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Pro Paul Bauerly Talks about the Sno Pro

Sportech/Team Arctic racer Paul Bauerly

New to the Sportech/Team Arctic team this season, pro racer Paul Bauerly wrote his impressions of the new 2010 Sno Pro 600 following a week of testing out West.

Below is his report:

Here is a little update on my ride last week on the 2010 Sno Pro.

After getting the first week of riding under my belt I am very excited about the upcoming season and feeling very confident about my brand change. I have to admit, I have been a fairly die-hard Ski-Doo guy my whole life and have had plenty of success with their snowmobiles over the last 8 seasons. But knowing the dedication towards support and the great snowmobile Arctic Cat offers, I really do feel that as hard as the switch was it is definitely for the better.

Spending the week with Kirk and Tucker was an amazing opportunity to learn the sled and get some much needed seat time before Duluth. Right off the bat I felt fairly comfortable with the chassis and noticed many positive attributes. Some of the things I felt and liked right away included:

  • Clean smooth power
  • Well balanced chassis, holds flat in rough sections and thru rough corners
  • Flies well
  • Great braking power
  • Suspension feels very close right out of the box.

The biggest difference I felt and have to admit I struggled with for the first few days is cornering and cornering positioning. The Sno Pro requires a much different balance point that is actually easier once I’m becoming adjusted.

I was also feeling an over-steer in the corners because I’m used to trying too hard in the corners. I am so used to having to pull and muscle thru the corner, which I’m learning isn’t needed with this chassis. I now just need to turn the bars and get my body into the right place to balance the sled and let it do its thing. Minimal effort actually does more, its great!

Overall after the first week of riding and learning, I am definitely happy with the switch and very excited about the upcoming season. The chassis feels great, although I definitely do still have a lot of learning and adjusting to go I feel that even if I get no more riding time in I will be ready for Duluth!

Thank you for the opportunity to work with Arctic Cat this season.

-Paul Bauerly #24



  1. Hey off topic but heres a question. I have a 1998 ZR 600 EFI , last year i was cruising pretty quick and the hitch holding down the front of my hood snapped off, and the hood came slamming right into my face, so now i dont have a hood, but theres a guy in my town who is willing to sell me his hood, but its a 99, would i be able to put his hood on my hood? someway some how?? need to know, riding seasons here and i have to sled to rip around in this year.

  2. Paul,

    How did the “big bump/air” landing with regards to suspension absorption & what i’d call landing “twitch” compare with the RS chassis?

    This just reiterates to me that the cat is better than the ski-doo. Less steering effort, better suspension i’m sure, and Cats have always been the best “air miles collectors”!!

  3. So far we have yet to find much for big holes and jumps, but the little bit I have been able to find the chassis has seemed to handle it very well. As for big bump/air landings, all signs lead towards them being top notch with the snopro chassis, but I really cant give an honest accurate comparison yet, although I will find out for sure when we got onto a race track at duluth!

  4. Obviously you’re joking about Paul knowing the answer… but I would like someone to provide the video of Logan blasting down the ditch and the hood slamming him in his face. That had to be entertaining.

  5. – No clue! I’m a bad mom, we’ve never taken the kids sledding other than we get snow. They spent last wekeend mud/snow sledding on a cardboard box while we were in St Louis there was only about 2 of snow at any given time It was lovely. Lol Sounds like a nice little get out of Salem trip tho! And atleast she got to wear the clothes once February 13, 2010 7:28 am

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