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An “Ouch” Moment from the I-500

This brief moment, from what appears to be the 2000 I-500 cross-country, illustrates the importance of paying attention to the double-down arrows. And to ALWAYS throttle-back when you see someone pointing a camera at you.



  1. 10 bucks says the first guy was more scared than the second. Would be nerve racking knowing someone is breathing down your neck at that pace and then take a digger with them that close!

  2. had the same thing happen to me in the 2010 I 500 except there was no snow for a cusion just a straight up frozen dirt ditch, I managed not to go over the bars like these two did but I went fo a ride nonetheless, makes you feel like an absolute idiot doing it when there is a ton of people around, I should probably pay attenion to where all the people are standing this year and slow donwn, ha
    Also totally agree with JonnySox i though for sure was someone was going to plow into me

  3. haha same here for the i-500 last year up by grygla or goodridge or somewhere up that way. frikkin came across the approach waaaay too fast and it was definitely an OH SH*T moment! went for a tumble, sled stayed on track&skis, jumped back on and rode off thinking about how stupid i must’ve looked. pretty funny now though! and yeah wherever you see a bunch of people SLOW DOWN!! haha


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