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Arctic Cat & Yamaha Celebrate Snowmobile Production

Arctic Cat & Yamaha celebrate snowmobile production in TRF

Press Release-

Arctic Cat and Yamaha Celebrate Joint Snowmobile Production

First Yamaha SR Vipers Are Off Assembly Line in Thief River Falls, MN

As the very first Yamaha SR Viper units rolled off the assembly line at the Arctic Cat factory in Thief River Falls, MN, employees involved with the snowmobiles gathered to celebrate. The milestone was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony with executives from both Arctic Cat and Yamaha.

Arctic Cat President and CEO Claude Jordan

Arctic Cat Chairman and CEO, Claude Jordan (above) addressed the crowd stating, “Every employee standing here should be proud of this history-making day. We are very excited how our relationship with Yamaha continues to grow and the successful future that lies ahead for both companies. Jordan closed by saying, “Going forward we believe this relationship will provide tremendous value to Arctic Cat, our customers, our dealers and our shareholders.”

The all-new Arctic Cat 7000-Series snowmobiles are the result of an industry-first in the modern era: Arctic Cat is in a supplier agreement with Yamaha to leverage their respective strengths. For the first time ever Arctic Cat riders can match the renowned Arctic Cat ProCross chassis and handling with high performance Yamaha 4-stroke power. The C-TEC4 1049cc, three-cylinder engine is widely regarded as the most responsive, highest performing 4-stroke in the 135-hp category.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA president, Toshizumi Kato stated, “Together we have made a snowmobile which has the best of both our snowmobiles DNA. I look forward to a future of mutual and beneficial growth for both Arctic Cat and Yamaha. Today, let’s celebrate our accomplishment thus far, for tomorrow the opportunities are endless.”



  1. Actual buyers for each brand will be the proof on how this union plays out . At this point you have feel very positive about the future of your favorite brand ! DNA ,DNA,,

  2. I have been a loyal Arctic cat person for many years and am looking forward to there joint venture with Yamaha another well respected company. I can only see positive changes for both!

  3. Just curious as too why they wouldn’t finish Arctic Cat units first , cant be very cost effective switching back and fourth, Anybody have a reason ????

  4. I’m sure with a venture like this there will be many challenges for both companies but in the end they will both benefit from it. As exciting as it is for the companies I think it’s great for the employees of Cat. It reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell of going to the plant back in the 70’s and 80’s when Cat was making sleds for other companies as well. Ultimately we are keeping more Minnesotan’s working and that is a success in and of itself.

    I can only imagine how much is going to be learned from the partnership.

    Go Team Arctic!

  5. I think this one of the best things that has happend to Arctic Cat and will only make them better and also a big benefit to Yamaha as well.When this partnership was first announced alot of Yamaha guy’s where wining about the quality of there snowmobiles going down when we all knew that would not be the case knowing what standards Yamaha is known for.Personally I was very exited about the partnership deal just knowing how Yamaha’s reputation is with there quality and reliability of there products…….it’s a win win for both company’s.

  6. I was pissed off when yamy in their advertising is taking all the credit for their new SRV front suspension!!! They carry on like the procross chassis is their design!!!Big deal we get a new 4 stroke engine!!!I’m pretty sure St.Cloud could build a better all american one!!! And this is coming from a Canadian!!!! I see a japanese takeover soon!!
    Remember yamaha has some very deep pockets$$$$$$!!!

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