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Arctic Cat’s Featured Stuff for November


Here are four products that Arctic Cat is promoting this month.

If anyone has tried the FOX FLOAT Conversion Kit for the rear suspension, let me know. I’d like to get your thoughts on it for a review.

Click to see them.

Arctic Cat FLOAT Suspension Conversion

Upgrade any 2005-’07 M Series or 2009-’10 Crossfire to the Sno Pro-style Float suspension with the Float Suspension Conversion from Arctic Cat. The kit includes the new rear suspension arms, linkages and easily-tunable FOX Float shock that replace the stock units, delivering a 8.1-lb. weight savings and improved snow-shedding. The MSRP is $569.95 U.S./$679.95 Canada.


Arctic Cat Girl Glam Coat

Designed to fit a woman’s curves and styled in classic leopard print, the new Catgirl Glam Coat from Arctic Cat is a new twist on a traditional favorite. The bulk-free 200-gram Thinsulate Insulation is extra warm, while the fleece-lined collar and hood deliver comfort and style. Multiple pockets add convenience, including the MP3 player pocket with tangle-free neck cord system. It’s available in S – 2XL, as well as kids’ sizes, with an MSRP of $179.95 U.S./$209.95 Canada.







Float 30 Avalanche Air BagEngineered to keep a person on top of the snow in the event of an avalanche, the BCA Float 30 Avalanche Air Bag from Arctic Cat adds an extra margin of mountain-riding safety when used with a beacon, probe, shovel and safety education. Incorporated into the BCA backpack, the 150-liter airbag inflates behind the rider’s head when the T-grip is pulled, allowing excellent peripheral vision. The airbag is reusable and easy to reload, while the backpack has multiple pockets, a 30-liter capacity and is hydration compatible. Weighs just 7.4 lbs. The MSRP is $699.95 U.S./$829.95 Canada.

Note: this is a product that I would like to have a remote-activation switch for…then have Kale wear it. I run the switch.



Arctic Cat Green Chrome Windscreen

The new Green Chrome Windscreen from Arctic Cat is low enough to cheat the wind and styled to look equally fast. It’s made to the same quality standards as the stock windshield, with fully-flared sides that deliver excellent hand protection, yet with the unique green chrome finish that adds a custom touch. The MSRP is $109.95 U.S./$129.95 Canada.











  1. I have the sled pictured above that Cat is picturing with the green chrome windscreen, I have tried 2 of them on my sled, AND THEY DO NOT FIT WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT CUTTING TO THE WINDSCREEN! I am VERY upset that I had to butcher a $120.00 piece of plastic. By the way, it is part # 5639-128, low green/chrome. IT DOES NOT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ive also got the same sled only in black. I bought the same windshield and it fit fine. Hmmmm? Hopefully you took it back to your dealer.

  3. Same issue, on my 2010 F8. Had to cut about 3/4″ off where it tucks in to catch the small screws from the bottom side of the dash. Also had to elongate the holes for the two screws from the top side. This windsheild would not pull back to tuck in without these mods. A/C should know about this, is this a problem only with the 2010?

  4. the windshield isn’t supposed to catch any screws at the back, the notches are for the top piece of the console, I’ve put on 25 or 30 of these things with no issues.

    Sounds like “operator error” to me


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