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Arctic Cat Announces new 50-in. wide Wildcat

Arctic Cat Wildcat

Press Release-

New 50-inch Arctic Cat Wildcat trail model expands Wildcat line

Company to begin shipments to dealers in fiscal 2014 fourth quarter

Arctic Cat Inc. today unveiled plans to produce an all-new 50-inch wide, trail-legal Wildcat™. The narrower stance of the Wildcat model will allow riders access to authorized ATV trails, making the 50-inch Wildcat a versatile option for consumers. The company expects to begin shipping the 50-inch Wildcat side-by-side to dealers in the 2014 fiscal fourth quarter.

“The new 50-inch trail model builds upon the success of our pure-sport Wildcat,” said Claude Jordan, Arctic Cat’s chairman and CEO. “Our 50-inch model will feature everything enthusiasts love about the Wildcat, including the styling, and will lead the trail category with an unmatched suspension and ride-in comfort. Combine this with an all-new twin-cylinder engine and consumers will have an unrivalled Wildcat riding experience.”

The 50-inch Wildcat trail model further expands Arctic Cat’s Wildcat line, which was named Dirt Trax Magazine’s “Best-In-Class Extreme Performance ROV.” Arctic Cat offers the Wildcat in Base and Limited models, as well as the recently introduced four-seat Wildcat 4 and high-horsepower Wildcat X.

(Note: photo above is of a regular Wildcat, not the 50-in. wide version.)



  1. I would have said something about this earlier this summer/fall when I would see them around and outside the test facility, but I figured it would get deleted and I would get another phone call.

  2. To get to the test track they have to drive out of the plant and down the street. Like a block or so.
    My old man needs one of these. I can’t imagine the miles he could put on one considering he has 48,000 on his 2007 trv.
    Do these follow utv AND ATV rules? I know utvs can ride along some roads.

  3. Dagwood,
    I absolutely positively I saw them around. I in fact get to see a lot of what Cat is doing “around”. They don’t always stay in the test track, sometimes they keep secrets in plain sight. It’s what I love and hate about living here and knowing what I see, knowing enough people at cat and having been part of the cat family for 16 years I get friendly phone calls when I’m dumb enough to open my mouth about what I see.

  4. The reason I say that is because they were never driven to the test track. Not one 50 inch test vehicle was driven on the road to or from the test track. Not saying you didn’t see vehicles on the road. But it was’nt a 50 inch.

  5. Dagwood,
    I’m curious, do you work on the 50″ project? Not sure how you would know?
    I’ll give you my story, I was heading south on the gravel on the west side of the test facility in the truck, 2 50″ were being pulled north by 2 atv’s. I know they were 50″ because they almost exactly followed the tracks of the atv’s. As I happen to work at the south end of the test facility, drive on that gravel everyday 5-10 times a day, I see a lot of stuff, it’s pretty easy to see over the fence when your in a rig, but I also see stuff “around”. I am also fairly certain I saw 50’s inside the facility however I could be mistaken. If I did see them inside then the had to get there somehow, probably driven out the southwest gate, down the road and into the facility. And if you do happen to be on the project or work at cat, I would love to talk to you about what I see behind the sewing plant under a cover that I won’t say on here how to describe it, but I know polaris is working on the same thing also, they call the droid.

  6. Why did the conversation end.. I want to hear more. Dagwood, what information can you give? Jr’s observations sound real to me.

  7. Well this is all well and fine-however if Artic Cat does not release something soon-a new 50″rzr will be in my future!

  8. I wish Arctic Cat would at least release some pictures so that I can dedice whether to got back to Arctic Cat or buy another Razr. We have a lot of 50″ trails here in Southern Utah

  9. I just bought a 13 wildcat now they are coming out with a 50″ wildcat. I would have bought the 50″ wildcat it would have saved me from having too buy another toy hauler and trailer. My wife and thought we saw one in parachute Colorado at the gas station in the bed of a dodge long bed don’t now how they got one early.

  10. I’m patiently waiting as well – i’m wondering if they went back to make a bunch of revisions to compete with polaris, as I have heard they have some changes coming in the regular RZR


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