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Arctic Cat Moving Headquarters from Plymouth to Minneapolis

Artistic rendering of Arctic Cat Corporate HQ in Minneapolis. Posted

To accommodate growth, Arctic Cat Inc. today announced it will move its corporate headquarters from Plymouth, Minn., to the North Loop area of downtown Minneapolis. Arctic Cat intends to occupy the entire six-story building, formerly known as the Western Container site, at 500 North 3rd Street, Minneapolis, 55401.

The new headquarters building will have approximately 55,000 square feet versus 11,000 square feet in the company’s current corporate office, which is at capacity and unable to meet the future needs of the business. The financial terms of the lease were not disclosed.

The company anticipates that it will begin occupying the new headquarters in the summer of 2016. Over time, approximately 150 to 200 personnel will be housed in the new location. Arctic Cat’s facilities in Thief River Falls and St. Cloud, Minn., will remain vibrant manufacturing sites. While select employees will be asked to relocate to the corporate headquarters, the company anticipates that overall employment levels at its St. Cloud and Thief River Falls locations will not be affected.

“Our headquarters relocation will enable us to bring our leadership team and critical functions together in one space, to achieve our strategic growth and innovation plans,” said Christopher Metz, Arctic Cat’s president and chief executive officer.

“The Minneapolis North Loop is an historic and trendy warehouse district, making it a terrific complement for our iconic brand. This desirable and up-and-coming area is near a host of urban amenities, and it offers easy access to public transportation and a central Twin Cities location that will help us attract talent as we grow. We are excited to enter a new era for Arctic Cat.”

Artistic rendering of Arctic Cat Corporate HQ in Minneapolis. Posted



  1. A spiffy new office building in the “trendy” warehouse district is not going fix what is wrong with AC. The last thing in the world they need is 5 times the corporate office space in downtown Minneapolis. Jesus…

  2. Can someone explain how all of this translates into a more innovative, competitive, and quality product – or how this will further support dealers and customers? I hope it does.

    Speaking of announcements, when will AC announce the fall sled sales event or have I missed it?

  3. I think this is a great move to get better talent into the company. Who this day in age wants to live in TRf? Certainly not the younger generation and being in MPLs instantly gains more market awareness and could help them become what polaris is. Moving HQ doesn’t make more quality products, but give this CEO time, I think he gets it and with aggressive an growth plan there maybe some more acquisitions around the corner. The partnership with Yamaha has been eye opening for them and has trickled down to making better machines. 2017 will be the start of a new line to escape the “issues” of the procross.

  4. Not sure a corporate office located were “talent” rides buses and trains to work will understand the needs of the woodsman, outdoors-man, ranchers and racers that purchase, use and depend on their products. The “talent” they should be looking for are workers who want to ride the products to work and want to live in places that allow such opportunities. This is a colossal mistake.

  5. If this move helps attract and keep workers that will change the companies relation with its dealers then its just what they needed. Arctic Cat has a lot of brand equity but as the sun sets on many of the old timers at 601 brooks ave it hasnt in many cases added the talent that was needed or that understood the dealer base. Product problems and poor dealer relations through the 00 decade has landed them where they are today. I think the new CEO has his work cut out for him. I hope he revives the glory days of the company. I dont know if this “jewel” adds to it. They should have purchased Indian in 98 when they had the chance……………..

  6. Arctic Cat corporate offices have been in the twin cities since 2008. Polaris seems to do OK with offices in the western suburbs. Just not sure this is the message they want to send to consumers, investors, or the 1000+ employees in “outstate” MN. Hope like hell these guys know what they are doing…

  7. timing isn’t great. We’ve talked a good game, sounds promising and we’re all hopeful. Reality is we haven’t fixed anything yet, and there is plenty of work to go around and new office space is a reward for work you have done. Not for what you might do? Just sayin

  8. Seems like they should be investing in the manufacturing line and the engine facility for better quality control rather then office space. I know they just did that but I dont think enough was invested to see the improvements and changes we are all hoping for. How about some decent engines coming out of the engine department other then the C-tech 600? Not a big fan of the single cylinder H1 ATV engine. Give us a domestic twin or triple cylinder with some serious power for our ATV’s and side by sides and a C-Tech 800 already for our sleds! These knuckle heads just don’t seem to get it… AC riders always want the best performance and that is where the competition has been eating their shorts on the ATV side.

  9. From the Star Tribune. “The new Minneapolis location will house the product development team that will work to grow sales of Arctic Cat’s side-by-side vehicles, Metz said.” Inside sources tell me that all of wheeled engineering will make the move. What are they going to do for field test? Is that going to be left in TRF and have the engineers make the six hour trip anytime there is an issue? I understand having the headquarters there. You can get the hip and new people for the sales and marketing. Engineering is different. I remember when watercraft engineering was in Florida and the issues we had with communication. Granted telecommunication has changed greatly since 1998. It just doesn’t make sense.

  10. Arcturusmine:

    Nothing is really changing other than the expansion of headquarters. All the Engineering being done now at the plant will still be done at the plant. Same for the Engine facility. More products coming in the next few years including new engines (they are adding 10 people at St. Cloud and it takes 10 people to build the two stroke Ctech2 600) which will include a soon to be released 800 Ctech 2. They do all the testing of products right at the plant and there test track area. This is a win, win!

  11. Buying a new tractor does not make you a good farmer. Planting and taking care of the seed, makes you a good farmer.
    Maybe too many new tractors??????

  12. Early 80s all over again gone fishing again. released the move info to the press before the employees. People worried about jobs in Trf no answer ? Session with the higher ups guess they don’t matter.

  13. Mike F:

    Did you even read the article? How bout the fact that they are adding a multi million dollar paint complex to the plant in TRF. Article says nothing about moving Engineering to St. Cloud but even if that happens it is a win, win. Need to make room in the plant for future expansion. It is happening faster than you think. Sky is not falling. Good times ahead.

  14. JimR,

    Tell that to the 100 or so engineers and others that are being asked to relocate their families from the nice little town of TRF to St. Cloud or downtown Minneapolis, that most have not wanted to live in the first place. The article is very mis-leading, you are very wrong if you are just going by that. Trust me!

  15. They want to attract more ‘talent’ to their labor force but do you really want some trendy hipster kids who’ve never been off road, or even down a dirt road for that matter whipping up the next version of your mud-busting rock-crawling ATVs and UTV’s??? Pass. not me or my family, wrong direction Cat. You want to innovate, go plop down a shop next to Can-Am up in Canada and recruit there.

  16. Bought 2016 450 alterra, 07/30/2016. Quit running 10/24/2016, been in shop 4 times at 14 to 21 days at time. code PO366 comes up on speedometer,still won”t start. Can’t get arctic cat to respond to my calls or said oh well. This is real customer support. Whats wrong ?


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