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In general, Ive always admired patches whether music or motorcycle related. Through my eyes, an assembled group of patches displayed on a vest or suit are an expression of personal interests, belonging, communication or artwork. Im particularly attracted to the snowmobile versions. Im not sure when the patch craze died off in the snowmobile industry, but I think its time to bring them back. Here’s a look at some of my Arctic Cat favorites (along with some cool AC stickers) from the Palmer collection displayed at the 60th Homecoming Collectors Event.



  1. All the items they use to put out created the arctic cat culture. It was soooo strong back then. I wish they did more of it now. Times have changed.

  2. I like the “I came over to Cat” one. Of course, it is the opposite today. “I came over FROM Cat”, usually because of a LACK of DEALERS. If this new sled does exist, where are the people who want one going to get one, or parts for one? My nearest dealer is 60 miles away. I’ve been through 4 dealers, ranging between 1.5 and 20 miles away. 60 is unacceptable. I guess CountryCat will have to do.

    Also, that is a LOUSY looking Speedy Gonzales.

    Damn right Katden. Cat was a FAMILY back then. Now it’s just a company, run by a conglomerate. Times HAVE changed. And NOTHING is getting better. NO THING.

  3. Awesome collection! Miss the days of visiting the local Cat dealer. Had one right in town. I could buy PG&A, (parts, garments & accessories), patches, stickers and all the other collectibles Cat made. I could look at and sit on the different Cats they had on display and then buy the one I wanted. Yup, those days are gone. I do like visiting Country Cat though, but they are at least a 2 1/2-hour drive away. Purchased a few sleds from them. Also purchased a ton of PG&A and memorabilia from them. Not so much today though. Seems they moved to different brands and have less Cat stuff. Not their fault though. Cat doesn’t manufacture as much as they used to. Now purchasing a sled is done without sitting on it and seeing it in person. Yup, sad days but I’m still a Cat lover and will purchase Cats until I no longer can. Looking forward to the new platform. Thanks for the photos and memories.


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