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Are You Among the In In Crowd?

“The runners-up and also-rans, and even those who didn’t race at all, have discovered that snowmobiles attract the “In” crowd. The crowd that knows how to enjoy themselves.”

– Peter Jennings

The In In Crowd

Start the day with some friendly competition…

The In In Crowd

…then groove it up with some fine ladies…

The In In Crowd

…and finish it off with some backwash while drinking from the cup.

Yep, we’re among the IN IN crowd.



  1. Nice editing…you never see a Ski-Doo crash. The quality of this video is excellent…did someone restore the film?

    The disco footage looks a lot like the post-WOBLE party in sandberg’s basement.

  2. This video is so funny on so many levels. Wow. How did those guys not break their legs!? They apparently had not invented carbides yet. I plan on studying this video all summer so that I can be more “IN” come next wINter. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Yes this vid is a true gem.

    I love how Ave’s Ski-Doo is a full-mod, and the rest are stock. No wonder he’s lapping people about 40 seconds into the race.

    I love how the one dude on the white sled (not a Polaris, maybe a Yamaha???) crashes on at least two separate occasions. I am that rider.

    I’m also struck by the whole party scene. Are those really snowmobilers? I’ve been to a lot of post-race parties over the years, but I’ve never seen people dressed up (except for year-end banquets, and even then “dressed up” usually just means clean jeans). And for sure I’ve NEVER seen a room full sledders dancing. So I wonder if that was a stunt they pulled in order to make the movie?

    Kinda fires me up for the 50th though. I’m going to dance the whole weekend, using moves I see in this video as well as some sweet break-dancing stunts. Someone bring the cardboard!

  4. Remember this is the 60s…farmers and hippies worn jeans, not sophisticated French Canadians. I have another Ski-Doo video around from the same era, and there’s a post-ride, disco thing going on in that one, too. I think they were trying to appeal to an upper-scale demographic, while Cat and Polaris were selling out of implement dealers. Has that changed much? I think Cat still has more dealers in smaller markets than SD and Polaris.

  5. Great vid John, pretty…uhh…hip!

    Please go easy on the dance moves at the 50th. I don’t want to have to explain “what is wrong with that guy” to Cari Deerest, LOL!

    See you at the big party in July! Hopefully neither of us lock up a motor this time:>)


  6. I will have to agree with Mr. Jennings that “It’s the sport that put some teeth into winter activity!” As Train stated, the traction-products-are-for-sissies attitudes displayed seem like a recipe for disaster, but definitely add a fun unpredictability factor.

    I’ll also second Pluedy’s theory about Canadians and their celebration practices. I believe they can still be seen drinking out of “Lord Stanley’s Cup” after winning a hockey championship? Just thinking out loud.

    Thanks for posting!


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