? Is there any way a 998 turbo fits under that hood? Also why wont they at least put the current 800 in the catalyst until something else is ready? I’d buy an 800, but I’m not going all the way down to a six,everyone I ride with is on 850s.

    • A lot of work to get the 600 right in there . It’s all new intake & exhaust. Meaning all new mapping to do . And hopefully some extra HP. Personally I think the 800 will be gone . Why waste the time & money. When something bigger & better is coming in 025 !

    • No word on 4-strokes, or anything on the Yamaha relationship. In fairness though, Arctic Cat has NEVER talked about the Yamaha relationship.

      We (Media) were told three models this year (600cc), then more models next year to serve as a continual roll out. We (You, me and rest of world) already know one of those models would be a big-bore two-stroke.

  15. Allegedly the headlight is so you know a CAT is coming at you. I don’t like non symmetrical stuff like that myself.

    Well, in the catalyst’s defense, the ProCross didn’t get a new engine until the 2014 6000. The 2012 600 racer, 800, 1100, and 1100 turbo engines were the same since 2009, 2010, 2007, and 2009 respectfully. Of course, those engines were contenders and leaders…

    What do you buy in 2024 if you don’t want a 600? Simple. A ProCross with an undersized and underpowered 800, or a Polaris or Ski Doo. Simple.

    Are they gonna keep making the ProCross? Let’s hope so. It’d be a DAMN BIG mistake to offer catalyst 600s ONLY for 2024!

    I don’t find a need to significantly change the skid design myself. Look at the legendary 2002 ZR440 SnoPro. His skid was pretty damn similar to the 2001 ZR440, with the main changes being longer rails, no external idlers, and a badass new way to tension the 2 big rear idlers. Not groundbreaking, and NO ONE loves the 02 Pro more than me. Look at the Rush. Interesting, yes. New, at the time, definitely! But NOT strong enough for snocross, and they don’t use it anymore on their trail rigs, if I remember correctly. Not all that is new is here for good. Take the 13.5″ wide track for example. We all thought it would be the new normal. It wasn’t. BUT…look at the 128/129″ length. That WAS the new normal for many years, and many still prefer it to the 137s, which I consider the new normal. I see rail braces styled like the ones on 2004 to current racers in there!

    What is revolutionary? I like the belt drive for a trail sled idea. Also, not all has been revealed yet. There may be lots of cutting edge stuff in there! I don’t know why they won’t just tell/show us. The 02 Pro and Rev designs weren’t shrouded in mystery, let alone for 4 MONTHS.…

    We waited and indeed we do leave with more questions than answers. But it IS working. WE ARE talking about it, and that’s half the battle. I will pass my own judgement when I see a COMPLETED ship. Then and ONLY then, but I will be the first to admit I was wrong. A new chassis WAS there. I WAS WRONG. But HOW wrong? This is to be seen.

    Yes AC142. The 600 does need some help. I still like the 2009 to 2016 SnoPro 600 engines best. 135 carbureted HP on premium premix with cross country jetting and CDI program! Sounds badass with the heat shields removed from the pipe! VERY tinny! Quick responding! Also, Troy Halverson says a bigger than 800 engine is coming for 2025, and I know him. His word is as good as gold.

    Getting that 998 turbo in there will probably be a challenge, considering the difficulty and shoehorning that was involved in putting it in the “roomy” ProCross. What happens with Yami? Dunno. Heard that the partnership was only temporary until they could develop their own rig again. I think that would be interesting. Of course, the loss of the great SideWinder, with his REAL track options would be devastating to someone who doesn’t want to buy a Thundercat and take it all apart to put a bigger track in there. Also, I’m sure SOME crazy bastard will buy a catalyst and put a mutated 800 in there.

    Here is the article Jason is talking about. On the wall behind the RIOT, you can see something about power steering, and the garmin display.

    The nose doesn’t look THAT bad honestly. Makes him look like a cartoon bulldog, you know, head up high, chest out, front legs out and back.
    I dunno how that little seat is gonna work for us wide type guys though!
    I don’t like the tunnel or flap design. FAR too Ski Doo-ish.
    I don’t like the gas tank under the seat looking like that. Too Polaris-ish.
    The bodywork on the gen 2 ProCross uses quick turn fasteners. Nothing new there. But I like the battery being easier to access.
    I think the rider’s knees need to be further forward, and his spine straighter and further forward. Attack position.
    So the contest WAS bogus. Nice. Good thing I didn’t bother. What would the winner have gotten had it been legit? A new sled? Na. 50 bucks off your next sled purchase? Ding ding ding.

    About the crowd. How many of you saw the unveiling of the 2004 Sno Pro? THAT was a crowd. Couldn’t get near it for HOURS.

    David, I’m pretty sure they will still use the ProCross for SnoCross. I saw the SX racer in the leaked photos, with the Cougar.

    12,500 BOZ? No way will it be that cheap. I’m betting on 17 grand for the 600. The big bore will be like 20.

    Here is where jim tried to make some new friends by just being himself. Too bad it didn’t work out. Oh well, there’s always barber college.

    • It appears that Arctic is paying some attention to it’s customers, I was just expressing the fact that runaway pricing will kill the new chassis sales right out of the gate. The 23 Riot Turbo is the sled I’ve dreamed about, but at 23k , thats just crazy for me, especially when I got my 22 8rr for 14.5.

  16. I think the sled is awesome looking. I have not owned a sled since a 2016 ZR6000R-SX for my daughter to race. I am hoping finances allow me to order one in Feb or whenever they are available. We will see how life evolves..

    As for the Name. I think CATALYST Is about the most Bad A$$ name I’ve heard. I submitted a couple that sound totally lame in comparison. Bravo Arctic Cat and Thank you Kale for rocking this site.

    • Sounds like 800 isn’t ready.

      Cat is having growing pains with the big epa approved 2 strokes like doo and poo did. They are just a few years behind.

  17. AC142 must of talked to the same engineer that I did, haha.
    Original engineer that designed the chassis is still working at AC, 26 years.
    600 was a corporate decision, engineers knew they were going to get flack over this.

  18. Loving the new sled, the more I look and read about it really makes me want to order an RXC which I now plan to do. First impression when watching the release was Cat made some sort of deal with Doo…lots of resemblance in the tunnel, seat, and gas tank up to the gauge. Too bad the big motor isn’t ready to go but the new 600 along with a light weight chassis and more efficient drive train should be pretty damn quick. Also by the looks of the pictures Cat was the highlight of the show!

  19. Thanks for the info. With anything new it takes a while to process and take in the new things. I’m still not sure if I like the looks of the new platform. I stated before, in a previous article here, that I believed the new platform would have some Ski-Doo look to it which it looks like it does. Remember Cat is making the Ski-Doo 120 and 200. I still believe that Ski-Doo and Cat has some type of agreement. Just not a fan of the Ski-Doo looks.

    Anyway, I am excited to see and ride this new platform. I’m sure it will grow on me then. I do have some questions though and Kale you may or may not know yet. I am wondering if these models, ZR, RIOT and M, will be the only models available in the new platform. Will the other models be transformed into the new platform? Meaning what is happening with the Thundercat, touring and utility sleds? Will you be able to choose different colors add different options like ATAC, windshields, tracks and accessories. Can you elaborate on any of this or is it too early to know or be informed? The only thing I heard is that a new engine is coming for the new platform. Thanks.

    • All great thoughts Ken… I can tell you (and everyone) this…There’s NO influence from SkiDoo on this platform. None.

      In regards to styling, Ive sat through countless consumer focus groups and consumers always say, “That looks like a _______” The good majority of us say that because we only know, what we know. Meaning, the current styling of products is all we’ve seen and lived with the past handful of years. Its tough to digest the next generation of a vehicle. If you look at CATALYST styling, there is definitely an evolution of the ProCross there. And Id like to think the new AC platform doesn’t look like a platypus. 😉

      Beyond these three models, I don’t know what the 24′ model line-up will look like? For CATALYST, there will definitely be accessory options. Hope this gives you a bit of insight.

      • Ok, Thanks. Like I said it takes a little while to process new and It’s not just snowmobiles. The new platform is growing on me more each day. I really want to see and ride one. I’m sure it will blow me away. Just like the Blast did when I first tried one.

        The reason I asked about other models transforming into the new platform is because I’ve had my eye on a new Thundercat. I really want one, but now I would like to see if it gets transformed into the new platform. My wish is a Thundercat with a 2-stoke triple in it with ATAC. I’ve held off because I don’t want a 4-stroke. If that does not come, I see no problem with getting a new ZR with the 600. That is a sweet engine. It must have ATAC though and I want just black with small highlights of green and purple.

  20. When you are moving the rider forward there’s only so much you can do with the styling, which is why it has similar proportions to doo. Even cheerleader jim called it a photoshopped doo. But I think this looks good where doo does not.

    • You are right Mark. Take what I said above, and when you are challenged to build a narrow, rider forward platform, all the models start to have a similar look. (The CATALYST does have elements of Procross styling) When I get approval, Ill share photos of the evolution of the CATALYST platform. I have some pretty cool photos of the first clay models.

      • To me it’s incredible how good the catalyst looks vs how ugly the platapuss doo is, even when they share proportions.

        I just hope cat doesn’t miss out on the big year 1 sales and momentum with not having the main engine yet.

  21. I love the looks and engineering goals of the new Catalyst platform. I’m glad that they are taking the time to make sure everything is right before putting it into the hands of the consumer. I definitely see one in my future. I just need to decide if 600 is enough, or wait for a “larger displacement ” model!

  22. That crowd reminds me of our new product launch at Hay Days back in ’94, great to see!! It was nice talking with the folks in TRF during the 60th and hearing their enthusiasm. This was long in development, long in waiting. Finally here. Hoping the Catalyst is the catalyst for Arctic Cat to regain their spot at the top of the industry.

  23. I was able to check out the sleds at Haydays. I loved what I saw! I applaud Cat for taking the correct measures to release only what is ready. I dig the “clean” engineering. No unnecessary BS. Our French friends always seam to over-engineer their products. Drives me bananas. A good design is a clean design. (Doo’s 12-part windshields continue to be at the top of this list). I can’t wait to hear about the details!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Keeping things simple I think is what I like about it too. In fact, as far as the gauge goes, if they can make a nice simple good looking new digital gauge, but then have the option to add the garmin – that is perfect. Now if we can just get all the manufacturers t agree on one mapping/rider tracking software that would be the best!

  24. Kale, any word on if these sleds will be on display at the larger snow shows this fall? We go to the show in New Hampshire every October and would love to check them out. I’m pretty certain the New Hampshire show is one of the largest aside from Hay Days. Thanks!

  25. Why does everyone think they need a 800 or bigger? 99% of people out there, couldn’t ride a 600 to its full potential. I don’t understand. I want a kick ass 440/500 again, but thanks to the EPA, that likely won’t happen.

    • Depends on where you ride. If I ride tight twisty southern Vermont trails a 600 or smaller engine is more than enough, but if I’m riding in northern Maine where the majority of trails are wide flat and fast its nice to have the HP. Not fun riding a 600 singing away trying to keep up with 800/850’s Tcats and Winders all day on the straights….been there done that lol

      • Here in MN, the speed limit is 50. MOST woods trails, that is plenty fast. I understand in the mountains, but the majority of trail riders do NOT need more than what a 600 can produce.

        • Agreed. I have friends with roughly 3-4 years of experience in my group who ride 800-850’s. In the meantime, I have over 35 years of experience and I choose the 600 CTEC. To watch them try and control/handle the big sleds is almost laughable.

    • Because 850+ is what sells the most sleds by far. That’s what every one wants. All every cat dealer has heard since 2017 is “when are we going to get an 850, or 900?” Around here Thundercats outsell zr600s 2 to 1.

  26. Kale, Any one give you an idea for when they are going to officially be showing pics of the engine installed, and under-hood structures. Along with a what they changed on the engine?

    • Krom, everything they have now . Are 3D hand built sleds. There planning on a production run in November . After the 023 are built . But that might be later. Production is slowly falling behind. Motor sounds the same. Exhaust & intake will be new . We talked about the different mappings that the race shop has. He was going to look into them. The one I have ?‼️

      • They have build a run or two of sleds, and have to have the engine, and mounting finalized for a couple of years by now.
        Its really odd to not have an engine in the display units, unless you are trying to hide something interesting, or they sleds all had the big engine in them, and the decision to pull it was done at the last second 😉

  27. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t buy another new sled but if they make it black with not-so-in-your-face graphics ala the 2004 F7 Nightfire and I’d be in line to order one up. (Make it a 650 for 2024.)

  28. A friend just informed me that something I said a year or so ago may reflect on another friend negatively. In order to protect that friend, I’m not gonna comment on anything on this site again. I’ve got a lot more to say, but I don’t wanna hurt that friend. Those in the know, know.

  29. While AC has had some questionable colors and graphics in recent years, I really like the clean and uncluttered look of the graphics. Very nicely done. Reminds me of sleds from back in the day.

  30. If I get to ride one this coming winter, I will probably order one and sell my 22 to the highest bidder. Really like the looks of this sled. $$$ will be the deciding factor though.

  31. I’m excited to buy a new Cat. (I currently own two 2016 6000 LXR’s, a 2018 6000 El Tigre’, a 2020 8000 Limited and have a 2023 ZR 8000 coming) I feel like it will be the first time since 2012 my friends wont be asking me why I’m buying another Cat instead of a Polaris or Ski-Doo. It will be nice to have friends and family looking at my new sled with envy asking if they can try it instead of vice versa. That’s a huge step in the right direction! Now I just need to figure out which 6000 LXR I want to trade off.

  32. They really need to use the color purple over blue. I’m sorry but the blue just has never looked right on the Cats. Back in 2019 when they brought the purple back – it looked so good. They need to embrace it and use it. Purple, green and black looks hella good. Please Cat stop using blue!!

    • I agree, if times were different I bet there would have been an early release program where we could have them on the snow this winter. Almost 100% positive I will be ordering an RXC in February. Can’t wait!

      • Times are different. They should of been 023. Like the engineer told me. What manufacture release there new model 6 months. Before it was ready for the consumer ? He thought it will be cool. That they can ride ( test ) anywhere this winter . With out the sleds covered in black & away from people. And it sounds like Heidi & crew . We’re listening to the complaints. Think this was a right move on there part !

  33. @arcticinsider when can we anticipate the 7000 being available?


    ok, I’ve been pretty snarky about Catextron the past few years and frankly still don’t totally trust Textron… BUT I cannot say enough how pleased I actually am to see this new chassis and a shimmer of light for the future. if it turns out to be as good as it looks like it may be, sign me up as a 600 customer.

    now the big question… which SnoPro do I keep?

    well done to all involved

  34. Kale, does the catalyst still use a triangulated pyramidal design like the procross? Will the ski doo law suit be an issue with the new chassis? I kind of thought that the lawsuit pushed the release of the new new chassis back.

    • Im nearly certain the lawsuit between Arctic Cat and BRP had nothing to do with any delays of new platform. When Im able, Ill share some photos and design insight into new CATALYST platform centered around the laydown 600 engine.

  35. It’s going to be a long season, so I’ll start it off with what were all in for.
    The Queens legacy was so long that it saw 14 US Presidents, 6 Popes and 2 new chassis released from Arctic CAT.
    I’m calling BS, late to the dance CAT. And ever shrinking market share, just the facts.

  36. Many have been saying for years. New platform, so we got one, or wait its only things to come, but next season. Then some will wait until all the first-year bugs are worked out, so one more season. Thats 2025, many won’t wait or will just switch brands. Fact
    A 600, again many want a big 2 stroke, or how about a non turbo 4 stroke. Fact. We all see what the others have to offer. Just rumors not even a taste of what’s to come, from CAT. Maybe that way some will hang on or wait 1 more year for the hopes of new big iron. This is all fact.
    A CAT rider asked me what I thought of the new sled, today when out brushing trails. I said Yeap it looks really cool. But it has nothing for me, a 600, no gas tank, no seat, no foot wells, no windshield, it looks great but I’m too old and don’t ditch bang anymore. Then he cuts into what he’s looking for in a TRAIL sled. And we won’t even touch on the other brands have this, or that. Right there, market share, Fact. Sorry the fact is, not what the new 2024 has at this time. 2025 line up who Know’s?
    Now any of us know how this will go with the new platform. Or should go.
    600 testing, racers, then they release the turnkey bullet proof consumer sled. Maybe a few issues, this is normal. But they also release a wider body for the 4-stroke motor., and a bigger 2 stroke. And they better show up with something new. FACT, and not it will be 2 years down the road.
    The fact is many are CAT loyalists, and I’m one. But this exciting as it is nothing you can order, has wrong power, and options many are looking for. And the real fact is all the brands are pretty good and a good ride. And for the ever-increasing price of all the brands. Many riders have an easier time switching and trying a different ride. FACT.
    If all this rains on your parade I’m sorry, but loyalty is one thing reality is another. This is what I see and hear, from consumers, and CAT riders. And dealers just hanging on, let’s not even go there. Pretty simple fact.
    Let’s not forget what your all so excited about, next year, next year. at this time, you’ll be hoping it shows up. Or hoping that new motor delivers on the promise, if you’re not going to wait one more year.
    Again, this is all my opinion or 2cents. Many years on nothing but CATS here, and just a little disappointed. I’m scared for are beloved CAT.

  37. If this release happened the exact same way, only cat said for 2024 all new 600/650 with 130 horsepower and an all new 850/900 with 190 horsepower and a turbo option. People would be ecstatic!!!! This new platform has been so built up for cat to only have one engine option is just crushing. The release just left cat guys scratching there heads and doo and poo guys laughing. I mean what mountain guy is ordering a 600, when his buddies are riding 850 turbos and 900rs. I like this sled and am super excited to see what’s next. But it’s a sad fact cat misses the mark again. And in the time it takes them to add actual desirable engine options they will have lost even more market share. And what is the plan with fourstrokes and Yamaha, is there a platform in the works for those engines? Arctic cat just give some info to your loyal customers.

  38. So, I’m not the only one that’s not foaming with excitement.
    Just my prediction, and you don’t have to be a genius to see this coming.
    They are going to do the same thing as Doo. And not coping doo’s, but only so much you can do with 2 skies and a track. Wider body to house the 4 strokes, pretty simple. Then you can have a body for wind protection, and a seat. Now won’t that be nice for trail rides. And the new rack system. Now I’m really getting off track but a nice stylish mid windshield, power steering and 998 turbo or non turbo. (You know, form and function, like CAT was known for in the old days) And how about snow check and you could pick from cool snow check only graphics, and an extra warranty. And how about working better with the dealers. WOW I’m really off track.
    One more thing. When I walked through the factory stuff looked up dated. Is this a case of first things first. Let’s get the factory in order to get us back up to speed and in a better position to produce. We worry about losing CAT owners to other brands, maybe in years to come the tables will turn. JM2C
    Waiting on 2024, that could show up early 2023,who knows.


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