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Brief News on Team Arctic in Scandinavia

Arctic Cat's Team Yngvesson from Sweden

The image above is of Team Yngvesson, a Swedish Arctic Team that includes Pro snocrossers Filiph Eriksson (L) andDavid Reponen (R), and freerider Anders Westlin (Middle).

Some of Sweden’s top talent; these three athletes are poised for great success this season.


Team Arctic Cat racer Iisko Näkkäläjärvi of Finland

After a long and succesful snocross career, Iisko Näkkäläjärvi (Arctic Cat) from Inari, Finland has decided to retire from snocross racing. Last year he took still silver in Finnish Championships to complement a long list medals he has won since 1997. Näkkäläjärvi raced for seventeen seasons.

“I have been living for Snocross racing only for the past ten years but now it is time for new things in my life,” he said.

“I am so happy that I got to experience the golden years of Snocross in Finland and Sweden. I will never forget the atmosphere of racing in competitions like the Malå World Championships in 2010, Iisko says.”


Iisko Näkkäläjärvi Career Highlights:

Sponsors: Näkkäläjärvi Motorsport, Arctic Cat
31-year-old Snocross pilot from Inari, Finland
Has raced in Snocross since 1996.
Represented Upper-Lapland Snowmobilers (Ylä-Lapin Moottorikelkkailijat).
Snocross King (Kelkkakunkku) 2008.
European Championships: bronze 2008, silver 2010.
Nordic Championships: silver 2001, gold 2002, silver 2003.
Finnish Championships: gold 1997, bronze 2002, two bronzes 2005, silver 2009, silver and bronze 2010, silver 2012.
Finnish Cup: silver 1998, gold 1999.
World Championships: ninth 2010.
Kalix Super Stadiumcross: sixth 2011, fourth 2012.
Four-fold winner of the Karasjok stadiumcross in Norway.

Team Arctic Cat racer Iisko Näkkäläjärvi of Finland

Thanks for all the great years, Iisko, and good luck to your future!



  1. Another notable (used to be cat racer for a few seasons) coming back is none other than the “Flyin Finn” Toni Haikonen himself for the Finnish series.

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