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Country Cat: Arctic Cat’s U.S. Snowmobile Dealer of the Year

Country Cat, Arctic Cat Dealer of the Year

L-to-R: Tom Schmeling (Arctic Cat Dir. of North American Sales), P.J. Wanderscheid, Dave Wanderscheid, Mark Wanderscheid, Scott Eilertson (Arctic Cat Sales), and Don Finck, Arctic Cat Sales)


I’d like to shout-out special recognition to Country Cat of Sauk Centre, Minn., who was named Arctic Cat’s 2012 U.S. Snowmobile Dealer of the Year. It’s the third year in a row that Country Cat has earned this honor, which speaks volumes about their level of commitment and professionalism.

The foundation for receiving the award is based on Country Cat’s commitment to represent Arctic Cat, higher levels of customer satisfaction, World Class store levels of showroom appearance, CatMaster certification and for achieving sales targets.

An Arctic Cat-only snowmobile and ATV dealership, Country Cat was started 1991 by the Wanderscheid family and now employs 27 full-time employees, including six family members.

“The first year our family started the business we didn’t have anything except a love of snowmobiling and a dream,” said P.J. Wanderscheid. “I think we ordered something like 14 sleds and probably 20 jackets.

“We’ve grown every year since. Everyone hear is proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s an American success story.”

Country Cat, Arctic Cat Dealer of the Year

I asked P.J. what’s unique about their dealership:

“For me, brothers Dave and Mark and really everyone here… our passion is Arctic Cat. Our family is so passionate about the company, the sport and racing. Everything we do is connected to passion and Arctic Cat. There are no other brands that we’re trying to promote or work with. Our entire focus is Arctic Cat.”

Indeed, the store’s philosophy is contained in their mission/slogan: “Commitment to Service, Passion for Excellence.”

While the Wanderscheids are truly modest, they’re matter-of-fact about going to great lengths to take care of their customers.

“If a customer needs a part that’s on back order, we’ll strip it off a new showroom sled to get them what they need,” says P.J.

Congratulations to Country Cat.

And congratulations also to Don’s Speed Parts in Edmonton, Alberta, for earning the 2012 Canadian Dealer of the Year honors (for the sixth time)!



  1. I’ve been doing business with Country Cat since 1997; they are a great group to deal with.
    I’ve always liked the saying “treat people the way you want to be treated” and they do just that.
    Congratulations Country Cat on winning another Arctic Cat US Snowmobile Dealer of the Year award.
    Hard to believe they started in a barn. That would be an interesting story, the history of Country Cat

  2. I have stopped at Country Cat many times to buy parts or accessories during my weekly commutes between the Twin Cities and Thief River Falls. Each time I walk through the door I am very impressed with their showroom and parts counter. I’m sure their shop is equally impressive. Sometimes I just stop to browse so I can get a break from driving. Yep! I’m like a kid in a candy store. Who says only women love to shop?

  3. I heard the story too about Country Cat starting out on a dairy farm across the road. Having been a farmer myself at one time, I certainly understand the long hours and commitment necessary to make a business succeed.

  4. Well deserved award! I think the next change to the building will be the sign on the wall that says “4-Time Eagle River World Champion.” I hope to see that number go up, and often!
    Glad to see the passion for the brand, sport, and racing. I think the racing is what keeps us together!

  5. Great Place, but wonder what happened about a month or so ago when 2 salesmen quit and one online parts guy. Could be more that just 3 I can name off that I noticed.

  6. Country Cat truly deserves this award. I’ve been involved in teaching Snowmobile Safety since 1969, before this dealership was formed. However since they opened the door they have helped in every way possible. Safety classes were always a priority whether they were at the Minnesota Highway Safety Center in St. Cloud, Melrose Area High School or Sauk Centre, classroom space and or sleds were always available. I’m always impresssed when whoever is working greets me by name when I walk through the door.Keep up the great work guys, you deserve this award….again.

  7. i been going there since the start at the barn the guys are asome i have brought many others freinds there also and agree we drive from sd 3hrs one way and have a acrtic dealer right in town but will always go there they our the best guys around and deseve all awards they get

  8. why did the employees quit/get fired? does my salesman jon still work there? the guy behind the parts/service desk was really cool too, did he get let go as well?

  9. Jon is still there, his brother Troy and the other sales person Travis are gone.
    Dan is still behind the service desk, online sales Jim also is missing from action.

  10. I signed these guys as a dealer based on what their Father, Dick, told me many years ago.I will watch the business but these boys will run it and they will do a good job for you. Their first job was to get a showroom and service area in place before we could sign them. Came back a few weeks later and the barn had been turned into a rather nice showroom and service area. The boys did it themselves so couldn’t help but be impressed with the work ethic. I believe Dave was 19, Mark 14 and PJ didn’t come up to my knee yet. The pride they showed in their new facility showed and it would have been difficult to turn them down so I signed them but worried where this would all go. I didn’t need to worry, they increased their business every year and never looked back, always forward. They still do that today, just keep looking at ways they can better serve their customer and grow their business. If I ever made one right decision while working for Arctic Cat, this was it. Congratulations on being Dealer Of The Year.

  11. Travis was the only salesman there that truly knew anything about the mountain sleds from what i have experienced. He was the only reason I was still planning on dealing with country cat in the coming years after being jacked around a bit this year. Travis always did whatever he had to to make things right, but now that he’s gone I will be taking my business somewhere else this season.

  12. GREAT place, Boughten a few sleds there,480 miles one way? We try to pick up at least 2 sleds per trip.Made 2 trips already, Great to deal with. Would like to no what happened ?? May have to think twice about next trip.

  13. OK guys —if Country Cat wanted everyone to know about their management business, they would publish it, just like PJ’s racing secrets and ya know that won’t happen.

    Let’s wait till next year to see if they make “dealer of the year” again before we go passing judgement on their business decisions!!!

  14. I’m pretty sure a public forum like this isn’t the place that any business wants to discuss the coming-and-going of their employees.

    From what I know of the Wandershcheids, if one of their customers was upset about the loss of an employee, they (Wanderscheids) would absolutely listen to that customer and take care of them the best way they know how. So… talk to them about it personally.

    Bob: that’s a great story about signing them up as a dealer.

  15. I drove 630 miles one way to buy my sled from them Jon my salesman and everyone there were just excellent to work with and they stil contact me regularly to see how everything is this is the best dealership Ive ever been to I will buy from them again. Thanks guys and congradulations on being dealer of the year

  16. thanks,super 8!!! That jon is a good guy and man will he bend over backwards for ya.. glad to see jon and dan are still there!!! truly excellent people to deal with. those guys make country cat a worth while place to be.. I don’t know who the owner is and don’t really care..i deal with his guys not him.. and that jon and dan in service are some excellent dudes…

    dan was actually the one that pulled me in there afew years ago when I had some issues with my f10.. and jon helped me buy new sled.. I’m always really stressed out when dealing with service or new sled purchase. I can just barely afford any of it but i am addicted to sledding.. those guys help difficult people like me..really a good group, glad they are still there…sorry to hear about travis, he seemed real genuine also,suppose he found another gig!!

    sorry if I upset Mr.Sandberg but i just wanted to know what was going on and I just gave these guys all my flex money and then some, was just curious to see what was going on, I’m not gonna call them and ask,duh!!!

    these guys send me christmas cards,call me,leave me messages, hell they just gave me a birthday card for some free spark plugs!!!! I guess they like selling arctic cats to me!!

    great group of guys and i meant no harm.

  17. Me and my father always buy parts from country cat, not only because they are cheaper than our dealer here on Svalbard, but because they are providing a VERY good service!!! 🙂
    Congratulations, Country Cat!

  18. i am very pleased to hear that they got this award my whole family has been dealing with them since they opened and i mean my whole family i like how even though they grew large when u walk in there they call you by your name and treat you like family! not a number like every other big place does! Their service is beyond amazing they will stand behind anything they sell my family knows this very well and we are very happy with them and we will keep doing buisness with them i remember my dad telling me a story how mark rebuilt a snowmobile motor in a hotel on the coffee table for him now thats what i call service congratulations boys you deserved it!!


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