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A Happy ZR Story for Friday

Its Friday…I like to keep things fun. So Ill share a ZR440 story from the Scheeles…

Rewind earlier this winter to a visit I made to Aaron Scheele’s shop. Aaron showed me a 94 ZR440 he literally saved from the scrapyard. Someone had dropped it off and it was destined for the crusher. It was dirtier than appeared here, but didnt have a seat or skis. Aaron struck a deal and took it home, gave it a bath and couldnt believe how great of shape it was in.

1994 ZR440 saved from the crusher

A few weeks later, Aaron sent me a photo of the ZR sitting in the Christian Brothers Race shop. He had a seat cover made at Rox Speed FX and was messing with the tuning in his spare time when not wrenching on his son Anson’s Pro Lite snocross ZR.

94 ZR440 sitting in Christian Brothers Race Shop alongside Anson Scheele's #44 Pro Lite ZR6000 SXs

Recently, Aaron calls and explains a video he had just sent of the ZR440 back on the race track. He had been reliving his own Pro snocross stories from the 90s with Anson and said something to the point of, “You kids couldn’t handle half these big jumps on old ZRs like we raced with.” 

What ensued next on Anson’s behalf is pure awesomeness! The 94 ZR440 that was set to be crushed, took flight, proving dad wrong…

Enjoy your weekend. You can catch Anson racing in Eagle River, WI tonight and tomorrow via the National Snocross Livestream at this Link: EAGLE RIVER SNOCROSS. 



  1. Loved reading this!! I think we’ve all lived these types of moments with our dads. Mine definitely didn’t involve launching a 30yr old snowmobile 100 feet through the air though. Hahahahaha! We’ll be cheering for you this weekend Anson!

  2. Cool stuff!
    And have been really enjoying the livestream snocross and cheering for cat ,
    Also, i cant believe how much content you’ve been loading up on this site!
    U can barely keep up with reading the info. Lol
    Keep up the great work Kale!
    Awesome job!

  3. Elias – That 650 Wildcat belongs to an ol pal, goes by the name Big Steve. And it has to be one of the most sano restorations Ive ever seen! Seriously. Everything on it is mint and NOS.

  4. Need to get the screen print on the seat. 94 had the best seat graphic of all time. The 2 checkered flags crossed and the red zr lettering.

  5. I had a 93 Wildcat 700 EFI went to a club ride we had the late CJ and a writer from Super Trax they brought a ZR 580 got to ride it about 2 miles it was awesome that spring I traded off the Wildcat At a small awesome Cat dealer Jack’s Trailside Sports and ordered a 700 ZR had a sticker I put it on from Phantom Perfomance in Hugo thanks Dimmerman it was one of those sleds that I think about when I ride my 2012 Turbo Retro wish I still had it


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