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Arctic Cat E-Commerce in the U.S.

New E-Comm for Arctic Cat


Consumers Now Able to Shop Online at

Arctic Cat Inc. has launched its Parts, Garments and Accessories (PG&A) online store HERE for the United States market. Consumers now have the convenient option of shopping online for a full range of Arctic Cat PG&A products. These orders may be delivered to homes or a nearby Arctic Cat dealer. Arctic Cat expects to expand the e-commerce site to accommodate Canadian shoppers by late summer.

  “We are excited to offer consumers the speed and convenience of our new online store, which will provide access to Arctic Cat’s products and product information at any time,” said Mary Ellen Walker, vice president and general manager of Arctic Cat’s PG&A division. “Our dealers will also benefit by receiving online orders without making the investment in building their own internet store.”

From dirt to snow, Arctic Cat is making online shopping easier to match the perfect product to enthusiasts’ riding style and machine. The benefits of Arctic Cat’s online store include:

*Convenient 24-7 shopping: Online orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, enabling consumers to receive their order within three to five days.

*Easy navigation and product search functions: Parts may be located by category, model year or model name, color or size.

*Secure, confidential and reliable: Built-in security measures protect consumers’ information. The system currently accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

*For dealer pick-up orders, consumers simply choose a dealership within a 150-mile radius where they will pick up their order.

Arctic Cat parts finder

The Arctic Cat online store also features – PartStream, ARI’s new, consumer-friendly lookup and ordering system which offers a quick search tool, intuitive illustrations and an extensive collection of parts diagrams dating back to 1974. This feature simplifies consumers’ searches for the exact part required, regardless of the age of their machine.



  1. I have been predicting this for a while.dealers will be a thing of the past now that we have this great computer.
    you will order your sled on this thing soon.
    and service, well the united states has pretty much blown off customer service alleady.
    times are changing, look at our world more middle class just RICH/ and poor! doesnt matter either who you vote for. so we might as well vote for Sara Palen, at least her hubby rides cats ????????????????????

  2. Dealers are central to this new program, definitely not being replaced.

    When a customer places an order, that order is displayed to all the dealers who participate in the E-comm program. The dealer closest to that customer, who also has the inventory, will complete and fulfill the order.

    Seems like a good thing for many dealers, and seems like it’s necessary in this day/age. I’m not sure what it will mean for dealers who already have a strong e-commerce program of their own.

    A real detriment to dealers is purchasing from Dennis Kirk. But that’s a whole different topic.

    Years ago I swore I’d never be an online buyer. I’ve learned to eat those words. Pass the ketchup.

  3. Many dealers just don’t seem to understand how business or how much business is done online nowadays.

    I still can’t get over how many dealers rely on powersports network for their websites.

    Talk about the fox guarding the hen house.

  4. I don’t think I have ever paid full price for Arcticwear…let alone paid shipping on top of that…not going to start now.

  5. my supplier has a similar program online. If someone in our territory orders from the factory website we get a commission on the sale. However they will pay more if they use the factory site vs buying the part from us. The factory has the Parts marked up 15% over the MSRP that we are suppose to sell them at. I personally will still go to my dealer to order parts Just because it gives me something to do and I like visiting with them. I do go online and find the part numbers of the items I need so I have an idea on the cost and what I need to speed up the transaction.

  6. my 2012 pro cross purchase is cats last chance I’ll give them….any back ordered parts problems with this sled Like I had with my f10 and I’m done. I sure hope they choose to stock parts for this sled, seasons are too short and far between and these things cost too much $$$

  7. John,
    If I am understanding you correctly by using this system the dealer closest to me gets credit for my order? I really hope that isn’t the case because the local dealer should have the dealership pulled in my mind. I shop at a different dealership to try and help them out instead.

  8. MN Guy: The dealer that fulfills the order is the one who gets credit for the order.

    As I wrote above, when a customer places an order, that order is displayed to ALL the dealers who participate in the E-comm program. The dealer closest to that customer, WHO ALSO HAS THE INVENTORY, will complete and fulfill the order.

    Hope that makes sense.

  9. What’s so new about that? My dealer, RV Sports in Thief River Falls, Minnesnowta, has had it for years. I place my orders for parts and accessories on my laptop while on break at work down in Texas and then one of my riding buddies picks up the order for me. That way, when I get home on the weekends I have the parts or accessories on hand and ready to install. Sure saves time. Plus, RV Sports gives a discount to Internet orders because they don’t have to pay wages to someone to stand behind the counter.

  10. The Cat dealer I used to work for has always said, “the online shopping being proposed by Cat will be the end of ANY profitability”… as they (Cat dealer i’m referring to) already offer an AUTOMATIC 10% off to ANY customer……… I’ve seen the invoices and billings,, … he’s right! Not nearly the amt of profit many think Cat offers their dealers vs let’s say,, Yamaha, Ski-Doo, Polaris (I used to work for a Poo dealer too, and they offer pretty good profitability as well) IF your local dealer is good, support them!

  11. John,

    Will there be a penalty to dealers who do not participate in the E-com program?

    I can think of a couple mom & pop dealers who have some great inventory of old parts, and provide great servcies, but don’t really have the need or desire to get on the E-com bus. Plus the time it will take them to pull inventory, box and ship is time they can’t spend with their regular customers.

    It’s a great idea for those dealers that want to participate, but I hope cat doesn’t further set direction that hurts the small mom & pop dealer that many of us like to frequent.

  12. RTcat: To the dealer who doesn’t opt-in to the program, there isn’t a penalty per se.

    I guess there would be a penalty if a customer who would have otherwise bought the parts from that non-participating Mom-Pop dealership, instead bought via e-comm. But if that customer wants to purchase online, there would already be many options that aren’t part of e-comm. So I don’t really buy into that scenario.

    Rusty: I’m not following your dealer’s logic about a dealer’s loss of profitability??? The dealer you refer to is already selling 10% below MSRP. The Cat e-comm program is selling at MSRP. If that dealer’s local customer who had been going into the store instead buys through them via e-comm, the dealer will see a 10% increase in profit.

    I don’t see e-comm as an “end-of-the-world” situation. On the contrary.

    I see that it will encourage dealers to stock a larger inventory of parts and clothing.

    And I see that it will offer us customers yet another choice in purchasing. Yes, we can already buy mail-order from dealers like Country Cat (shameless plug for site sponsor, thank you!). But with e-comm, now a guy from New York can buy online, and receive the stuff just as quickly (or even sooner) with a smaller shipping charge.

    I TOTALLY understand the sympathy and love of mom-pop shops. Believe me, this type of operation is the nearest and dearest to my heart.

    Maybe I’m missing something fundamental about this whole program, but I don’t see how Mom&Pop will be negatively impacted by e-comm. Rather, I see a new program that will allow them to participate in online sales that’s far easier to implement than doing it on their own.

    For the participating dealer, the risk will be inventory. The e-comm sales will be awarded to the dealer closest to the customer WHO ALSO HAS THE INVENTORY.

  13. I guess I can’t imagine NOT just going to my dealer to order parts. I think that is required to have a good dealer/customer relationship. I go to my dealer regularly just to see how the guys are doing.

  14. I just wish there was a dealer within a close driving range here in Forest Lake/northern metro, it is a JOKE what Arctic Cat has done to some of the dealers forcing them to close and now I see on there web site it says “Dealers Wanted” WTF.

  15. It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Iā€™m happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  16. “I don’t see e-comm as an “end-of-the-world” situation. On the contrary.

    I see that it will encourage dealers to stock a larger inventory of parts and clothing.”

    That’s great for Cat. But in slow economic times as they’ve been, the dealers overhead has increased, and any dealer, regardless of what they are selling, knows shelves full of parts they have paid for is a killer. I realize it’s a double edged sword, because you need parts on the shelves to sell. Although it’s a killer to maintain and pay for the parts inventory.

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