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Bolt-On to Win: The Imp. Stock Turbo Winning Combo from D&D

Question: How has D&D Racing cleaned up the Improved Stock Turbo class all season long with their 2014 Arctic Cat XF1100 Turbo, consistently hitting 500-foot 4.5-second E.T.’s and top speeds in the mid 110s?

Answer: With a fairly limited build sheet of bolt-on parts.

“It’s pretty simple to build yourself the same Improved Stock Turbo that we’ve won with all season long,” says Dale Roes of D&D. “Here’s the list…it’s all bolt-on parts:”

*D&D Stainless Side-Mount Drag pipe – $349

*21-38 Hyvo gears and chain – $399

*Camoplast grass track (144″) – $749

*Stud Boy studs (4 each row)- $408

*D&D 4-Wheel kit- $129

*D&D Hole Shot Magnaforce Clutch Arms 3-3-3-2 – $249

*D&D Silver primary spring- $20

*D&D purple secondary spring and helix combo (50-42 torsional style)- $249

*2.O HiJacker with Booster flash with hole shot studder- $799

*Big Air Intake – $349

*DV Big outlet – $449

*D&D Head studs- $119


Again, with this list of parts, the D&D XF1100 Turbos are running 4.5 seconds/112 mph in 500 feet on grass. By contrast, a stock XF Turbo runs around 5.38 sec./93 mph in the same conditions.

On a quarter-mile asphalt track, the Improved Stock machine hits 8.38 seconds/154 mph (compared to 10.4/123 for the stocker)!

To say that D&D has succeeded in grass drags this season would be a gross understatement. Their list of victories from this past weekend in Epping, NH, is exceptional (yet consistent with all the races this season):

1st – Stock 1000

1st & 2nd – SS 800 Improved

1st – SS Twin 1000

2nd – 1000 Improved

1st – Dash for Cash Shootout

2nd – Pro Stock 800

Improved Stock record run of 4.26 seconds in the Stock 1000 final.

Awesome work and results, guys!



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