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Bid ’em Up! Vintage Sled Auction Nov.

Oh my! Check out the sweet Colby-drone footage of the 200-plus antique and vintage snowmobiles that are up for auction on Nov. 26 in Zumbrota, Minn.

There are some SERIOUSLY cool sleds up for grabs. Personally, I’m aiming for the Sno Coupe. I need a Sunday driver for me and the honey.

CLICK HERE for the auction website.


Vintage sled auction with Arctic Cat machines.

This is mine, so don’t outbid me.

Vintage sled auction with Arctic Cat machines.

Vintage sled auction with Arctic Cat machines.

Vintage sled auction with Arctic Cat machines.



  1. That is a bunch of sleds! Is some pretty rare stuff in that video, I believe I even saw an uber-rare Arctic Kitten?! I think I once owned that Cougar, sold it to a guy from the Zumbrota area in the late 1980’s…before I learned that you should never let go of an old Arctic Cat…if I recall correctly, it is the rare 1967 model.

  2. I was down there to snoop around and as Tom said there are very rare sleds there. 2 cougars, 1 kitten kinda rough but cool to see 2- 75 trail cats and a lot of tin cab cats. There also was a all fiber glass Scorpion which was kinda neat and looked to be in very nice shape.

  3. I live close to the auction so I went down a couple of times to get my wish list together. Tom was right about the Cougar. It’s a 67 and in great shape. I did see the track rear cogged sprocket has turned to dust. It will be interesting to see what prices the sleds bring. There’s a lot of “off-brand” sleds that are in good shape (and many not so good). It should be a fun day.


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