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The Arctic Cat marketing department is getting ready for their 2024 photoshoot which a few lucky ArcticInsider followers (Jim Ellis, Paul Hein and Bob Klapperich) will be attending as winners of the First Ride CATALYST contest.

Every year, the new pre-production models are given shakedown runs in preparation for the photoshoot. Here are a couple photos of those pre-production units coming off the line, and out on the trail.

Seeing these pre-production units roll off the line gets me so Fn fired up for the brand! If you want more great insight into the new CATALYST models, READ THIS STORY. Have a great weekend! – Kale

A few 2024 Pre-production CATALYST M models roll off the line and will be headed to the 2024 marketing photoshoot.
Thumbs up all-around! A handful of CATALYST platform snowmobiles out for their shakedown run for the 2024 marketing photoshoot.


  1. Nice to see the new sleds on the snow.
    Did Cat change the mountain & trail front suspension spindle design since the unveiling at Haydays? They look less radical in the pix.

  2. Are the blue running boards an accessory?

    3 different color combo M’s on the line, while they have only released 2.

    Hoping to see qs3 or better shock packages in the lineup.

    Keep the pics coming!

    • The Yamaha relationship details aren’t shared with me, nor should they be, so I don’t even ask. Considering the CATALYST platform is being released with a 600 2-stroke, Its my opinion we probably wont see any of the CATALYST models being part of Yamaha’s line-up for 2024.

  3. Thanks for all the updates @arcticinsider! Beautiful sight!

    My wife is making one of my lifelong dreams come true by submitting my name and application for the 2024 photoshoot. Looking forward to hanging out with and getting to know Jim, Paul, and Bob.

    • You have 023 ? Buddy’s ZR same thing . Sounds like the Bearing is bad. I’d just check it once in a while. To make sure it turns Freely. Both of are sleds were made in November. But are clutches were made in September of last year ❓❓❓I only have very very little time on my sled. Didn’t hear any noise on my clutch. But I also have a pipe & a can on my sled, also !

  4. It looks both track options on the M sleds. 3 inch and 2.6! I hope they get these sleds ready for the public to ride soon. I have asked our insides sales help and they act stupid with my questions.

    • There is a new basic gauge for lower trim and the existing gauge for the premium trim. New gauge is still a year or more out.

      When you look at the pics of the gauges it’s obvious there is plenty of room for future gauges.

  5. I’m still waiting for my R-XC. Really hoping the production didn’t get bumped for the Catalyst. Beginning to think it did.

  6. Kyle,
    Videos from the Catalyst photo shoot are starting to show up on the internet which surprises me.
    Thought for sure that everyone involved would have had to sign non-disclosure agreements, especially the winners of the Catalyst First Ride contest.
    Do you have any insight / inside info on what was / wasn’t allowed at the photo shoot?

  7. I have to say that I was surprised and disappointed at the poor fit & finish / quality of a pre-production Catalyst mountain sled after seeing a walk-around video that someone from the photo shoot took. I would have expected better considering they are supposed to be pre-production sleds (not prototypes / test mules) that should be fairly close to production pedigree. Certainly not on-par or better than the competition.


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