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AI Tours Country Cat – Hosted by PJ Wanderscheid

Every time I visit Country Cat in Sauk Centre, MN, I’m reminded how well thought-out this dealership is. From the product showroom, to the vast inventory of parts, garments and accessories, Country Cat has dang near everything for us Arctic Cat enthusiasts.

This week I was treated to a personal tour by the 2020 Snowmobile Hall of Fame inductee, and 4-time Eagle River Oval Racing Champion, P.J. Wanderscheid. 

Looking for a Havoc? Country Cat has them.

Ive seen/heard many people asking where they can buy a Havoc…well, I think Country Cat can cover you there! Pulling into the parking lot, we were greeted by this fine line-up.

The retail display at Country Cat is impressive. You'll be greeted with much to see.

As you could imagine, the Country Cat showroom was full of new Arctic Cat snowmobile models, including a full line-up of the 2021 right-sized Blast.

You’ll also notice how serious Country Cat has taken the CDC’s guidelines for COVID. And after talking to P.J., it was evident COVID has changed the way Country Cat has had to conduct business.

There are plenty of interesting “things” to occupy your visual time within the showroom…this display caught my eye and was full of championship rings.

After meeting PJ, he took us on a personal tour. In the back, we started with the receiving area which was built specifically to sort all in-coming parts, garments and accessories. 

The above two photos are of the shipping department. I mentioned COVID earlier…this is one area where Country Cat improved efficiency, while at the same time abided by CDC guidelines to help minimize the COVID spread.

Six separate shipping stations were created (All identically the same) so shared use computers were eliminated and employees could maintain social distancing in their own stations.

Above, PJ pointed out this area housed every size cardboard box for the shipping department. With that, he also made the comment COVID has changed how they order (larger quantities) and store cardboard due to the fact they can’t predict if there will be a shortage on boxes. When you think about the volume of orders they ship out, this makes sense. No cardboard. No orders for us. 

For me, one of the most impressive visuals at Country Cat is the Parts, Garments and Accessories warehouse. These are the areas your coats, helmets and pretty much anything else you can think of, are shelved. The organization is incredible, efficient, and a sight to see.

Here, these fresh 2021 snowmobile units were sitting in the Outgoing/Detail area, waiting pick-up from their new owners. Here is an example of how COVID has helped the powersports industry…the four units in the background (M, ZR and two Blasts) were purchased by a single family. A family entering Snowmobiling this winter because most school events and/or sports have been cancelled. These are the same purchase patterns seen this summer in the dirtbike, ATV, UTV, watercraft and RV industries.

If you are still in the mindset that you can wait until it snows to find a better “deal”, or capitalize on a non-current OEM rebate, good luck. Those days are over with the lack of inventory. (no matter what brand)

The above two photos showcase the service/set-up shop. I was envious of the cleanliness, and especially the power lifts. A shop like that would be nice to have someday. (If you guys are Christmas shopping for me, I wear a 40×60 pole building)

On our way back to the showroom, we stopped in a room housing all the boxes for items on display in the showroom (Helmets etc). I couldn’t help but notice all of PJ’s historic race hoods mounted on the walls and asked him to pose for a quick photo.

PJ mentioned, at some point they hope to display these hoods where visitors can see them. As the business has grown, the shelving has hidden many other hoods on the adjoining walls. 

After taking the tour, I now have a fresh perspective on what it takes to get my Country Cat online order to my doorstep in such quick fashion. Cudos to the crew there, and thank you PJ for the personal tour! 



  1. I am glad they are still hanging in there. They were signed on by the best DSM in the business, ever, Bob A.! PJ is a good guy. We liquidated our parts inventory to them when we finally couldn’t take the Textron shenanigans anymore.

  2. What a world class dealer!
    I wish we had a dealer like that in manitoba,
    I still have PJ’s pit coat that i won in the snow week auction, many yrs ago!
    PJ… your awesome!!!
    We miss seeing you and your crew in beausejour man. showing the other racers how its donetjmh8q7
    Love u!

  3. You probably heard that Randy Adamson from RV Sports in Thief River Falls caught the Chinese Plague last summer after he retired. Almost died!


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