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Carrie Goodwin: Cross-Country Greatness Distilled Into 9 Minutes

Check out this awesome video of Team Arctic’s Carrie Goodwin at the 2012 Kotzebue (Alaska) cross-country race.

From high-speed lake and trail to a fuel stop (with a near-miss), great passing and an airplane escort, this video captures much of what is great about cross-country via the helmet cam of the overall-winning woman.

Special thanks to Will Longley, who sent the video and offered this additional info:

“It was filmed in April 2012 during the 120-Mile Womens “Gunner 120” cross-country race in Kotzebue. The race starts in Kotzebue, runs 60 miles to Noorvik and returns 60 miles back to Kotzebue.

“There have been 30-40 female racers each year since the race started in 2009. There is a Open Class and a Fan cooled Class. Carrie Goodwin was the Overall Champ in 2012 and 2011. She also took 2nd place (losing by just by 3 seconds) in 2010 while racing a 2010 F6 (Tiwn-Spar) and had a 5th place finish in 2009 on a ZR 500. Carrie passes more than 20 sleds in this video including Firecats (600’s and 700’s), Apex’s, Rush’s, and a couple of the new Procross 800’s just to name a few.”



  1. That woman can ride! Looks like a very fast course,pretty much wide open. There are a couple other YouTube videos of that race,including one of another woman (Elizabeth Sours) riding a 12 procross 800 snopro. She looks to be flat out flying also,with multiple passes and a near crash on one of those lake to trail transitions. Those girls deserve a couple Arcticinsider (unstuck) stickers!


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