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Arctic Cat Pride Magazine is Now Posted

Arctic Cat Pride Magazine Fall 2009



The Fall 2009 issue of Arctic Cat Pride magazine is now posted on the Arctic Cat Website.

Click HERE to see it.










  1. Thanks for posting the first electronic issue of Pride, John. Same great images and stories as the old mailed version. Of course, as a guy always interested in Arctic history, those pages of concept drawings are over the top! I wonder aloud why some of the “cool factor” gets lost at times from concept drawing to final product? Maybe our minds get used to, and lazy with, a particular design by the time it reaches the retail show floor? Not that we don’t have some cool models in this years line up, we certainly do. I notice the same thing in automobiles…one car that still turns my head when I see one is the new-release Chevy Camaro. That car still maintains a “concept drawing image” even when you see one rolling down the street. There is a few concept style snowmobiles in this issue of Pride that I think would “Empty a Watering Hole” in about 2-seconds-flat if it were to pull up and park outside this winter!

  2. I just finished getting my truck back together and took some pics of it with my sleds. I would really like to show them too you.


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