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Cliff’s Notes Version of What’s-New-for-2014 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Yowza is there a lot of new stuff for Arctic Cat’s 2014 line of snowmobiles!

You’ll get more (and more detailed) information here in the coming days, but I thought some of you might like an overview of the significant changes.

Think of this as the Cliff’s Notes version of what’s new for Arctic Cat’s 2014 snowmobile line.


2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 el tigre

Name Changes

The iconic “ZR” name is back, replacing the F moniker on the 129-in. track models (except for the F5 and F570).

So too has “el tigre” reentered the Arctic Cat arsenal for 2014 on the all-new ZR6000 with the 600 C-TEC2 engine (more on this later).

And speaking of engines, Arctic Cat has reprised the _000-Series model/engine designation similar to the days of the original el tigres. The name change aims to categorize models according to engine performance. Here’s the code:

5000 = 1100 4-stroke naturally-aspirated Suzuki twin

6000 = all-new 600cc C-TEC2 2-stroke twin

7000 = 1049cc 4-stroke Yamaha triple

8000 = 800 H.O. 2-stroke Suzuki twin

9000 = 1100 Turbo 4-stroke Suzuki twin


Arctic Cat 6000-Series C-TEC2 with Dual-Stage Injection

Two New Engines

For all of us who have been waiting for a clean 600 2-stroke, our day has come. The new 6000-Series C-TEC2 with Dual-Stage Injection is the first Arctic Cat-designed/built snowmobile engine. I spent several of the past few days riding this baby… it’s an absolute sweetheart of an engine. Strong, clean, light… it’s exactly what we needed. I’ll have more to say about it in the coming days.


7000-Series C-TEC4 4-stroke triple by Yamaha

Next up was last week’s big news… the addition of the Yamaha 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine. As people who have experience with this engine keep saying, it’s an outstanding snowmobile engine. I like it better than any other Arctic Cat 4-stroke powerplant because of its instant throttle response, midrange and power. Several days spent riding the new Arctic Cats with this 7000-Series engine confirmed what I’d hoped/expected: this engine in the ProCross chassis sets a new standard the kind of rippin’ performance I prefer. (More details on my ride impressions in a couple days.)


2014 Arctic Cat XF 8000 with 137-in. track & SLIDE-ACTION

New 137-in. XF Models

Arctic Cat now has essentially two categories of XF Models: the previous 141-in. track/skidframe and the all-new 137-in. versions. They are different in two key ways.

The new 137 models feature a FasTrack SLIDE-ACTION skidframe with torsion springs (compared to the non-SLIDE-ACTION, no-torsion-spring 141-in. skid).

Also, the 137-in. models feature a Ripsaw II track compared with a Cobra on the 141-in. models.

The XF 137 models are going to pose a serious dilemma for riders who were previously only considering a ZR/129-in. track. They get around the corners and through the bumps very well (thanks to the SLIDE-ACTION front arm). It’s definitely the ticket if you ride a lot of ditch or fast/wide-open trails.


2014 Arctic Cat ZR and XF seat

New Seat Shape

My butt is pleased to report about the new taller and contoured seat on all 2014 ZR and XF models (except the High Country). The foam is about 1.5-in. taller across the top, including in the area that’s up to the gas cap that I frequently sit on (and that I bottom-out on when riding hard on the 2012 and ’13 models).

2014 Arctic Cat ZR and XF seat

The taller foam leaves me happy where it counts! And nearly as important, the shape of the seat is more rounded and easier to transition for cornering (satisfying another complaint I have about the 2012-13 seats).


Improved Brakes

Arctic Cat has added the race-version 9/16-diameter master cylinder on RMC braking system for 2014 for more powerful braking. This is another notable across-the-board improvement.


2014 Arctic Cat M9000 snowmobile

M Series Weight Loss & Improvements

Thanks to a dedicated weight loss program, Arctic Cat chopped about 18 lbs. off the 8000-series M sleds for 2014. The weight was shaved off of the spindles, suspension hardware & components, seat, chassis spars and the move to the single HCR-style heat exchanger.

The seat on the new M8000 models (except the E-Start versions) is 5 in. shorter and 1.5 in. shorter, greatly aiding ergonomics for moving around on the sleds.

Similarly, revised running boards improve snow evacuation, with new machining on the rear bumper for increased boot clearance.

Other improvements to various 2014 M models include a new driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins (for reduced belt temps); more durable brake disc cover and a fixed clutch guard; increased fuel capacities; and some other stuff I’ll write about in a more complete report.



Various Improvements & Newness

All 129-in. SLIDE-ACTION skidframes on the ProCross models get revised front arm mounting geometry that decreases track tensioning during suspension compression.


New 2014 Arctic Cat spindle that's 1-lb. lighter

All 2014 ProCross and ProClimb models get new ski spindles that are 1-lb. lighter.


New Arctic Cat Deluxe Digital Gauge

The 7000-Series and 6000-Series models get an all-new Deluxe Digital (no analog portion) gauge.

Models equipped with FOX FLOAT ski shocks get the new FOX FLOAT 3 version for improved access to the air valve.

A new driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins (for reduced belt temps) comes on all ProCross and ProClimb models.

All 8000-Series models get a new visible coolant bottle.

And Arctic Cat is back in the shock business, with IFP rebuildable gas units on the front end of all non-Sno Pro versions of their ProCross and ProClimb models, as well as Cat front skidframe shocks on most models.

Thanks for reading (and look for more detailed stories soon)!



  1. I think Arctic cat has enough technology that it doesn’t need to hookup with Yamaha. If Arctic Cat would just use the brilliant people that they have, who have built sleds in the past, instead of running scared that Yamaha could build something better they could come up with a sled that would beat Yamaha. The engineers just need to think positively that they are good.

  2. Nice to hear Cliff that the Nitro motor is working out so good in the Pro Cross chassis.. With this engine deal from Yamaha it’s just what Arctic Cat needed and will need in the near future when the Suzuki relationship ends..

  3. AC engineers know they are good. Yamaha is the bottom of the barrel. AC’s engine packages left something to be desired until now. I think access to Yamaha’s 4S engines was a good trade. AC has had good ideas; a great looking chassis; and a lot of die hard fans… but during the past 2 years a lot of them have been tested with their not so good procross experiences. If 2014 addresses those issues and AC doesn’t leave the 2012/13 owners in the cold, then the future will be very very good.

  4. John,
    Can’t wait to hear the inside scoop on all this stuff. Great work as always. Pumped up about the 2 stroke ( as you might have guessed!) Nice Job!

  5. Cat loyalists seriously take off the blinders. The relationship with Yamaha isn’t the end of the world. So they supply ONE engine big deal. AC benefits because they build each and every one of the Yamaha comparables in their plant. AC finally released the 600 did some have been whining about. YOU EACH BETTER BUY ONE BECAUSE ITS HERE! I lo e the el tigre name coming back. That is so awesome. Heritage brought back with that and zr.
    All in all I’m impressed with the lineup provided they fixed the nagging issues of the last two years. If not there’s more to be concerned about.

  6. I agree with Max G. and Kevin H. Arctic Cat has been in the business for a respectable period of time. With all of these years of changes in a positive direction, the engineers should have confidence to R&D a solid engine to outperform the partnerships of the past and present. Since they’ve been utilizing the engines of the past to the peak of their chassis limits, it’s time for a purebred!

  7. I understand the sentiment of wanting Arctic Cat to design/build their own 4-stroke engine but there are a few realities that get in the way:

    1. The size of the snowmobile market (and the sales of 4-stroke machines) doesn’t come close to justifying the expense associated with such an effort. Four strokes are FAR more expensive to bring to market. This would be magnified for a company who isn’t currently producing a high-performance 4-stroke the likes of which the snowmobile market demands.

    2. On that same thought as the last sentence above… even an experienced and excellent engine manufacturer (Rotax) couldn’t match the performance of the Yamaha triple when they designed/produced their version of a 4-Stroke triple. And Rotax came to that project with a TON of 4-stroke high-perf engine-building experience from the motorcycle market.

    3. Thus it’s not for lack of confidence that Cat isn’t building its own 4-stroke engine, it’s the above two points.

    I understand why some think it’s materially different that Cat is sourcing an engine from Yamaha vs. Suzuki, but you have to ask yourself if it really, truly is different? Personally, I’ve always considered both companies pretty equal when it comes to building great engines.

    I know this: Anyone interested in a high-perf 4-stroke snowmobile is going to LOVE the Arctic Cat ZR and XF7000 models. It’s an incredible engine matched with an incredible chassis. If I were going to get a 4-Stroke next year (which I might), this is the engine for me. Not even a second thought about it.

  8. Question: Phazer LTX vs XF7000.

    I’ve read that the Yamaha Phazer retains Yamaha cluthching. What about shocks, skids and skis and other componentry etc.

    Are they the same on each?

    For some (like me) who agree that this combination represents an ideal sled for their riding expectations the question may be which do I buy, the Yamaha hybrid or the Arctic Cat….?

  9. Allen: Pretty similar engine braking as the Suzuki 1100.

    Gunner: Pretty much everything else significant will be the same between the sleds. All Arctic Cat technology. There might possibly be an instance where Yamaha uses a different track on a certain model, I’m not entirely sure.

  10. cat hands down…… yammys the one sinking in the sled ind. so why not take the only thing they have left and what every yammy tree hugger likes the motor and slam it into a cat chassis…. but why doesnt arctic cat look at rider reveiws and fix the steering already, they’ve only been selling off-set post upgrades since o8 with the teleoscopic bars! move em already and make the boards shorter and more open! mint chassis then braaap! happy riding….>2013 m8 sno pro<

  11. I’m gettting more excited about the 600 as each day goes on and I learn more about it. At first, with the news it was a semi-DI, I was a little discouraged, but learning more about how it’s built, the fact that it is still a laydown engine(reliability) and that it addresses some of the issues that the etec doesn’t – – I am feeling good about it. It would be nice John if you could address the special OIL, I think a lot of us are wondering if it’s gonna cost $100/gallon or be priced right.

  12. I don’t know how faster=better.I could strap rocket motors to any sled to make it faster.Now speed limits are being set and enforced, so reliability,economy,and capability are where the focus should be. Instead of trenching your way through the snow, how about some real sleds that float?

  13. The yamaha and cat versions of the sled are very different once you get past the chassis and engine. The cat will be using their own clutching system which burns belts like crazy, they will be using there own fuel monitoring system along with other cat technologies. Yamaha will have their own clutches (most reliable on the market) along with using yamaha parts and computer components, technologies and styling. The performance of these two sleds will be very different based on how they are set up by each company. For the extra $2000 the yamaha costs I would take that over the problems that comes with a Cat.

    Also people have been saying this is the end for yamaha but I suspect they are using this to gain info on how a chassis should be. I was told by yamaha, in 1-2 years a new Nytro chassis is coming out, and in 2-4 years a new Apex/vector chassis is coming out from yamaha. I would say thats far from bowing out of snowmobiling. I wouldnt doubt if yamaha in that time comes out with a new motor better then the Nytro one leaving cat with a inferior motor.

  14. Yamadude:

    You need to stop reading all the 10 people on Hardcore sledder and Arctic Chat that constantly complain about issues that more than likely they caused. New Clutchs this year as well on Cats so any issues before will be gone. The Yamaha costs 200 more than the cat and only difference is set up as ECU will be all yamaha. Cat is not going to design a new system for one motor that may or may not be around long. Cats belt burning is liimited to very few sleds but unlike Yamaha, cat will address it and take care of those who diddnt mod there sled beyond its capacity.

  15. I drove a nytro for about 5mins only to give my buddy a break on the mtn then said $*@$ that…. never once owned or will own a yammy! on the belt issue true on if its past its capacity, why wouldnt it! only belt I blew was doin 140kph down a road on a m1000 to get outta the cold…
    you see 1 yammy to 100 cats in the mtns and about 15 stuck polaris pros lol u see my glue stick?!

  16. Yamadude…I think you may be taking this news a little hard. I’m thinking you should buy one of the new vipers, they should be a great sled. You should order now…..Arctic Cat is going to need to know how many of them they are going to have to build for you guys! j/k Seriously it should be a really good sled. Hope the collaboration works out for everyone.

  17. JimR:

    Actually its not from reading those websites, because I know how people can stretch things. This is from many people I know who have owned cats through the years. I see it first hand. Cats quality and finish arent up to Yamaha’s. According to Cats website they are running the same drive system and clutches they have the past few years, thats why id be worried. You are correct on the price, I got mixed up between canadian and american prices. I hope it works out well for both, each got something they needed and each should be able to gain more market share.

  18. The fuel management system is Arctic Cat’s, not Yamahas.

    Yamaha will use Yamaha clutches, while Cat will use Cat. The remaining differences are cosmetic.

  19. Not sure whats wrong with your buddy’s sleds… But ive owned many cats and I regretfully bought a nytro 2 years ago… I dont understand why people that ride yamaha think they are such awsome sleds. Yes the motor was awsome but heavy. Everything else was terrible. Exhaust donuts blowing, bad handling, plastic bushings that need to be replaced after 500 miles (plastic bushings? seriously?), terrible ice build up, ridiculously bad hyfax life until you install extra bogeys, and more…. And to make it even worse yamaha doesnt make these improvements for the following years sleds unlike cat who make improvements every year. They just expect you to fix it yourself via aftermarket products.

  20. Hi John, can’t wait to read your reviews and impressions of the new cats. Really anxious to hear about the new El Tigre. Sounds like the perfect sled for us Northern Mainers. I know that you been to my neck of the woods to enjoy our trails. Will the El tigre be a good fit?
    Hopefully you were able to get some good photo’s to go with the reviews.
    Keep up the great work!
    Just so you know, I am a bit envious LOL !!

  21. I agree with Abbale. I’ve owned several CTs along with many many friends and never witnessed the amount of complaints you tend to see by so few on the Internet. Quite honestly, I believe several complainers are opposition placed button pushers trying to stir **** up.

    I have worked for both Polaris and Cat dealers and see far less “issues” mentioned online about Cats than Polaris.

    Now when it comes to Yamaha, where I currently work every Yam that comes in drives the tech guys insane with the stupidity of a lot of their “made to their design superiority” that everyone seems to think they possess,, lol!

    As for superiority in clutches, the primary hands down belongs to Cat and their set screw mounted weight design. While Yamahas primary of past 20 yrs has been good, their secondary only became good as early as 1995 with their external helix “copy Cat” design.

    The internal helix design currently used on the Nytro isn’t one lick better than Yami’s older internal designs that were notorious for wearing out and creating a sticking and binding up shift and terrible back shifting.

    Now while the current POS secondary used in TRF isn’t one bit better, the TEAM used on the Snopro line should be what Cat focuses on using as they are easily tuned and parts abound for tunability with a proven track record. And let me say: Thank God the DD series is pretty much extinct!! What a POS that whole system was!

  22. great to see the El Tigre name finally back, but a ZR6000 El Tigre? come on.
    nothing i hate more then when Cat jumbles around with model designations, so what was a F1100 turbo last year is now a ZR9000. really leave the ZR name out, ZR’s were great but this is the F chassis not a ZR.
    and my take on this 1049 yamaha vs 1100 suzuki/cat, a 10 HP gain/additional cylinder, how much weight are we gaining for ten hp?(and like the saying years ago was triple cylinder/triple headaches. I dont care what they say every time you ad more moving parts it usually causes more problems.

  23. Love the fact that Cat and Yamaha have a supply agreement to mate the procross chassis with the Nytro motor. That is an awesome combination!

  24. Luv the new lineup. Not sure about the new 2 stroke though. Are Cat engineers that much smarter than Poos and Doos. I would have thought they would go with the Yamaha 4 stroke in the 600 class and leave it at that. Rode a Nytro for sveral years before my xf Turbo. That 3 cylinder Yamaha motor is awesome!

  25. Why go 4 stroke when you can get by with a real sled engine for much less the cost of owning a 4 stroke there Yamahabandit? No need for a battery, no need to worry about valve adjustments which are expensive and risky for the averige user, no oil changes to make a mess out of your sled, garage or $$ out of your pocket for your dealer to do. $100.00 a year on oil for the averige rider is all it is going to cost you and who really keeps a sled longer than 5000 miles so dont give me the 4 strokes last longer bit.

  26. JimR: I suppose AC’s decision to build flat tunnels; improve clutching and clutching cooling; improve gear and chain quality; improve the jackshafts; etc… came from the 10 HCS/A Chat whiners and the problems they themselves caused. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’d realize that there were well known and documented issues being experienced even by real and credible people…

  27. Hey JimR, You lose all credibility when you mention valve adjustments being a costly part of owning a 4S then saying “who really keeps a sled past 5000 miles” Yamaha spec for valve adjustment on 4S engines is 25,000 miles…not positive but it’s the big Zuk that needs adjustment at 2500 which is still only once for the life of a sled according to you. Three gallons of injector oil synthetic is easily $160? One oil change is $30 using Mobil 1? And at the end of the day you don’t smell like a swamp logger.

  28. Bone130,

    At the end of a day the 2-stroke doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been piloting a logging truck either, so…… Your point?

  29. My wife hasn’t been out riding in two years. Her and I went out and put 130 miles on a couple weeks ago and she took my new 13 F1100 LXR and i my 05 F6. She said she’s never driven such a light feeling sled. And has never felt so good after riding that many miles and told me I might as well sell her old sled. Which is a 06 Z570. She’s not strong either and has never driven a logging truck! LOL

  30. And the Zuk 1100 does’t require a valve adjustment until 5000 miles. I wouldn’t mind having that new 7000. It will be my next sled in MY15. And my wife will get the 1100.

  31. Kevin, thanks for clearing up the valve adjustment issue, 5000 miles is reasonable and the Zuk is a great motor. Informant, a well set up 4S won’t leave you feeling any worse off than a 2S and my sled is set up well…my point is you don’t smell like you cut and loaded all the logs for that logging truck you’re talking about.

  32. Ya Bone 130. This is my 1st 4-stroke, and I really liked the smooth power it delivered. Iam sure that Yamaha 1049 Triple will be even better. But I think there has to be 2 strokes as well, For the riders that want those.

  33. Kevin, I agree 2 strokes have their place and I don’t have a problem with them…I don’t like riding behind them…they all stink and so do your clothes after a day behind them…so I guess I do have a problem with them! I think 4 strokes are better for the sport, quieter and no smoke helps project a better image when passing skiers and hikers and lets face it they are at the heart of taking trails away from us. I only ride groomed trails so I don’t worry much because they’re always behind me! I’ll be on a version of the Yamaha triple in some form Cat or Yam. It looks like Yamaha’s spring buy offer is better than Cat’s?

  34. Bone: I am just stating the obvious. Cat’s 600 here will be more effiant, cost less to run for 5000 miles than your four stroke and run better per cc. Most people do not keep a sled past 5000 miles anyway so why bother with a heavy overly complicated 4 stroke that requires a battery which now a days cost over $100.00 and usually need replacing every two years. Money out of your pocket while I am riding every day possible. Just facts man. just facts. Three gallons of two stroke will be just over $100.00 and do that oil change at a dealer which most folks do and it is alot more than $30.00. More like $150.00 or more and that is yearly. I put on maybe 1200 a year so less than two gallons of oil a year for me. $90.00 maybe on the top end. Every 5000 miles you do a valve adjustment. $3-400 per. New twofers unfortunately to me do not have that wonderful two stroke smell. Only thing I would miss. Like the smell of a good woman! Four strokes smell though. Was following one this weekend and it smelled like rotten eggs. Not good at all. Two strokes own the market share. Four strokes are more than likely going to dissapear as new two stroke tech is introduced as well. Poo does not even have a four stroke btw. Not one anybody would care to own.

  35. You guys make me laugh. I’ve ridden Arctic Cats for 20 years. I currently have a 2012XF 800,2010 600 etec Renegade, and a 2012 Nytro XTX backcountry. Here is how they really stack up. Cat- great chassis, light steering, unbelievable suspension, worst clutch in the industry, worst belt life in the industry (1,000 miles if your lucky), worst gas mileage in the industry and better buy endless oil, the engine does rip though. Etec 600. Great gas mileage, good suspension, good belt life, underpowered, sips oil. Nytro- great motor, had 138 HP out of box on Dyno, put on Barker exhaust and fuel controller now at 145 HP, best clutch bar none (2500 to 3000 miles per belt change), **** suspension, very heavy on and off trail. This is hard to say but the Yamaha motor in the Article Cat chassis is a perfect marriage. Looks like I will order the Viper XTX because I want nothing to do with Arctic Cat clutch. This is tuff because I hate buying Yamaha but I have both clutches currently and the Cat clutch blows. If you enjoy stopping every 200 miles and putting shims in your clutch so it performs, more power to you. I hope cat figures out a new clutch soon so I can go back to Cats. Selling the XF 800 because cost to run is too high! Thought some truth would help.

  36. Bottom line….. Buy what you think is right for you. Your the one you have to please in the end. Just have fun.

  37. JimR, You’re stating not the obvious but pure speculation…the new cat 600 hasn’t even spent a day in the consumers hands much less a year and you’re ready to crown it a mileage and durability champ? Doo has been at this “clean” 2 stroke thing for a few years and they don’t last on average 4000 miles before you have to re-build them…lets not get silly. Yamaha valve adjustment is NOT 5000 miles it’s 20,000…yup 4 zeros bro. Do you have your dealer add you 2 stroke oil for you? I do my own oil changes and after the first one you don’t have to change the filter for 20,000 miles. And for the record my brothers 600 Etec takes more gas than my Yamaha every time we stop so he’s getting 16-17 MPG not the 20 they claim. If your burning more gas and oil too guess what…You’re not cleaner! Let’s see if Cat can keep this new 600 from being the biggest warranty nightmare since the 03 F7?

  38. Bone! I said the averige person is not going to do there own oil changes and Cats Valve adjustment, not Yamaha’s is every 5000 miles. I have an old ZL 600 that I use as a spare sled and the last time out with it I got 15 MPG. 7.2 gallons at 108 miles. Could care less if it is clean or dirty btw. Cats new 600 builds credits, wont wear out bearings like the Doo’s and weighs 100 lbs at least lighter than your 1 ton Yamahahaha. Filter change on a Yamaha is 12000 miles and that is good because you have to almost pull the motor to get to it on many of there sleds. Cat? Just add oil and go. $60.00 a year on oil for the miles I put on. BTW, the 03 F7 was just fine. Most are still on the trail running over stuck yamahahaha’s. Four Strokes SUCK! Two strokes rule. Proof? Three of the four manufacturers will be mostly 2 stroke in less than two years. Yamaha is old tech now a day’s. Only good thing going for them is the Pro-cross. I could sit here and argue with you all day but I would rather ride than do a valve adjustment or oil change.

  39. I think the new 600 C-Tech2 will be a beautiful Motor for the people that want 2 stroke. And, i also think the 7000 with the yamaha in it will work great for those of us that want and like the 4 strokes. After all… Its about going out and having fun with what we invested our money on. I think both are going to get use down the trail just fine.

  40. All this arguing and bickering. C’mon. Most riders I’ve known “think” that their chosen scoot is the best. I am personally looking forward to the new 2 stroke tiger. On that note I’m also happy to here ZR again BUT, make the el’ Tigre a moniker alone w/o the zr prefix.

  41. JimR, Having an attitude that you don’t care if your sled is clean burning doesn’t prove that you’re a 100% moron…the fact that you can’t spell either supplies the last 1%. Like it or not the tree huggers will have a say in weather or not we have trails. I think the 600Ctec has great potential, but i thought the same thing about the Etecs and they fall short and have durability issues.
    4 strokes are here to stay, proof=Cat is buying engines from Yamaha, fact 3 out of four manufacturers make $hitty 4 strokes, 3 out of 4 manufacturers make 2 strokes that are disposable after 2500 miles, 1 out of 4 manufacturers make an engine that will last 25,000 miles with just 24 quarts of oil and 3 filters. Sound like pretty good tech to me.

  42. Well Bone! Considering that Cat is now making there own engines and they are 2 stroke validates everything I have stated. Cat will not build there own 4 stroke motors because the investment will never pan out. Yamaha deal is a short term solution to the 10% of riders that dont have issues with over weight do not belong in sled 4 strokes but you keep stroking you’re ego that you even have a clue. Two strokes rule and do not require the every other year $100.00 battery replacement as well making them that much better. Grow up!

  43. Funny thing here is that last time I’d looked, Cat wasn’t sitting in last place.

    I’m sure C-Tec2 sales will spur “widening of the gap” just that much more.

  44. Jim it seems your the one that has no clue, Doo and Cat both added new 4 strokes to their line up for 2014, the Ctec isn’t even a direct injected engine…it’s direct oil injected, it’s a interesting approach and I give Cat a lot of credit for a great idea but only time will tell if it’s going to be durable. You say you’re riding a ZL 600? Get your head out of your butt and try a 7000 cat and see how bad a 4 stroke is…it’s chumps like you that spew all kinds of crap and haven’t even ridden one. Your so freaking stupid $100 for a battery…not if you unhook the terminals at the end of the season, I have an 07 and still have the original battery but my buddy with his 06 F-7 had to add a quart of oil after 70 miles today…$10.50 for a quart of Amsoil on the trail, You only spend $60 on oil a year hey? Wow your a mileage king there…that’s a whole 400 miles.

    Informant… Cat is #3??? what’s your point? Did you ever see the movie Wall Street? The #4 sled manufacturer could buy that #3 Company chop it up into little pieces and you’d never see another new Green sled. I like Cat sleds…they handle well and they have the fastest stock production snowmobile ever built, go figure it’s a 4 stroke?

  45. Jim it seems “your” the one…
    Lol, and YOU say Jim cannot spell correctly?

    “not if you unhook the terminals at the end of the season”

    Sounds like someone hasn’t ever heard of the word “SULFATION” (when it comes to batteries),, Bone, do a search on Interstate Batteries website. I sell on average 3-5 batteries per day to those who think exactly like you. Then I point out to the street and explain WHY NEARLY 100% of all actively driven vehicles don’t have “battery after battery” take a dump on them year after year when “they only use it 4-5 times a season” (unless their vehicles charging system isn’t working CORRECTLY.

    Go get educated on batteries.

  46. Never will Bone. hate 4 strokes with a PASSION! Who cares if Cats new (best motor ever) two stroke is not a Direct Injection motor. Doo proved that DI is a mistake as bottom ends go out way to soon. Only thing less interesting to me than an Etec is a 4 stroke. My 08 600 uses a quart of oil every 140 miles and my 600 ZL uses one every 125 or so and at $29.95 a gallon I still get by cheaper than anyone on an over weight Four Stoke Tank. Just my opinion Bone. Could care less if you ride an over weight boat anchor. I wont! I put on between the two sleds about 3000 miles a year and have yet to have a 4 stroke pass me that did not stink as well.

  47. I’m with Jim on this. I’ve never used as much oil in ANY of my Cats!

    And bone130, don’t get he notion I’ve ever turned my oil pumps ratios down (I prefer maximum lube for long life in my sleds and dirt bikes)

  48. Hey Rusty you got me…Too many Ketel and tonics the other night…and yeah that’s how they spell it but yeah YOU’RE correct you got me. With that said, anyone that thinks a 2 stroke is going to cost less to run than a 4 is in denial.
    3 quarts of oil every 3000 miles and better mileage too. I don’t know $hit about batteries all I can tell you is I’ve had the same one since the sled was new? I did buy an 09 last year with a dead battery and the guy told me he left them hooked up and never started it over the summer. Does it really matter? I have a battery, IF I have to replace it every other year it’s $100…$50 a year seems worth it to turn a key and start your sled? Jim did I read you’re on an 08 600 cat? If that’s not a Crossfire then it’s heavier than my big 4 stroke pig Nytro! Not to mention down 15-20 HP, give one a rip you’ll love it!

  49. My 08 is not heavier than your one ton 4 stroke. 508 dry. 125 hp dyno’d and gets 14-15 mpg trail riding and requires no battery at $50.00 a season. Just barely less than what oil costs me a season. I will stick with tried and true sled engines instead of a car motor weight wise. The new Ctech 600 motor weighs a whopping 67 lbs! Four strokes Suck and always will in my eyes for a snowmobile.

  50. You win Bro…your F600 is the best sled known to man and the new ZR7000 is a POS. Hope the new 600 is awesome but that’s not proven yet. I’ll keep buying batteries until then.

  51. Hey, I was wondering if there were updates to address the chain case ,
    Jackshaft & Reverse issues for the Arctic Cat Procross XF Chassis from the
    few issues I’ve heard about and read ? If anyone can chime is ASAP as I’m
    deciding on a new sled to Snow Check here before April 15-20 th !!! THANKS!!

  52. Buy a two stroke and you dont need to worry about any reverse issues. the motor does the work. Another reason Two strokes Rule in Snowmobiles!

  53. Absolutely Jim. It’s not like the engine running in reverse will affect the oil supply as it does on the PERC Poo’s (if left in reverse mode for extended periods of time).

  54. Anyone know what the weight difference is with the 7000 over the 800??

    cant find any weight specs for the 7000

    the renegade with 1200 4 stroke is 522lbs

    i ordered the cross tour with the 7000

  55. For all those that don’t know the yamaha book says the first valve adjustment isn’t needed tell 25,000 miles…so that won’t be an issue, realistically you only need to do one oil change a year unless you plan on putting over 3, 000 miles on a winter, my dad bought a 2012 apex last winter and the sled is awesome, I rode it for 90 miles non stop with absolutley no discomfort, with eps (electronic power steering) you wouldn’t have a clue the sled is over 500lbs, and to be honest i think it pulls harder and is faster then my friends 12 xf800 sp, so here’s my problem, I’m buying a new sled this up coming winter and I dont know what to get, I’m stuck between a 13xf800 sp or a poo sba 800, once I’m older ill get a 4 stroke yami, I’m 20 and like flying through the air and boondocking, any ideas?

  56. Rena , this is so beautiful I have never heard of this thqcnieue before so will pop along and see the video. The delicate colours are perfect with the vibrant background , I absolutely adore this.Marie

  57. Thanks, Aimee! I used to have a Pet Portrait site as well. I may have them put that back up soon. I have illustrated many pucoabitilns and also I have done lots of mural work. Particularly with children in mind. I worked mainly for churches in the Augusta, GA area decoarating their Sunday school rooms and other ministry areas. I am loving the wolves and enjoy painting them. Check back soon. I will be putting uo some new images. Thanks for posting!

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  60. Hi Shirley! I am so glad to hear from made my day! I just can’t say enough good thngis about Vivien. She has been such a big help to me. I am also glad you found the color lesson helpful. You can use other complimentary colors as well: like red/green, blue/orange etc. I will be posting another step in my GS dogs soon. Thanks again! [url=]tqwrubvs[/url] [link=]fmnpacslpn[/link]

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