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Arctic Cat is giving four lucky enthusiasts the chance to be the first to ride the new, ground-breaking platform: CATALYST.

Starting September 10 through October 24, experienced snowmobilers canĀ submit an entryĀ demonstrating your expertise at to beĀ considered forĀ the contest.

If selected, Arctic Cat will pay your way to a premier snowmobiling destination where youā€™ll experience the CATALYST platform firsthand at its debut video shoot, alongside the Black Cats.

CATALYST Platform – M Mountain Segment
CATALYST Platform – RIOT Crossover Segment
CATALYST Platform – ZR Trail Segment


  1. I remember back in the day we were able to double ride with no issues. Today, the seats are almost too tiny even for one rider let alone two people. Pretty soon the seats will be gone, what is the deal with seats getting smaller and smaller. In the future all we will be seeing is almost the entire top of the tunnel LOL. I miss the true trail sleds (non touring 2 up seating) were you can easily double ride two people with ease

    • Im not sure what the correct answer for sizing is, but you don’t need a whole lot of seat on a rider forward snowmobile. To your point, it does make it difficult if you want to bring a passenger.

    • I haven’t ridden the latest round of pre-production units, but have ridden variations, and at 6’4″, there was (IMO) plenty of room to work. Every winter I spend a fair amount of time on competitive units and one thing Ive admired about the new Polaris units are how narrow they are through seat and cockpit area. The CATALYST platform is narrower yet and active riders will really be able to haul the proverbial mail. Hooray!

  2. My biggest issue with this opportunity is the fact that they want us to submit pictures. They just want more photos to share with a silly caption to post across their social platforms. This is the weakest form of marketing and is useless, IMO. Anybody can find pictures of Arctic Cat’s using Google.

    Now is the time to ditch the photos and captions and focus on the ARCTIC CAT products, their features, and the Company. Now is the time to capitalize on the new platform and the buzz it has created. I don’t know how sharing pictures sells products, but I’m not a marketing guru.

    • There are SO many ways people find their information these days it actually becomes a real challenge to blanket them all. Right, Wrong or Indifferent, Arctic Cat has chosen to go down the path of sharing consumer related photos of riders enjoying their product. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing…consumer’s have loved to see themselves in marketing materials for as long as I can remember. I used to receive thousands of letters and photos every year from consumers hoping they would be included in the pages of Arctic Cat’s enthusiast publication, Cat’s Pride. Arctic Cat’s social pages are an extension of that. Im blown away when I receive emails inquiring about the MSRP of an Arctic Cat snowmobile, when that person could have easily looked at to find the answer. Speaking of AC’s website, they have some pretty good info posted there surrounding the new CATALYST platform.

  3. My initial thought was 4 people, who cares? Now my mind has begun to wonder. They were extremely tight lipped about this platform coming out. Now they are going to stretch out the facts about the machine, the nuts and bolts shall we say. I have a feeling there is a whole lot more to this machine than we think. Small seat with storage under for personal items. Where is the battery going to be placed? Will it have one? could it be something totally new? I am really looking forward to seeing this machine released. I think 4 people limits the facts of this machine getting out too early. Its a small world and knock offs and copy cats are everywhere. I really hope that Cat knocks it out of the park, way overdue.

    • Literally everything from ski tips to snowflap has been touched. Thereā€™s far more than meets the eye.

      4 guests for an event is manageable given the lodging and unit availability. Iā€™ve been on many of these types of contest rides and met some incredible people. Most times, the winners who are quiet, have their ego in check, and are willing to learn, turn out to be the best riders in the group. Everyone should apply, I can guarantee youā€™ll have fun with a great group of Arctic Cat folks.

  4. Tried to enter but it wouldn’t accept my large picture files. Tell Textron to change that.

    Being related to Hollywood should get me in!?

  5. Agreed; what about the trail riders? 55 years ago got my first ride on a ’67 Johnson SkeeHorse, 29 years on Cat but we’ll get stepped over for the backpack/ Mohawk helmet crowd. That’s BS.

    • Same boat as you, Hugh. Being 62 yrs young (and buying my first new CAT El Tigre 6000 in 1978) kind’a puts us “young” fellers at a disadvantage. The ditch bangin days are behind me, and like Hugh, would love to take the CATALYST out for a fling.

    • Im unclear why you “Trail Riders” couldn’t enter the contest? I didn’t see anything in the rules that says you couldn’t enter.

    • TRAIL RIDERS Kale! 150-200 mile guys exploring new lunch spots/trails. If riding 37 miles in a day with the Black Cats to scrape and scratch a $20k sled through the trees and roll it down hill is your thing that’s just great. I can appreciate that. Many of us don’t or won’t find interest in that and are over-looked.

      • If Im a betting man, you’ll get a chance to ride at Arctic Cat’s photoshoot for the new model year which is typically held in places between West Yellowstone and Togwotee. There’s plenty of opportunity to trail ride there. In similar “contests” I was part of in the past, most winners weren’t mountain riders. They got the chance to meet with ambassadors like Rob Kincaid, David McClure and others, and had an optional day to try mountain riding with those guys if they wanted. (And RnD didn’t take you Chit Holin’ like their videos) If you’re an Arctic Cat fan, its an experience you’ll never forget, and still some of my favorite rides and memories.


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